O I saw you Ma petite cherie in the Claremont Bar, 4 June ‘99. I’ve seen you everyday since. MC, you looked like an angel sent from heaven. Are you available for the rest of my life? I. Box No LEGS-1‘5.

O I saw you Graham (1’) alot at Wilkie House. You are tall. peirced chin with very short hair. We met at Pressure at the Arches in Glasgow and spoke for a while. Me, short dark hair. You used to be a student but quit. We both always look. I

think a nice friendship is blossoming! So get in touch! Box No U/384/8.

O I saw you on Wed 3 March carrying a box on Albany Street, about 5.15pm. You were tall, long, straight brown hair, short skirt, high heels. black fringed bike jacket. I walked past you and smiled. Me tall, blonde with bike jacket too. Get in touch I think you're beautiful! Box No U/384l‘).

0 I saw you on the last day of the Magritte exhibition. You, grey jacket, dark hair, beautiful and laughing lots with two friends, one in pink. one blond

in black. Me, spikey, specky with goatee, more interested in you than the paintings. Lets get together and make an exhibition of ourselves. Box No U/384/10. 9 I saw you but not on your birthday. Sorry darling, I hope you had a nice day! I like you. Box No U/384/l l.

O I saw you in Loca. Never seen a parrot that big before. Does it come out regularly? Give me a ring you Brummie disco queen. Box No U/384/12.

102 THE LIST 13-27Apr 2000

: 0 I saw you J. Feisty, blonde- haired, brown braincd female

submissive, next door in

‘personals’ two years ago. You 5 wrote. then met him. I'm curious do you still dance to

his tune? Box No L' 38413.

0 I saw you when I opened my eyes at Apex 2nd birthday party. sultry angel in black with dark hair. Touched your shoulders and got zapped. Were you

. waiting outside for me? ljust i want to make you smile. Box No U/384/l4.

v I saw you at the Filmhouse. 25 March. watching Magnolia.

Weird or what? You wore a

brown sweater and a green cord jacket. and looked gorgeous. Fancy a drink? Box No

7384/" I 0 I saw you Lisa. asleep by my side in bed this morning. I just gazed at you for a while thinking how lucky I am. Be my sunshine always forever. Love Ross. Box No U’384fi'1f). O I saw you on Princes Street, 6.30pm and wolf-whistled at you. All in black. royal blue shirt with back pack. Don‘t keep

walking, get in touch. Box No U/384/l7.

. I saw you Unicorn Inn. dining solo on a Sunday. Me; collecting take-away, a little too shy to strike up conversation. Fancy a dinner for two next time? Box No L'."384/18.

0 I saw you Alexander from ; the Highlands in Planet Out. If 1 you want the other half I‘m it.

Me. dark suit. sitting behind you hanging on every word so

i please, please get back. Box No U/384/22.

i 9 I saw you Faith. take

Monday off your work and let's 3 go to Eden on Sunday nite and ' get totally off our heads on

vodka and red bull. Don’t let me snog any freaks though. Buffy. XX. Box No U/384/23.

O I saw you Sally, you looked sad because you‘re leaving in five weeks. i'm sad too we have to regroup and have a blow ut and get completely f‘"”.l

love you. D. XXX Box No U/384/24.

O I saw you looking stunning in Luxor but why didn’t you Luxuriate with me? Come and watch the sunrise with me in Edinburgh. Chas. Box No U/384/27.

O I saw you Joanne, I’m still

' not sure if you want me to talk

to you or not! But I reckon if you‘ve gone to the trouble to look for this, you probably do. (live me a stronger clue next

I time! PS. Don’t worry. I know.

Box No U384 28.

v I saw you at Iiden Joey! It‘s good to have you back in the

ganu again. Soon I'll be a leither

too. Lots of love Jack. PS: We

still have to find Dawson. Box No £384.29.

v I saw you at Eden, every Sunday. You are such an old tart Gary you must stop going off with these sad losers who always end tip stalking you. Be

careful. Box No USS-1.533.

O I saw you and kissed you

. Alexander, in the Oxygen. 22

Mar ‘00. You attending the leaving party but please don't leave me. [just love your dark side. Box No L' 384 52.

O I saw you at Bar Sirius. Your slinkiest look made me wild. I do believe you could sail your

boat my way! Box .\'o


. Q I saw you in James Thin,

South Bridge. Me, helpful male

; assistant. You. bright spark with

fun attitude. Next time I'll give you a discount! Box No USS-4, 55.

O I saw you Traverse. 25 March. You all in white art

angel. Me saussy mud boy. Let's

get hard together. Box No


O I saw you running. walking, two mins a turn, the challenge is on I am with you all the way,

let's get sweaty in May. . . Box No C'384/57. O I saw you working at Bar

} Khol. you are smiley, slight. I gave you my number. I'm closer

than you think, Jo? Box No U/384/58.

! O I saw you Andy, bouncer at

CCs. I gave you my number, you phoned me twice, but I was sleeping. I dare you to call me again! Love the straight girl in red. XX. Box No U/384/59.

. 0 I saw you nice. hefty black 3 vest woman. golden hair, 3 minken lips me. gold tie,

white shirt-type guy under fish-

tank. Find me! Box No U/384,'()(l.

. I saw you Mi diosa con el pelo rojo. I know I can't have

you but I still want you. fires maravillosa amor y besos. .l. Box No U/384/bl.

T Q I saw you tending the bar at

City Cafe on a Friday night you said you wouldn‘t go out

O I saw you in the Traverse

- drill. I lost myself in your blue


U I saw you Frankie Vaughn. , Ya sexy wee dancer (u, F.B. Yer bezzie mate madll Box No


: joy filed (sic) my heart (along with a cumbersome financial

murky past. is that a map in

your pocket, or a handy pocket 3 drill! Box No U/384/70.

O I saw you in the Arch, and : snogged you for 2 hours. 'I'all,

No U,’384/72.

‘barry’ time. So show me baby! Box No U/384/75. v I saw you you were the

table in City Cafe would you ever put that pole in my hole?

with me fancy being t-ruthful? Box No L' 384, ()2

U I saw you ('aptain Beaky ('aricarou! Perhaps we could sniff out a coffee together! Box .\'o l} '384 ()3.

Fnar Fnar. Box No 13/384,376.

: O I saw you Sunbeam come

back to Ashton Lane, Emma! You foxy scoundrel! Box No [1/384/77.

v 0 I saw you small designer

O I saw you and I keep seeing you. Iirin from Penicuik. You know how I feel. ‘.\'uff said. DJ Stu llirst. XX Oh baby! Box No USS-1,64.

9 I saw you blonde and beautiful lioness let me be your lion! Let‘s purr together. Box No [138465.

0 I saw you standing on the edge of the dance floor at Po Na Na’s edging fora grifter. How about a long hot coffee? Box No U384. ()6.

Theatre and u told me I had a great voice. Box No [1/384/84. O I saw you on 14/3, ()0, outside Capitol House for a fire

eyes Nadia (?) and forgot to smile. Can I try again? Box No

v I saw you in City Cafe, and

report) and I‘ve now lost it - completely. Box No U/3b‘4/6‘). O I saw you the dentist, sex god, blue bar, Sat IS Mar. The mud on your hair suggests a

dark and handsome, you know my name. Esmerelda. Box No U/384/71.

9 I saw you struggling to give up vodka and marlboro‘s. Keep it up girl, good luck! xxxJ. Box

l O I saw you at Blue on Sat 1 April. Looked like a burping, I bubble boy to me. Love to get to know you better. Box No U/384/74. v I saw you Cambctl, with you new ‘do‘ looking fit as ever. you know how to show a boy a

slender Adonis with the Gucci cufflinks bending over the pool

blonde. Getting jiggy with Laurent Garnier dancing with gorgeous specky bald bloke. Can I have both of you! Box No D. 38478.

. v I saw you small. ' bespectacled African girl, ogling

shoes in Schuh. Sunday 9 April ‘00. Me. short, bearded wonder. Wished to tie your laces. Any

; chance? Box No U 384.190.

0 I saw you on Princes Street, Friday 7 April, 5pm. You, wearing jeans and blue stripey jumper. Bumped into you in Waterstone‘s cookery department. Fancy making up some recipes? Box No U/384/91.

O I saw you every day on the 24 bus heading towards Grange Loan. Big eyes and lovely smile. Let's talk next time. Box No U/384/93.

O I saw you Sarah, you‘re tits fell out at Negociants that night of Absynth. You were drunk. Box No U/384/94.

O I saw you standing there

with sand in your hair, but you shook it in my beer and frnakly I don't care (who’s mad? You‘re mad, thats who’s mad). Box No U/384/95.

O I saw you came shakin’ that ass - and my, what an ass to shake. Will you wear your French maids’ outfit for me in and all and in and all . . . Box No U/384/96.

O I saw you Jon from 1576 Advertising in the City Cafe. Your blond highlights glistened under the pool table and the bulge in yer trousers! Well . .. call me! Box No U/384/97.

O I saw you s


9 I saw you at Fife College

Access unit browsing the Resort Management brochure. You, long blonde hair wht Raith