Royal bloodhounds wanted

Could you be descended from rmpressrve stock? Perhaps nestled rn a shadowy sec tron of your famrly tree rs someone famous, wealthy or herorc, albert a few centurres dead.7

A programme berng developed for Channel 4 hopes to uncover some excrtrng and srgnrfrcant ancestors, and rs lookrng for ’young, lrvely people’ from Edrnburgh and the surrOunding area to take part, especrally those wrth a multrcultural herrtage or unusual sourrdrng name If chosen, you would have genealogrcal expert Anthony Adolph v- who also presents the show research your famrly’s hrstory wrth the hope of uncoverrng some rnterestrng characters, and wrll chart your tree as far back as possrble. And rf your tree reaches back to another cOuntry, Channel 4 wrll take you there to further the researc h.

The results already look promrsrng The prlot program unearthed some long-lost cousrns rn Jamarca for one guest, and discovered that another guest was drrectly related to the Queen. The three hour-long programmes wrll be broadcast later thrs year, one each from Edrnburgh, Cardrff and Brrstol. Telephone Freeform Productrons on 0171 407 4002.

The Future's Beatroot

In the Blade Runner/ MP3/genetically modified future we will look at such objects with wonder. Flat, black and 7in wide, the fine people of Glasgow's F&J Records are keeping the faint

heartbeat of vinyl going with the

latest instalment of their Club Beatroot series. Two songs on one platter with the likes of the Karelia, the Yummy Fur and French honorary Weegies, Olympia. Future releases will include the likes of the Delgados and Bis. All this and a beetroot recipe on the back of

every single. Tasty.

Don ’t do that, do this. Fifteen days of unmissable stuff

THURSDAY 13 I}? in:

In an attempt to further the notron

that ownrng art rs not outwth Scottrsh art t'ans' reach, the 5th

Glasgow Ar! Farr opens, sellrng more artworks than any tarr outsrde of London. George Square, Glasgow

FRIDAY 14 .'

coast \‘vlilt a nets. custom-burlt venue

rn the c rty's West l nd See feature page 2/

4 THE LIST 2/ ,\::' Xtiflfr

After brrrldrng a substantral audrertc e for grassroots comedy rn l drnburgh, The Stand opens rt doors for laughs or‘. the west



The ummyfur


Undergroar‘d bosses take?

SATURDAY 15 “H bl ("e"‘. ka *’ Tu: :L- c- _Ja// N()\.‘~.' s a weekend long celenratro'r of a} that's gualrty and lax/y rn Edrnburg" Nzgei Clark's tr’ro on a double brll v.2”: saxopnon s'. laura l\lacDonarn and her guartet, rs a notable hrgh g”. r‘ thrs three-(lay rnrnr-t’es’. Traverse ll’reatre, Fclrrrhurg/r

r"e c)..'.

from keeprno t"e MW ol l.lou\.'.a. z"

e e .

tea and em a Is to 'erease ‘slllW‘tl (t abut"


t‘te'r our" ll.){)()'(:t): ,naue l2



Astronomer, TV presenter and '-

rnusrc ran Patrrck Moore brrngs rrxusrt " A,” ’1'

from the frnal frontret and a galaxy V m

lar, lar away to prove we are not alone a ‘Spac e ( oncert' Wrth a selec tron of the best extra terrestrral theme tunes

Roya/ ('o/rc e/‘t Ha//, (i/asgou


{he-c \ o..t the toet'aw'st sur'orator'ru ("e "ex'. stella Qt. "es o'od..t fro" \'. \tot'. s" aua ences

see beyoml sat f‘ faltao s..‘lllt"t is as "it UV. :0 l"t‘ ()..t‘l‘t\ H's :‘(1“. \ e\a'r‘rr‘.a'. o" r" "at o"a t‘sw "e

'. {MEMO ml

c s:" "u


traou fie \., t.ett"es(:a‘, ' rrt'

"ATT'KI ..l"t‘t(l"ll‘t".t‘ T"

" rta‘r,» 'o' siaxr'rc: ' or . " it“, \ex fem,“ l'wt I; a"<: a 're‘.‘. K eso o" a'ea've'w: Q 't ft‘t c \ I"

Glasgow Art Fair 2000, Thu 13

I\ ~, ' \r' .l(}< }\k)A/1.’t rt‘


n‘c))_ \, . r1, \‘x it) \ ltd", l) ‘1,Llr"\