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Name Occupation

What did you think?


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Name Occupation

What did you think?

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Harold Kat Art/St Student

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Jon Neill C u/t Clothing ’new shop opener’ / des/gn Lego

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Paul Rachel AK "doooqis: Bar person

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Reuben Sarn

Photographer Customer Servce Representm/ve w um: We), :0 (lo'w to my “two 'l'v'x f'ult '.'s {M (wt, s\.< " a."

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,Glasgow 62

Hope Streef

This new establishment has abandoned altogether the rather quaint, outdated actc‘w'ty of Jeri/(r13 food and drink, to concentrate instead on the really important bun/less“ of any modern restaurant ~ the design .. -




W0uld gov like to see the sweet trolleg?.0 rs Ow" Dish of the Day

...lt’5 a masterpiece of“ utilitarian elegance in Frosted chrome and maplewood , b3 Trendia Tatt.

Hf]. 'A Wrenglazed stoneware

platter by, Rico Conran) With a hand~enamel£ed neo—pictrsh

motif: around the rum. L.‘ * flr_..._._—~———~

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120 THE LIST 13—27 Apr 2000