The List, which is part of the group behind Beat 106, brings you

@ the latest information on Scotland's newest radio station. I (

Tune in on 106.1fm (west coast) or 105.7fm (east coast). iMONDAY TUESDAY ' WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY

"I:~‘i ii "I 1r-‘1‘-i-i’-l"1i'rII-~‘iI ‘l “i1."inlW-iiltliI-M” ‘; .r‘ it g 'l v-l‘lntl' 1.1’» i

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6am-10am 6am-IOam 6am- 10am 6am- 10am z Ewan MacLeod Ewan MacLeod 7 I 6am-10am 6am-lOam


‘i .. - ,i- 7’ .' 'r',__'... ' I. "W '.J. til —7 K" Lei 'i,‘.l:iirlwlilgi‘, f it‘li'MinHiiL-l" .i: lryri-iii'liiliiq

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Graham Stewart lpm-me

Graham Stewart lpm-4pm

Graham Steart lpm-4pm

Graa tewart Ipm-4pm

Graham Stwart , 5 lpm-4pm

1pm Graham Stewart 1pm-4pm

anthems . . 2pm-SD


’L‘ ~._ l‘h‘rl’! hr“. .t i\.|||i.;i,yiei‘:i(_v.r w. ,1.

i" "ii-r -r i‘JI! rI'W‘i‘; ~i v.5: L .(I ',Ir ,'.’ lr- w i“ ’~ NWT/“1L ’F.~r‘:.~.’"""=’=m‘3" i *1": .7 n v w "1"2,’ " 9’” ,- i. Tunes Go Menthol In wrth Richard Wilkinson 5 Ibiza Sm-6pm Jom-7pm 'iLITIU

Trevor Reill 7pm- 10pm

The 7pm— " A. ""‘i' ‘. I, ‘r " i': s TM.- v : .. “it? [I . " . i: . "

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The Beat 106 Mix The Beat 106 Mix—.-7 w 7pm—-7.30pm

iFif: ill": iii.7'n'.‘i“:-

Beat 106 i -7.30pm “:5

Thelengaheads 7m-90rn

The Rock Show Mir" Liaer Bate

Craig Burger Queen 9 m-mioni ht

Drum 'n' Bass XVII."- DJ Kid 8r Tania Sm‘t

il‘lilli inlair

Night Beat 1am lam-6am

he Lock-l h With Michael Kilkie

iiES‘r:‘liir“~,f.l is}

KO n r What song would you refuse

to play no matter how much they paid you? ’Blue Da Da De’ A regular at Bathgate’s Room At The Top as well by Eiffel 65.

[Semi ‘100

as Voyeurism at Archaos, Paul Mendez also Who wouid you me to have in Top Ten

supplies his skills for Friday night’s Beat 106 Mix. live session on you, show? Eric 1 Rank 11Airwave (Manifesto)

Who's your all-time favourite DJ? I don't really have MOHHO Spmmng and MM , Fragma: Toca's Miracle (Positiva)

one but u 5 who have influenced me are Joe Jocelyn Brown supply'ng the . .

Beltiam gall Oakenfold and Tim Westwood \ilvho I vocals :anl'L/Ianvai‘rk fezttian‘gdit lEtienne: I I ' o o o o e | e

think is the best radio [3] in the UK. What unlikely combination of two artists would 9 e y [T

, . . result in an ’awesome remix’? The Fugees and Daft Punk (DeViant) ' What 5 the first song you remember hearing on the , , , , - . radio? It was probably something from the early 805 La“ "'9ht a DJ Saved my Me - hOW? AbOut five years Rhythm Of We. like Chaka Kham .Aim Nobody. ago I was at a crossroads as to which genre of dance You PM Me In HeaVe" - - -

music I liked. I was stuck in a rut until I visited the BCM (Xtravaganza)

club in Majorca were I witnessed Des Mitchell in} Dutch Force; Deadflne (inferno) sessron. Just seeing the enthusiasm he had for his work Spoiled & Zigoz More & More gave me the kick up the arse I needed. (Free For A”) If you found yourself organising a DJ ‘Live Aid' a la 5 . . . Sh t lemon] Bob Geldof, who would you have? DJs I’ve personally ag'ta're' 0"

What's your favourite track of the moment? ’lnfectious’ by X-Cabs (Hook).

What's your favourite up-and-coming track? My own ’One Breath’ by Jacob and Mendez (UG).

'Hang the DJ' - which one and why? Judge Jules for

not playing any of the three Jacob and Mendez Singles enjoyed playing with and listening to over the years: (Nu Life)

which were released on Good As records even though paul Oakenfold, paul Van Dyk’ Carl COX, Sasha, ENC Blank & Jones: After Love

he has played every Other mm“ from ""5 'abel' Morillo, Roger Sanchez, Constipated Monkeys, DJ Dan, (Nebula/Virgin)

What's VOW favou'ite song t0 ‘3“ “leep ‘0 3‘ night? Des Mitchell, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Joey Moogwai; Viola (Platipus)

’The Boy Is Mine’ by Monica and Brandy. Beltram, Danny Tenag'ia, Darren Emerson and Dave Angel. Maria Naylor. Angry Skies

. - - and to wake "P ‘0 i" "'9 mowing? 'W'th 0' Paul Mendez spins his uplifting tunes on The Beat I 06 (Deconstruction) Without You' by U2. R@TT Mix, Fr/ midnight-3am. /

110 THE UST 13—27 Apr 2000