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He’s made cranes dance on the Clyde, taken audiences through the human body, and reclaimed the ancient fire festival of Beltane. Now NVA’s Angus Farquhar is inviting us on a two-hour walk in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night. 'The relationship with nature is one area where we’ve done an awful lot of forgetting,’ says Farquhar, whose solution is to bus a load of townies out to Aberfeldy and on to Glen Lyon for a midnight ramble over three miles of Scotland's most stunning scenery.

Called The Path, the £300,000 project will ’enhance’ the natural environment with the help of Portuguese mountain drummers, Himalayan artists and state-of- the-art technology. Buses will leave Glasgow, Edinburgh and Perth, transferring audiences to a shuttle bus at Aberfeldy, catering to 5000 people, 19 May—4 June. ’You are the performance,’ says Farquhar. ’There are no spectators.’ Tickets: 0115 912 9246.

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You can’t move for formidable felines at Glasgow's Burrell Collection where their plight is the focus of Wild Tigers Of Bandhavgarh, a year-long exhibition including Peter Howson, Nicola Hicks and Wolfgang Weber’s Hunting above Meanwhile, everyone’s favourite bouncing big cat has escaped from the clutches of Winnie The Pooh to headline in The Tigger Movie, released Fri 14 Apr.

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