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Chong is embarrassed when reminded of warped persona in Sex. her first effort behind the camera. 'The first I one was no good I have to admit, it sucked; Sex: ThqAnnabel Chang Story as stroke material it was fine, you could more is released on Fri 5 May. or less wank to it, but as a piece of i filmmaking, it was bad.’

Despite moving behind the camera and appearing more and more often as Grace Quek, we have not seen the last of her alter ego. ’Annabel Chong is evolving; she is alive and kicking and making me a ton of money so I have a vested interest in keeping her alive. In the old Annabel Chong videos, she started off as the wholesome girl next door before she got really loud. Later on there is even a different sexual persona; it is more womanly and she uses a deeper voice.’ A


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