I Phat Dave at The Living Room. 9pm-11pm. Free. Weekly. Starting the week with ‘hedmuzik 4 beatfreakz’, which translates into English as hip hop, breaks, beats and the like.


I Burn at The Apartment. 11pm—3am. Free for bar staff of any pub or club; £3 to everyone else. Weekly. A top party atmosphere guaranteed thanks to the thumping dance classics unleashed by Norm and Richard.

I Passionality at Planet Peach. 11.30pm—3am. £3 (£2 with flyer). Weekly. Gay night that invites you to ‘come get passionate’. Funnily enough, the music, courtesy of DJ Shawn (Bennet’s), promises to be cheesy chart, upfront house and handbag.

I Speedracer at The Garage. 10.30pm—3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Indie classics with the odd daft party tune thrown in for the usual crazy crowd.

Chart 4! party

I Cleopatra's at Cleopatra’s. 10.30pm—2.30am. £2 (£1). Weekly. Start the week with 705 and 805 hits.



I Dub Night at The Variety Bar. 8pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. Stevie Donaldson (Bar 10) playing, oddly enough,dub.

I L Is For Latin at Havana. 8pm-midnight. Free. Weekly. DJs Keith and Alexis provide you with a cool night of Latin tunes, with merengue and salsa classes from 8pm.

I Stylophone at The 13th Note Cafe. 9.30pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. The first leg of the Stylophone mobile club, with rock and garage sounds, plus the chance to pick up free drink passes for the club roper.

I Bar 1 at Bar 10. A new chance for aspiring DJ talent to get noticed: every week three bedroom turntablists spin their discs, the best being selected by the crowd, who then progress to the final, when DJs and promoters from various clubs grant the cream of the crop a chance to play out at their venue or club.


I Basics at g2. 11pm—3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Jon Mancini from Colours playing out his usual high quality house. I Eden at Alaska. 11pm—3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. One for the students, with the usual classics of academe downstairs thanks to Alan Ronald, plus some charging party tunes and a smattering of house upstairs from Scott Mackay of The Tunnel. Further proof that Tuesdays are the new Thursdays.

I F.U.N. at Planet Peach. 11pm—3am. £3. Weekly. Gay night featuring the traditional hodge podge of cheese and handbaggage courtesy of DJs Shawn and Georgie Boy.

I Havana 9th Birthday Party at October Cafe (Princes Square). DJ Jazz spins the Latin sounds to celebrate nine years of seriously succesful salsa. Last year the birthday event was a massive draw, so it is essential that devotees of the Havana sound arrive early. See feature.

I Stylophone at The 13th Note Club (ground floor). 9pm-3am. Free before 11pm; £2 after. Psychedelia, rock, 605 garage and a bit of punk. Go to the ‘Note Cafe beforehand, and you can pick up free drink passes for the Club.


I Laid at The Temple. 10.30pm—3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. A new student night with the cheesiest of cheese, regular tribute bands and the odd foam party.

I Goo Goo at The Velvet Rooms. 11pm-3am. £4 (£3). Paul Melon claims to be ‘The King of Cheese’, while Dave Mulholland whacks out the commercial house and arage.

I Planet op at Qudos (Queen Margaret Union). 10pm—2am. £2 (£1)— students and up to four guests. Weekly.

Pop, anthemic house and related silliness from Tam Coyle.

I Shooting Stars at The Garage. 11pm—33m. £4 (£3). Weekly. Gerry and Iain keep the drunk kids happy with charty house andcpoghits. I The Shimmy Iu at Bennet’s. 11.30pm—3am. £3 (£1.50). A straightish and studenty night at the gay venue, with Raymond Davren maintaining the party atmosphere.

I Slave Boy Tuesday at Slave. 10pm—3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Hostess Ms. Mi-Mi-Martini and resident Jon Fraser with handbag and hardbag albums, at the new club’s gay night.

I T.|.'I'. at Trash. 10.30pm-3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Rory Weller with hands-in-the- air, foot-stomping house and trance, Graham churning out the student sounds in Room 'IVvo.

GLASGOW WEDNESDAYS Pro-club I Disco Night at the Brel. 9pm—midnight. Free. 5 Apr only. Music to move to from DJ Hush Puppy, plus flashing light show, glitter balls galore and a smoke machine. I Edward's at Edward’s Bar. 9pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. DJ Louise with hits from the 805. I Jengaheads at The Living Room. 9pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. Martyn Jengahead goes solo to showcase new releases, acetates and the like. I Russell's at Russell’s. 9—1 1pm. Free. Weekly. DJ Yaw brings his world music extravaganza to the yuppie masses. I Shu Hirata at The Cul De Sac. 8pm-midnight. Jazzy breaks, hip hop, electro, drum & bass: whatever gets played out, it’s bound to be the best available.


I Algo Differente at Havana. 10.30pm—late. £4 (£3). Weekly. Arrive early for salsa tuition, then revel in the Salsa Sabrosa crew’s high octane Latin set.

I Bennet's at Bennet’s. 11.30pm—3am. £2.50 (£1.50). Weekly. Sara with an upfront dance mix. Gay.

I F.A.B. at Babaza. IIpm—3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. DJ Skud blends garage, R&B and funky house, playing to a dressed-up crowd who help to make this one of the busiest midweek nights in Glasgow.

I Ghetto Flava at Reds. 11pm—3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Paul N ’J ie with a smooth blend of house, garage, R&B and funk. I Joints And Jams at Planet Peach. 11pm—3.15am. £3 (£2). Weekly. High calibre night of hip hop, swing and R&B from a rotating roster of DJ talent including Martin Hesketh, Puppa Shango, John Lyons, DMG and James Fullerton.

I Overground at The Velvet Rooms. 11pm—3am. £4 (£2). Indie sounds and chart classics from Joe McKay.

I Shag Tag at Archaos. 11pm-3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Insanely successful night based on a complex numerical flirting system: everyone gets a number upon entry, then, if someone catches your eye, you write their number on the board next to your own, with the idea being that they then rush up to you and get biz-ay. Music-wise, it’s banging house and trance in the main room and across-the- board ‘madness’ from CJ downstairs.

Chart & party

I C.J.D. at The Apartment 11pm—3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Student frolics with Marcello, Alan Belshaw and Ryan Mathie.

I Klass at Destiny. 10pm—3am. £2 before 11pm; £3 after. Weekly. For those who fancy a party night out, but can’t stand those pesky kids cluttering up the joint. Over 285 only.

I Pop 8: Tarts at The Cathousc. 11pm—3am. Weekly. Free before 11.30pm; £2 (£1.50) after. Weekly. Party-up disco and funk.

I Souped Up at The Garage. 10.30pm-3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Student pop piffle from lain Hanlon.


Edinburgh clubs

Regular weekly clubs plus one off events are listed by city. then b day. then alphabetically by title. Clu Will be listed provided it to-date details read! our offices at east seven days before publication. Lack of information may result in clubs being omitted. Edinburgh Club listings compiled by Simone Baird.



I Bannermans at Bannerrnans. 9pm—1am. Free. Weekly. Classic indie, rock and new school anthems.

I The Cocteau Lounge at The Cocteau Lounge. 11pm—3am. Free. Weekly. DJs layin on funky sounds.

I Cu a Norte at Cuba Norte. 10pm—1am. Free. Weekly. Salsa and Latin DJs on rotation.

I La Fromagerie at The Meadows Bar, downstairs. 9pm-3am. Free. 6 Apr. Fortnightly. Easy listening, mellow jazz, hi-NRG, disco and tasty cheese.

I Made In Iguana at Iguana. 9pm—1am. Free. Weekly. Gary Mac (Sublime) lays on some seriously funky house, breaks and other ieces.

I Salsa on Sabor at Baracoa. IOpm—Iam. Free. Weekly. Popular salsa night with hot music, great ambience and friendly people. Call 225 5846 or salsaclub@hotmail.com for more info.


I Beat at The Vaults. 10.30pm—3am. Free. 6 Apr. Fortnightly. New house and techno night with DJs J Cammera and Mitchell.

I Black Projects at La Belle Angele. 10.30pm—3am. £4. 13 Apr. Monthly. Catch Jamie Watt, Rod Duckering and Ross Mitchell doing house, techno and garage with a touch of drum & bass and hip hop.

I Block-Party at Noa. 10pm—3am. £3 (£2.50). Weekly. Big, block rockin’ beats from some of the finest local DJs around.

I C.C. Blooms at CC. Blooms. 11pm—3am. Weekly. Free club downstairs at this pular gay bar.

I Da reak at La Belle Angele. 10.30pm—3am. £4 (£3). 30 Mar. Monthly. Residents Berts, Demon and MC Bain lay on hip hop sounds.

I Dust at Studio 24. 10pm-3am. £2. Weekly. Popular alternative club offering up a selection of metal, industrial, goth and a bit of punk to an appreciative crowd.

I Dysfunction at The Venue. 10pm—3am. £3. 30 Mar & 13 Apr. Fortnightly. A range of alternative sounds, from heavy rock, indie rock, hardcore, skate punk, industrial . . . you get the picture.

I Easy at The Attic. llpm—3am. £4 (£3). 6 Apr. Fortnightly. It’s all fat breaks and funky beats leaning towards the tech house side of things, with residents Mikey Magic and Euan James, with Bench and Mr Meltdown playing live. Something a little bit different and well worth a look in.

I Funk Junkies at La Belle Angele. 10.30pm—3am. £4. 6 Apr. Fortnightly. It’s a serious funk thang at La Belle with this new fortnightly night presenting bands and DJs.

I The Greenhouse at Wilkie House. 11pm—3am. £2. 6 Apr. Fortnightly. On the music front, there’ll be Chicago house and Detroit techno, through the back there‘s salsa, hip hop and beats. Bringing what is largely a west coast phenomenon to Edinburgh, there’ll be Tag, where everyone who wants to play will get a numbered sticker, and others can write messages to you on the boards provided. We recommend ‘Oi! No 32, it’s your round ya radge. Mine’s a JD and coke, from No 16’

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listings CLUBS

The best clubs in Edinburgh this fortnight


Apex it's heir birthday, so don your wildest party hats, drink too much red cordial and go a little crazy they’re two! See preview. Studio 24, Fri 37 Mar.

Barry Cabanas Put on the Hit list purely because they're paying us, perhaps the promoters will be pleased that we are persuading the people to pop along to their club for their party. EZK, Fri 31 Mar.

Disuko From the deep to the more up front and funky, it’s house a 90-90 at this excellent new club. Deserving of all your support, head Apr.

Headspin Presents The Psychonauts It’ll be mad breaks, beats, cutting, scratching and all sorts of other wiggy deck nonsense, and it's guaranteed to be a lock-out, so get there sharpish. The Bongo Club, Fri 37 Mar.

Radio Babylon Bringing some mighty fine talent to town, check Massive Attack's Mushroom out tonight. Speaking of mighty fine talent, has anyone else been groped by Penelope Pornstar? La Belle Ange/e, Fri 7 Apr.

Jungle Magic Nicky Blackmarket and MC Bassman guest at this mighty fine drum & bass club. The Liquid Room, Sat 8 Apr.

NuSpirit Taking a different slant on the whole jazz and soul thing, the crowd is always appreciative of the excellent talent bestowed upon them. And you will be too. The Jazz Joint, Sat 7 Apr.

Tribal Funktion One of the last Tnbals sees a way cool guest: Mr Derrick Carter (pictured with residents George T and Simone). Assuming that his records don’t get lost by BA and he doesn’t go on one en route, this will be one of the best nights of the year. The Venue, Sat 8 Apr. Substantial A couple of guests that have the In Demand lot excited Bobby and Steve (Kiss FM, Garage City) joining Craig Smith for some divine garage sounds. EZK, Sat 8 Apr United Enormous, monster and all in aid of charity is this superclub night. Clubs all over the shop will be donating their DJs and their services to this great cause. We expect you all to be there. Teviot, Sat 8 Apr.

30 Mar—1 3 Apr 2000 THE UST 71