Q I saw you outside the Strathclyde Union smoking elegant Gauloises. Conspicuously German with beautiful eyes of cloudless skies. You were chatting in your native dialect, and me, Ich binso breit. You must call me. The date would consist of me with the cookies and cream Haagen~ Dazs, and Dionysus with the nectar. No translations needed. Box No U/385/2.

C I saw you Norman, Shawlands, everday. You male, tall, slim, pierced eyebrow. Me - male, 6ft, brown hair, suit, driving Cherokee jeep, rugby type. I think you’re ‘scrum’-my, let me show you my tackle. Box No U/385/11.

U I saw you Scott at Derrick Carter in the Sub Club. You thought I was a tourist. Gave you my number but my phones been cut off. I wasn’t messing you about, honest, I’d love to go out dancing with you again. Get in touch! Box No U/385/12.

O I saw you Deep sea diver. You, diving for treasure on the Sound of Mull. I hitched a lift from you while out sketching. Fancy a drink sometime? Jenny. Box No U/385/14.

O I saw you Paul, 57 St Vincent Street, Politics, 3/4/00, dashing! There’s still something about that bundled blue shirt that excites me. Put me on your CV. Let’s meet, love J. XX. Box No U/385/15.

O I saw you sexy Geordie boy, with the red coat, walking down Sauchiehall Street on the 18 April (Tue). Can I take you back to my boudoir and give you some of that sweet lovin’. I’m closer than you think. Box No U/385/ 16.

O I saw you thanks for the Ribena and gums of wine! Aaargh, can’t believe you drove home! Box No U/385/17.

Q I saw you at Fruitfly. I was a naughty nurse you’re still a fox! Can I give you a sponge bath? Box No U/385/ 18.

O I saw you while drinking tea outside Costa Coffee on a sunny April Saturday. You had a brown cord jacket and floppy hair and we fell for you in a big way . . . We love you Graeme, from Ruthie & Jill. Box No U/385/19.

on 0131 557 8500

The List I Saw You

14 High Street Edinburgh or EH1 1TE

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By post box: Fill in the free postcards available from the following venues', blue, Bar Sirius, City Cafe, Eh1, Filmhouse, Iguana, Traverse, The Venue, Stills Gallery (Edinburgh), or The Garage, Blackfriars, Brel, Cul de Sac, GFT, Borders Cafe, Tinderbox, The Tron (Glasgow).

By phone: Call 0131 558 1191 from 10am - 5pm

By e-mail: You can reach us at thelist©ednet.co.uk Please supply a postal address when using e-mail, but do not leave your credit card details.

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The List I Saw You

At the McLeIlan Galleries 270 Sauchiehall St Glasgow 62 3EH

No payment is required as I SAW YOU lineage adverts are a .free service to readers. Deadline for the next issue is 12 noon on THURSDAY 3 May 2000.

Only one I Saw You per person per issue will be published.

mus usr 13-27 Apr 2000

O I saw you in the Culode-Sac, swingin’ that pelvis and shakin’ that ass we both work behind the bar, so you won’t have to look far! Box No U/385/20.

O I saw you on the Shiatsu stool in Borders, 4 April. Noticed your book, but too shy to say hello. To chat with another bookworm, drop this lad a line no strings attached! Box No U/385/21.

Q I saw you baby at the bar looking cute and sexy as ever. You’ll know who you are!!! Box No U/385/22.

O I saw you Scooter in the ‘last Post’. I want to run my hands over those hairy shoulders as we eat our ‘2 for 5’ pie & chips, table 44. Call me! Sharon. Box No U/385/24.

O I saw you David, in the Polo Lounge. I miss your rosy cheeks and soft hands over my black fur. Do you like my new collar? Love Truffles. Box No U/385/25.

O I saw you Pedro, in the Vice Roy Bar. Looking sexy with your brown glow and trendy shirts. I need your sweet Iovin’ big man! Love Scrappy. Box No U/385/26.

V I saw you Kendo, you tease me from across the street. Forget ginger, it’s you I love. Always, Deb. Box No U/385/27.

O I saw you Tron restaurant, 9/4/00 I was having brunch with friend You having tea with friend wearing baseball cap I couldn’t st0p watching you - we smiled, fancy brunch sometime? Box No U/385/28. 0 I saw you at Arches @ Kid Koala, pingu on heat - you do it for me, baby. Box No U/385/29. O I saw you at Mushroom gig with a big bag of kittens and a birdcage how much is the budgie? Box No U/385/30.


U I saw you hiding behind your coldsore but your beauty still shone through! Stay crusty. Box No U/385/31.

O I saw you being seiny surly to another customer red head? Blonde? As long as the collars and cuffs match Cul-de~Sac barmaid. Box No U/385/32.

Q I saw you Richard Ashcrofty type guy @ Primal Scream on Friday. You’re so fine, you went to get vodka and coke but then I had to leave. Reply so I know your name. Box No U/385/33. C I saw you Jackie, we never spoke per usual, tell Angus I was asking for him? Aldo. Box No U/385/34.

v I saw you with funky red and pink hair in Tinderbox sipping on a hot chocolate. You looked so sexy I could have taken you right there. Box No U/385/35.

9 I saw you at Air Organic behind the bar. Dark hair, excited eyes. You are Bonnie . . .You are great. Box No U/385/36.

O I saw you Chris, in the Garage on 9 March. We flirted with fate. Text me again? I might even tell you my name! Box No U/385/37.

0 I saw you in Tinderbox, 16/4/00. You look like Patsy. It would be absolutely fabulous to meet you on top of a hill. Easy now, Bok! Say hi to loo-roll Helen. Box No U/385/38.

Q I saw you War On Want girl. (Suzie?) We chatted outside Hillhead Underground. I wore shirt and tie. I thought you were nice. Box No U/385/39.

v I saw you Sam, if you get bored of your girl in Ireland, the offer to in a house music club ‘juste toi et moi’ is still open. Ta petite ‘Frenchy’ Flo. Box No U/385/40.

Q I saw you tall, Fury’s, 15/4,

27 drinks and you know the rest.

I can’t beleive it, there’s going to be another blue moon 29/4 wear your pink T-shirt please! Box No U/385/41.


Q I saw you Mairi & Caity in Tinderbox, slurping on your hot chocolate. Nice to see you, to see you nice! Love yer big sis. XXX. Box No U/385/87.

O I saw you in ‘Edwards’ on Wednesday 13 March having lunch. I wanted to come over . . . but you were having so much fun alone with your mobile. I suspect you are a bit curious. An admiring male. R.S.V.P. Box No U/385/88.

O I saw you you feisty redhead in your puffa jacket Kelvinbridge, coup la Cherie. Box No U/385/89.

O I saw you smiling at Pressure @ The Arches, 24/3/00. Happy Birthday. S.H. Box No U/385/90.


v I saw you Suyang, now in Borders. Here, I committed myself to you, to you I’ll always love you. May God bless this relationship. I love you. Box No U/385/91.

O I saw you steaming steamer filled with steam. Tinderbox is where I saw you, Sean is your name! Box No U/385/92.

v I saw you 23/3/00, Buchanan Galleries, waiting in front of Next. Cute smile, sparkling eyes. Why do you have to live so far away? Box No U/385/93.

O I saw you ‘Cat’ ramage at the OFT film quiz, me, the ‘goat’ bland. Box No U/385/94. Q I saw you Ruth indulging on a delicious hot chocolate. You’re my cool big sister! Box No U/385/95.

O I saw you I had classy ravers gloves, LET’S RAVE! Box No U/385/96.

Q I saw you Florence, looking stunning as usual, well so to speak, Love Clotilde. Box No U/385/97.

0 I saw you Clio, all day at yours. You’re always so gorgeous, and so is doudou! Box No U/385/98.

O I saw you in Tinderbox, 16/4/00. Early 20$ lady, looking seductive and sultry with your short brown hair and chocolate eyes. Come beat to the tune of my music, hot lips. Bulyachsha! Box No U/385/99.

O I saw you sexy Irish chick. You are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever met, (and the sexiest!). Will you marry me? Box No U/385/ 100.

O I saw you gorgeous, blonde babe guitarist down Cockbum Street, Friday 7/4/00. You were with a friend. I was the leather jacketed metaller! Get in touch I think you’re too sexy to forget! Box No U/385/l.