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intelligence, vigour and wit. Glasgow: GF'l'. Edinburgh: Cameo.

A Matter of Life and Death (PG) ***** (Michael Powell/Emeric Pressburger. UK. 1946) David Niven. Kim Hunter. Roger Livesy. Raymond Massey. 104 mins. Wonderful film that rises above its beginnings as a piece of wartime propaganda about goodwill between Britain and the USA. Niven is an RAF pilot who finds himselfbet'ore a heavenly tribunal when he bales out of his burning plane. A witty and stylish fantasy with a fair share of on-target satire. Glasgow: GT'T.

The Mikado (U) *i* (Victor Schertzinger, UK. 1939) Martyn Green, Kenny Baker. John Barclay. Jean Colin. 9] mins. The first Gilbert and Sullivan operetta to be adapted for the big screen, featuring some eminent members of the D'Oyly Carte Company. The plot concerns a timid Japanese official who is made Lord High Executioner. but finds that his first intended victim is the Emperor's son in disguise. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Miller’s Crossing (18) ***** (Joel Coen. US. 1990) Gabriel Byrne. Albert Finney. Marcia Gay Harden. John Turturro. Jon Polito. J.l;'. Freeman. 115 mins. The Cocn Brothers' latest opus is a predictably quirky-but-stylish reworking of genre material in this case the gangster flick. Set in an unnamed Fast-coast city in the 1930s. it centres on the falling-out between mob- lcader Finncy and his right-hand man Byrne when both take a shine to the same broad (llarden). Possibly the best, most under- rated film of 1991,. lidinburgh: UGC Cinemas.

Miracle Maker (U) ** (Stanislav Sokolov, Derek llayes. UK. 2000) Ralph Ficnnes. Julie Christie. Richard F. Grant. 91 mins. Miracles may never cease. undoubtedly the reasoning behind previous attempts to render the liaster Story palatable. The latest gimmick is to add puppets. which. although oddly dated. impresses on its own low tech level. Despite deftly tugging at the

heartstrings, the puppetry can't disguise the fact that this is a Sunday school reading in a millennial medium. Glasgow: Odeon At The Quay, Showcase. Edinburgh: UCI. East Kilbride: UCI. Paisley: Showcase.

Mission To Mars (PG) it (Brian De Palma, US, 2000) Gary Sincsc, Tim Robbins, Connie Neilsen. 116 mins. The year is 2020 and NASA has landed on Mars. but a mysterious phenomenon wipes out the astronauts and a rescue mission is dispatched. Melodrama is prioritised over science fiction thrills and much of the blame lies in the appalling dialogue and gun-ho patriotism. Worse still. De Palrna opts for stunningly obvious exposition; at his film‘s quasi-religious climax you’ll thittk: ‘So what?‘ See review. General release. Muppets From Space (U) mu (Tim Hill, 1999, US) Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Frank 01.. 88 mins. For their sixth big screen adventure. the focus of our Muppet attentions is Gonzo. that blue, hooked nosed . . . thing. No one is really sure what Gonzo is. so when he gets a message which he believes is from space. the race is on to make contact with his extra terrestrial brethren. Mttppets From Space captures the spirit of the first movie and the original TV series where the subsequent films never did. lidinburgh: ()deon.

Mystery Men (PG) iii (Kinka Usher. US. 1999) Ben Stiller. William H. Macy. Janeane Garofalo. 122 mins. Although it's a spoof. illystery Men is more knowing about the Conventions ofAmerican comic book superheroes than other comic adaptations - that's largely down to .Vyslc’r)‘ Men ‘s origins in Bob Burden‘s Dark Horse Comic. Flaming Carrol. Caped crimeftghter Captain Amazing has been kidnapped by super villain Casanova Frankenstein and it‘s up to underachiever heroes: the Mystery Men to save the day. lslc ofArran: Brodick Cinema. The Night Of San Lorenzo (La Notte Di San Lorenzo) (15) (Paulo and Vittorio 'I‘aviani. 1981) ()meroAntonutti. Margarita l.ozano. Claudio Bigagli. 107 mins. The 'l’aviani brothers tell the story of the threatened destruction of a Tuscan town by

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11m Robbins and Connie Nielsen ‘Dance The Night Away' to Van Halen, of all things,

in Brian De Palma's blockbuster sfx space turkey, Mission To Mars

Nazis as American forces advance, as seen through the eyes of a six~year-old girl. The film won a Special Jury Prize at Cannes in 1982. Part of the Italian Film Festival. Glasgow: Gl’l‘. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. Night On Earth (15) **** (Jim Jarmusch, US, 1992) Winona Ryder. Beatrice Dallc, Gena Rowlands. Giancarlo Fsposito. 129 mins. l.os Angeles. New York. Paris. Rome. Helsinki. Five cities. five taxi rides. five chance encounters. The director of Mystery Train and [)0er By Law pushes aside narrative and goes instead for visual uniformity in a claustrophobic setting. Character studies with a mildly philosophical aftertaste. lidinbttrgh: Cameo. Not Of This World (Fuori Dal Mundo) (15) (Giuseppe Piccioni. 1999) Margherita Buy. Silvio ()rlando, Carolina Freschi. 100 mins. A moving emotional drama woven around the theme of how strangers can touch each other‘s lives in the most unexpected ways. A nun and the parents of a disowned baby become emotionally attached as other characters are drawn into the fray. Part of the Italian Filtn Festival. Glasgow: (ll-'1‘. Edinburgh: FilrnhoUse.

One More Kiss (12) **** (\‘ilttlilll Jean. UK, 1999) Valerie lidmond. James Cosmo. Gerald Butler. 97 mins. lidmond plays tlte dynamic Sarah. whose cancer diagnosis drives her to rebuild burnt bridges. Returning to her hometown of Bcrw'ick- Upon-Tweed. she attempts a reconciliation with both her distant father (Cosmo) and her first love, Sam (Butler). An emotional minefield for the characters. then, bill also for the filmmakers. 'I‘hankfully. sentimentality is downplayed in favour of powerful characterisation and a genuinely affecting atmosphere of building tension and impending tragedy. lidinburgh: Lumiere. Outlaw (Ormai e Fatta)t15)(linzo Montelcone. 1999) Stefano Accorsi. (iiovanni lisposito. limilio Solfriz/i. ‘15 mins. The true story of a I973 prison escape bid by affable anarchist Horst Fantanirti who cortducted a series of hold-ups across northern Italy. A fine sense of period and gritty visual style combine to enhance the unfolding of the narrative. Part of the Italian Film Festival. Glasgow: Gl-‘l. l5dinburgh: Filtnltouse.

Out Of Sight (15) *tmht (Slcycn Soderbergh. US, 1998) George L‘looncy. Jennifer Lopez. Ving Rhames. 123 mitts. This stylish adaptation of lilmore Leonard‘s novel teams (.‘looney's bank robber Jack Foley with Jennifer l.opez' chic. (‘hanel- wearing cop. Soderbergh catches perfectly Leonard's sly. dcadpan wit. while infusing it with a wistful melancholy. Smart. sexy and deliciously bitter-sweet. Kirkcaldy '. Adam Smith.

Padre Padrone (Father Master) t IS) (Paolo Vittorio 'l'aviani. Italy. 19”?) Fabrizio Forte. ()rnero Antonutti. Savetio Marconi. 113 mins. A shepherd‘s son tries to break away from his domineering father who has forced him to grow up in the mountains. isolated from the rest of the human world. More sentimental than the 'l‘avianis later work. it ncy crthclcss shows their trademark instinctual feel for ltaliatt rttral life. Glasgow: Gl’l'. lidinburgh: Filmhouse.

Pippi Longstocking (1') ti (Bill (irggic Michael Schaack,‘('live Smith. (‘anada Sweden/Germany. 2001078 nuns

There's something yagucly tltsttrrbtrtg .tbotrt a nine-ycat-old girl who parades dow n the street singing ‘()h what a fabulous day. I'm

happy as cart be" having just watched her father being washed out to sea. But ruaybc that's being churlish. After all, Pippi l.ongstocking's anarchic behaviour has won her a place in the hearts and on the bookshelves of many a child since Astrid Lindgren first unleashed the world's first riot girl. But in an age of sophisticated children‘s films. Pippi longstocking with all her exuberance, fails to deliver. See review. Selected release.

Pokemon (U) ***** (kids)/** (adults) (Michael llaigney/Kunohiko Yuyatna. JapanfUS, 2000) 96 mins. Cloned Pokétnon (pocket monster) Mewtwo embarks on world dominance and so hero kids. Ash, Brock and Misty, accompanied by their Pokemon. set ottt to make him see the error of his ways. (‘ue a great deal of gratuitous tigltting arid an interlude in which it's explained that fighting is bad ('33). The stupor indttced by viewing the film strand of the phenomenal Pokemon franchise (computer garuc. collecting cards. etc.) as an adult. convincingly confirms that it's a kid thing. good or bad. Se review. General rclcasc.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark (PG) ***** (Steven Spielberg. US, 1981) Harrison Ford. Karen Allen. 115 mins. Ford plays adventuring archaeologist lndiana Jones, who almost bites off tnore than he can chew when he turns tip the Ark of the Covenant in Nazi-infested wartime Egypt. Return to the breathless excitement of the Saturday morning serial with this rollercoaster ofa movie, probably better than either of its sequels. Tongue held very firmly in cheek. St Andrews: New Picture llouse. Ratcatcher (15) ***** (Lynne Ramsay. UK. 1999) William liadie. Tommy Flanagan. Mandy Matthews. 93 mitts. Seen through the ey es of twelve-year-old James Gillespie. a sensitive boy hatrntcd by the drowning of a neighbour's son, Rtttettte/rer paints a bleakl) realistic picture of Glasgow family life. Ramsay uses meticulous framing. unusual camera angles and atmospheric images to capture the subtle textures of everyday life. as well as complex inner feelings. lidinburgh: Filmhouse. Ronin (15) ** (John Frankenheimer. US. 1998) Robert De Niro. Jean Reno, Natasha Mclilhone. 122 mins. A crack learn of post- g/tts/tovt super-spies steal a Pandora's Box- lrke briefcase from the French for the lrish before it's sold to the Russians. It's a sign of the changing times that another post-Cold “at film. .llrsyionx Impossible. squeeZes Ronm's plot into its opening sequence. \Vorse still. the plot is ftrll of holes and the w ht-le affair unfolds with a total lack of irony. which swiftly becomes laughable and undermines the suspense l-idinburgh: (Enrico.

A Room For Romeo Brass t 15) +**** (Shane Meadows, l’K. 2000) Paddy ('onsidine. Andrew Shim. Bcn Marshall. 90 mins. Meadows ottcc more combines colourftrl regional characters with impish humour and kitchen sink drama to great effect. bttt adds to the mix a deeply personal autobtttgraphical clement. And he elicits impressively naturalistic performances from a cast of newcomers for the story of young Nottingham lads Romeo (Shim) and Gavin (Marshall) who are best mates until the arrival ofoddball Morell (the astonishingly dynatrtic ('onsidinc). l'idinburgh: ('antco. Stirling: .‘ylacRobcrt.

Run Lola Run t l5) **** (Torn 'l‘wyker. (ierrnany. 199") l'tanka I’otcntc. Moritz