Opening night of The Stand, Glasgow

Sat 15 Apr

Name Andy Craig Miriam Paul

Occupation Performance art/st C omed/an PrOJecr Off/cer Ha/rdresser

What did you think? FOu' star Chantaséfiago'a 0‘ Fantast-c 1's aoou. tw‘e someway Rea Iy ‘urmy The comoere was -.-.o".ce".. anc 2’8 entertanmer‘: :231" s cornea as are :atcmng Us

American Psycho at UGC, Fountalnpark, Edinburgh

Fri 21 Apr

Name Joanne Chris Linda Gary

Occupation Student Student Works at UGC Student

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A5 Channel 4 broadCAs‘Cs The 100 Greatest TV. Ads, we shouid not forges use victims of advertising. Here at the ADVERT CHARACTERS’ REHABILITATION CLINIC , time emotionaIIg damaged stars oF television commerciaIs can work through their campiex issues in a supportive , caring environment.

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120 THE “ST 27 Apr—I I May 2000