If they can make powdered mashed potato a hit, is there anything beyond the wit of the advertising agencies? We gave Glasgow's

Mimi and Edinburgh's ii iii W 72 hours to sell us our least loved tourist attraction: the M8.

Mmmm. Jr}: l "rili‘i'iil Citigate SMARTS’ idea for the M8 campaign was ’conceived after an evening of wordy foreplay and creative slap and tickle’, according to the advertising agency. 'Let’s go down the road of automotive innuendo and motorway smut,’ they thought.

’The result is a series of posters with brand messages, inspired by music, designed to make Scotland's sexiest road synonymous with hot love action (or romance for the ladies).’

It was a tight brief, but Citigate SMARTS think they’ve pulled it off.

Produced by Citigate SMARTS Copywriter: Colin Montgomery Art Director: Mike Middleton

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