'It was taking my bloody part and I didn't want anyone taking it‘

set and had to do this scene where I danced to [lip 'Ii) Be Square by Huey Lewis and took an axe to a competitor. a fellow Mergers & Acquisitions man played by Jared l.eto. l’or various technical reasons we ended tip haying to do it 20. 30 times. I was exhausted and kept mysell' going with what they told me was eighteen cappuccinos. So I got the giggles and really did go a bit berserk.’

'l'hat’s a worrying thought. giyen that Bale sunk himself into the character during the shoot. keeping up his American accent and distancing himself from his co-stars (many of whom continued to call him ‘l’atrick’ ol'lls'et). ‘With this particular accent. it makes you sound like a completely arrogant prick the whole time. so nohody wanted to hang out with me anyway.‘ he laughs. ‘Boring as it is. eyery weekend they‘d have me set up for a manicure. a sunhed and going down the

celluloid sicko of them all, all those murders because Hitchcock didn’t let Norman realise his heart’s Oedipal desire. Abby and Martha Brewster (Arsenic And O/d Lace) Raymond Massey and Peter Lorrie are the least of Cary Grant’s worries: it’s his cuddly, doddery grannies who turn out to be a pair of perfidious porsoners, much to Frank Capra's amusement and the Granster’s dismay. m. " - J Henry (Henry: Portrait OfA Serr’a/ K/‘//er) No rhyme ' i' nor reason, Henry merely indulges himself in casual, but exceedingly brutal murder. John McNaughton J directs in an appropriately matter-of-fact manner. Hannibal Lecter (The Silence Of The Lambs) The doctor's critical faculties are so well-honed as c « debatable whether Anthony Hopkms’ Lector is actually psychotic. But murder and cannibalism don’t a level-headed man make. Michael Myers (Ha/loween) An unkillable supernatural entity the masked Myers may be, but the sour( e of his murder spree is understandable enough: catching his older sister indulging carnal desires. Annie Wilkes (Misery) One of the finest ladykillers, Stephen King’s literary psycho is also a mysoqmistic monster who dominates and destroys men within the domestic confines of her home.

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