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, a; the Scotch tvlalt Whisky Society, and H proud owner of the only private licence to distil since 1791.

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~ it’s officral. Edinburgh’s trendy Oxygen Bar & Grill faced an impossible . i... ' i ' dilemma last week, when asked to ' " 7 choose between those twin forces of good and evil: nicotine and oxygen. " “s, l .- . ’The fire brigade and Environmental i Health said if we wanted to continue . serving oxygen, we’d have to become ' a non-smoking bar and that‘s just ' " ,, v x < i not a viable option' said surprisingly #W‘mwe‘

T . , upbeat manager Will Reynolds. But I ‘5. $113 ' then the absence of this novelty, and - ALL We,“ return flights booked on the Internet! .- 3N”; 1” frankly pricey, gimmick is unlikely to

hurt busmess too much: ’The oxygen was just a sideline anyway, the food has always been more important'. The Glenfiddich Awards for 2000 Wlll be announced on May 10. The annual prizes are for food and drink writing, publishing and television and are often a handy guide when choosing a new Delia Smith nominated for How to cookbook or Wine gurde. Past Winners

Cook of the trophy include Jane Grigson and

Nigel Slater. The shortlists this time


The King o'Drinks is of c0urse whisky round include inevitable nominations and a new publication under that for Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith. The name aims to teach you how to taste newspaper categories are dominated and ,Iudge the confusing array of styles. by the London broadsheets, but

For those fond of a drop of the hard congratulations to Jonathan Basan of stuff, but a little mystified by the The Sunday Herald for a nomination

mystique that Surrounds malts (too for his food photography.

there's lots happening throughout May 2000

. ~. v; .1 . ~ street theatre & music . ' . . v ' ' v - ' f 7 ' Special Musical Treats Performing in the accouslic room Princes Square. 13th May ", . , I l7fh May ~ , 1‘ 21 st May W' ifls‘lit.»1i..."i'3i<1f:*i.i.> ‘52,»: For information elephone: 0141 221 0324

Tickets for all performances 28, available from: The Ticket Centre - 0141 287 551 I & Princes Square

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27 Apr—ll May 2000 THE lIST113