Q I saw you at Joy, 1/4/00. You beautiful sexy woman in black. Fell in love with you dancing on speaker. Please be at next Joy. You seem a lovely, classy lady. Please come. Box No U/385/3. O I saw you working in big HMV, the tall guy giving me the eye. I’m the guy in the long, black coat. Do you like me, or is it just the coat? Intrigued. Box No U/385/4.

O I saw you Carina, graphic designer from Falkirk, at Planet Out, danced with you at Diva’s, then walked you to the bus stop. Really liked talking to you. Visiting Edinburgh again? Can we meet? Box No U/385/5.


9 I saw you Ian or lain working in Bread Street hostel on Tuesday 28 March. You, having trouble with your signature. Me, delivering bread while wearing totally inappropriate sunglasses, beer? Box No U/385/6.

O I saw you at the

Luna Chicks gig at the Cas Rock. Actually I kissed you. Was the American chick taking photos. Now live in Edinburgh. Want to see you again. Maybe, who knows? Box No U/385/7. V I saw you gorgeous man, dressed in black at the Hub, 13 Apr ‘00. Too shy to talk. Let’s talk politics. Box No U/385/8.

O I saw you tall, handsome man in blue combat trousers and cropped hair at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital and 12 April, but should have been looking elsewhere. You were demonstrating your control and restraint training techniques while being lunged at by two women pretending to be insane. Can I have a go sometime? I may have looked formal on the other side of the window but I can be mad, bad and dangerous to know! Box No U/385/9.

9 I saw you Natalie, when we shared a taxi to Ferryfield, Fri 14 Apr ‘00 - You talked about traveling and journalism. I said you looked good (I meant gorgeous). Maybe this time we can spend an entire evening together. Box No U/385/10.

O I saw you Robbie, ‘getting down’ to Paul Johnson in Ibiza. Oh you ‘lucky man!’ lookin’ good. Irish Mogwai. XXX Box No U/385/13.

. I saw you City Cafe and the Tron. Been watching you roll the dough How about a kiss we could remember? Your friend, mammas visitor. Box No U/385/42.

O I saw you Gillian, Sagittarius in Uluru. I have a thing about you. Sex and laughter? More please. Box No U/385/43.

O I saw you you crazy lurv chicks. Fri, Sat, Sun out clubbing: Rona, Susan, Kate and Kat. You rock my world man, let’s do it again! Love elephant girl. Box No U/385/44.

Q I saw you Charles, over dinner at the Tower. I would have asked you out, but we are already! Oh well, Fluffy Dog. Box No U/385/45.

O I saw you in Starbucks in your orange tracksuit. I think your Canadian? I really like you - workout with me baby? Box No U/385/46.

0 I saw you in a kill, at the Jazz Now! weekend. Your eyes were all over the place . . . bang my drum big boy. Box No U/385/47.

O I saw you Tom @ Traverse, you sexy beast! Please be mine, oh slim one, let me toss your caber. Box No U/385/48.

O I saw you your top made you look like a young boy, and I liked it. Duncan. Box No U/385/47.

O I saw you kinky afro, walking into a pub in Leith I thought you were lambing in the West Coast, I. Box No U/385/48.

O I saw you Carolyn, in social science micro-lab, Marx was your preoccupation. When you’re finished with him can I be your preoccupation? Box No U/385/49.

O I saw you Holly, working in the Traverse. You looked so good that I want you so bad. Please phone me. Remember the

tweety socks! Box No U/385/50.

V I saw you wearing a sombrero and a very sexy g- string. City Cafe, Wed afternoon. Suits you sir. Box No U/385/51.

O I saw you sexy German barmaid @ EH1 make my millennium, yes please, nearly but not quiet. Vunderbar. xx. Box No U/385/52.

O I saw you Black Bo’s, 9 April. You: stunning in black berret and silver bangle. Me: dark hair piled up, three friends. Couldn’t stop staring. Were you too? You left before my courage arrived . . . Box No U/385/53. O I saw you at Tesco Metro. Black, curly hair, sheepskin coat and funny little beard?! Are you on offer? Box No U/385/54.

v I saw you in City Cafe, beautiful, brown hair and eyed beauty. I love you so. Box No U/385/55.

O I saw you pissed at Pivo. Sexy, bed hair & erotic nose, sculpted by the gods. A double Morgan’s with a you chaser. Let’s get it on . . . by the way. Box No U/385/56.

O I saw you City Cafe, has never looked so good as when you were sitting opposite me, I’m just looking forward to the day that we do it again. Love Jol. Box No U/385/57.

Q I saw you as I have most commonly come to know you as ‘City Cafe Man’ with your baggy breeks and bedroom sexy ass. I’ve seen you shaking it cum shake it my way, baby! Box No U/385/58.

0' I saw you Sir Fobbs, playing the organ jolly well, inspirationally soul moving. You could be star-speetaelc in my next vampire movie Lady Gray. Box No U/385/59.

v I saw you Joyce at Eros/Elite I like your spangly boob tube! Box No U/385/60.

O I saw you Maggie. Can I carry your records? Box No U/385/61.

O I saw you B on stage, couldn’t miss ya eoz ya stripped dipped and whipped those knitting needles into shape. Box No U/385/62.

Q I saw you Long Tall Sally at Joy. You were wearing blek ballerina outfit, strange shoes and trapped in restricting top. What planet do you bat for coz my spaceships ready to go. Box No U/385/63.

O I saw you pocket dynamo - mongoed at the Bongo. Turn the lights off and deposit a few pounds in my charity box. Get doon and stay doon! Box No U/385/64.

0 I saw you at the City Cafe, kicking my ass! and I thought . . . if only circumstances were different. Box No U/385/65.

O I saw you sexy, blonde chick. 5ft lins, lovely everything. Me, guy with gruff voice, called Henri. Box No U/385/66.

Q I saw you at Violate, danced with you to Sex Dwarf. Forget the dwarf, let’s do it. You buxom. redhead. Me: tranny in leather. Box No U/385/67.

0 I saw you Charles, Happy Birthday, you sexy babe. Lots of love Shirley Bassey. XXX. Box No U/385/68.

O I saw you guys in the Traverse. I may have got an E in A level physics, but I still love you all (and am smarter). Love your Chazza. Box No U/385/69. O I saw you black, goddess, leopard top, love your lips and afro hair! Do you swing cause I like your pair. Box No U/385/70.

O I saw you pink hair, compact and bijou. Is your name Pocahontas or are you destined for Ibiza. Box No U/385/71.

O I saw you Traverse lower bar, blonde (dyed). Rather large nose, odd jacket but a very sexy guy. Box No U/385/72

O I saw you missed work again BAD! Sausage, eggs & beans to come. XX. Box No U/385/73. . I saw you City Cafe, wearing fur coat, red hair, 30$, sophisticated, gorgeous. Me, laid-back, Eman in Armani suit. Box No U/385/74.

O I saw you standing upright, you are always entertaining me with your smile, wearing orange jumpsuit, purple shoes. Box No U/385/75.

O I saw you in the kitten heels, the lacy D&G top and the blonde hair, you were licking a sherbet fountain. I’ll spurt for you baby. Box No U/385/76.

. I saw you Barry fluffing Roberts cushions, this T47 will never be the same again, what about my department! Bolt and deal with yourself! Box No U/385/77.


O I saw you you, hot. Lara Croft hasn’t got a look in-alike, in mysterious black. I’m so horny for you. Call me? Box No U/385/78.

O I saw you working at the City Cafe. Sexy boy! Your ring said ‘DM’. Why don’t you give me a ring, Big boy? Box No U/385/79.

9 I saw you bearded doorman at City Cafe. You, being attacked by a rabid girl, let me attack you next time. Box No U/385/80.

O I saw you Neil and your beautiful eyes @ Traverse bar, 17/3/00. Please can we meet and talk soon. You move me to be so much more. Box No U/385/81. Q I saw you Josh, five years and we never knew what we were missing, doh! Well, now we do and it’s great! Suckable. Box No U/385/82.

v I saw you in the Traverse Theatre bar and you said I looked 13! Thanks alot! Box No U/385/83.

. I saw you DJ Mickey. Your music makes me wild! How spicey does ginger get? Box No U/385/84.

Q I saw you Lisa long-legs. Pist-up and ready to boogy. Long legs and long hair - what a combination! Don’t call me baby! Box No U/385/85.

O I saw you silly sausage (peem) shake rattlin’ and rolling! Any chance? Steve & Jaq. Box No U/385/86.

O I saw you @ Mercado’s and at the last Edinburgh Rocks game. For an old guy you fill your trendy ‘farahs’ well!! PS. I lvoe skinny legs too! Box No U/385/107.

O I saw you in Maxies (Sat, 15 April), you wearing black shirt, good looks and raw sex appeal. Me smitten and utterly in love. You know who I am. Tosca. Box No U/385/ 108.

v I saw you ‘Milney’, in the medja crowd. You ‘stood-out’ a mile, but then the word is you’re a seriously big boy. Box No U/385/ 109.

O I saw you Mr Wright, you may live in Murrayfield, but cruising the streets of Leith really suits you!! Box No U/385/110.

27 Apr—ll May 2000 THE LIST 99