We Saw I Saw You

You rush out every other Thursday, buy The List and head for the l

Saw You section, hoping that someone is besotted by your

radiant charm, right? But what if someone has been placing

ads for you, and is watching you using CCTV surveillance

cameras? And what it that someone is your estranged partner?

That's the storyline of a new, one-off, half-hour TV drama Just

been filmed around Glasgow, called, unsurprisingly, /Saw You.

The film is the brainchild of promising young Glaswegian writer

and director, Ewan lvlorrison. The 31-year-old is directing the film and also co-wrote the script along with John Dingwall, a mUSIC journalist for The Daily Record. The pair have also enlisted DaVid Muir as producer, whose preVious credits include

The Acid House.

‘The film was inspired by I Saw You in The List,’ Morrison explains. 'The whole I Saw You thing is compelling. There’s something really modern about it. Whereas fifteen years ago it might have seemed a bit sad, it's now seen as fun and trendy, but there’s still an element of voyeurism about it all.’ This voyeuristic theme runs through the film, with a large amount of CCTV footage being used

to create a slightly sinister feel.

The half-hour film has been commiSSioned as part of New Found Land, a new collaborative proiect between Scottish Screen and STV, set up to enable new filmmakers to work on longer drama. Six proiects in total have been commissioned and are being shot With budgets of around £45,000.

The endeavours of all SIX filmmakers are to be shown on STV this summer, with the best two also being shown at various film festivals. In the meantime, lvlorrison has a Tartan Short to make for the BBC, entitled The Lovers, and two feature films in development.

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