should divert the kids on Saturday mornings, even though the jokes and effects are tired from over-use. Greenock: Waterfront.

Star Wars Episode 1:The Phantom Menace (U) bid (George Lucas, US, 1999) Ewan McGrcgor, Liam Neeson, Natalie Portrnan. 132 mins. ()n the surface, the plot structure isn‘t a million light years away from the original Star ll'ars. In visual terms, The Phantom .lIenttee stands alone in the cinematic universe. At times you‘d think there was more animation than live action on screen - and maybe it’s this toning down of the human element that has left the film lacking soul. (ialashiels: Pavilion. Kirkcaldy: ABC. Largs: Barrfrelds Cinema. The Talented Mr Ripley ( 15) inhHr (Anthony Minghella, US/UK, 2000) Matt Damon, Jude Law. Gwyneth I’altrow. 139 mins. Tom Ripley (Damon) befriends then adopts the life of rich kid Dickie Greenleaf (Law). Ripley being an infamous literary murderer. it's no surprise how he goes about claiming Dickie's ex pat lifestyle in late 50s Italy. but Minghella‘s film 7 and Ilighsmith's novel is so much more than a tale of murder; it's also about lust, love and the interehangeability of identities. Classy all the way. (iener'al release.

Tarzan (L7) *rk‘kir (Key in Lima and Chris Buck. L'S. l999).‘.1inniel)river',(ilenn Close, Nigel Hawthorne. SS mitts. Disney has finally turned its attention to the second most filmed character in Western cinema (Dracula is the first) and has created some astonishing images. Story telling-wise. Titrmn remains reasonably faithfully to Edgar Rice Burroughs original. Shipwrecked on a tropical island, baby Tarzan looses his human parents to a terrifying tiger and is adopted by an ape clan. All grown up. the .\pe Man is reunited with man and womankind when a trophy hunting anthropological expedition arrives and 'l‘ar/an meets Jane. Edinburgh: ()deon. Ayr: ()dcon. ls'ilmarnoek: ()Jcon.

The Third Man (1’0) *thkt ((‘arol Reed. IIS L'ls'. l9-19i Joseph Cotton. Orson Welles. 100 mins. Set in an unstable post— World War ll Vienna. llolly Martins has been invited to the city by his old chtrrn l.ime, w ho is now in the grand-scale drug- dealing business, only to discoy er that he is dead. Except, he isn’t of course. and a multi- layered cat and mouse scenario is triggered. So, what's so good about it'.’ Well. you have a stirring lilllL‘l' score by Anton Karas, the ferris wheel and the “cuckoo clock' speech yet possibly it's greatest triumph is to cram so much wonder into so little time. Edinburgh: Cameo.

Three Kings (15) inhalant (David 0. Russell, US, 2001))(ieorge Clooney, Mark Wahlberg. Ice Cube. 1H mins. At the btrtt end of the (‘rulf War, four L'S soldiers who have seen no action \\'l1;tlsoe\er and don't even understand what the war is about, follow a treasure map to w here Saddam Hussein has hidden stolen Kuwaiti gold. A masterpiece of inhumanity. Russell's witty script and super sharp direction captures the futility of the situation. This lilm begs some of the most pertinent political questions ever asked in an American movie -~ it's amazing it got passed congress. (ieneral release.

The Tigger Movie (L‘) tits: (Jun I’alkenstein. US. 201 10) 77 mins. Preview. filmed in the same way as the wonderful Pooh Bear original. Disney once again invite you inside the book on Christopher Robin's bedside table fora Milne-esque adventure. 'I’he usually happy-go-lueky 'l‘igger loses his bounce somewhat when his search for other members of the ’l‘igger family tree draw a blank. But when you'\ c got friends as good as Pooh. licyore. Roo and Piglet, who needs family'.’ l5alkirk: ABC (ialashiels: I’avilion. Kirkealdy: ABC. Stirling: Carlton. Topsy-Turvy (12) *irint (Mike Leigh, UK, 2000) Jim llroadbent. Allan Corduner, Martin Savage. 159 mins. At the film's core is the turbulent creative partnership between Victorian opera writer Gilbert (Broadbent) and playboy genius composer Sullivan (Corduner). lSut preparations for their greatest show, The Mikado. involve a whole cast who give flawless performances. This might be Leigh's first period drama. but it’s another excellent ensemble piece engaging with his usual preoccupation: people at work. rest and play. lidinburgh: Cameo. St Andrews: New Picture llouse.

Tora-San's Forbidden Love (PG) *** (Yoji Yamada, Japan, 1984) mins. A comic look at the life of a travelling man which sees him befriend a stockbroker and his beautiful wife. The 34th of the popular 48 'l‘ora-san series which spans a 30 year period. Glasgow: GilmorehillGlZ.

Toy Story 2 (U) ***~k* (John Lasseter, US, 2000) Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack. 95 mins. The new film expands on the original settings and themes: When Woody is not taken to Cowboy Camp by his owner Andy, he begins to question the meaning of his ‘life'. When he's subsequently stolen by a collector - who plans to sell him to a Japanese toy museum Buzz and the gang travel across town to rescue their pal. 'l'he emotive range of the animated characters is extraordinary; they say that computer generated images will never replace the real thing, but Toy Story 2 makes you wonder. General release. Trafico (15) (Joao Botelho, Portugal, 1998) 105 mins. Tangled tale of the life and loves of the rich, with a happy ending! Taking a break from social realist concerns, Botelho has crafted a film that swings between light- hearted and extravagant, frivolous comedy. Part of Sea Changes: New Portuguese Cinema. Glasgow: GFI".

Tumbleweeds (12) *iit (Gavin O’Connor, US, 2000) Janet MeTcer, Kimberly J. Brown, Jay 0. Sanders. 102 mins. Mary Jo (the mesmerising McTeer) first got married when she was seventeen and she's been running from one no good husband to another ever since, but her teenage daughter, Ava (Brown), has had enough of their nomadic existence. Question is: will mom ever change? The story’s not particularly new, but where this kind of material has elsewhere been drowned in sentiment and cliche, Tumbleweed: feel fresh, real, vital. See review. Glasgow: Gf-T. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Viridiana (l8) ***** (Luis Bunuel, Spain Mexico, 1961) Silvia Pinal, Francisco Rabal, l’ernando Rey, Margarita l.ozano, Teresa Rabal. 91 mins. A masterpiece of darkly comic brutality from the Spanish master of the surreal. Pinal stars as a Viridiana, a golden-hearted nun who offers succour to a community of beggars, but is ridiculed and cheated. With a superb visual elan, Bunuel satirises the ingratitude and barbarity of humanity; often verging on blasphemy, with the result that the film was immediately banned in his home country. Edinburgh: Edinburgh Film Guild at the Iiilmhouse.

Walking With Dinosaurs (UK, 1999) 245 mins including break. The first six programmes in the new BBC series about big lizards, screened to tie in with the Science Festival. The Making Of. . . documentary will also be screened and series animator Max 'I‘yrie will present an illustrated talk. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

The Wicker Man (18) ***** (Robin llardy, UK, 1973) Edward Woodward, Britt likland, Diane Cilento, Ingrid Pitt, Christopher Lee. 102 mins. A devoutly celibate policeman (Woodward) arrives at a remote Scottish island to investigate a schoolgirl disappearance and becomes involved in local pagan rituals. A Hammer classic, with some extremely scary and erotic moments. The complete version (also showing on l-‘ilml’our Sat 8 Apr), which includes an additional fifteen minutes of previously unseen footage, clips from the making of the film and the original theatrical trailer, all introduced by the author of Journey Inside The Wicker Man. Also supported by a short film Crap Boy. Part of Dead By Dawn. Glasgow: Grosvenor. Edinburgh: Iiilmhouse, Lumiere. Stirling: Carlton.

Year Of The Horse (15) *‘k‘k‘k (Jim Jartnusch, US, 1997) 105 mins. While Year

()f The Horse fails to comprehensively tell

the story of a band whose ragged, glorious, three-decade career is littered with drugs, deaths and classic albums, Jarmuseh delivers jaw-dropping live footage which goes some way to capturing the band dynamic. Shot on Super-8 and looking suitably grainy and out- of—focus, the lo-fr style is appropriate for a band who create ear-bursting epics out of burn notes, and heart-piercing ballads from strained throats. Edinburgh: Cameo.

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