Eat, drnk and be merry The last issue of The List is set to achieve the highest ever Circulation \Vlih over 22,500 copies ordered by

The Quotes

‘There was a kind of anarchic sense of joy . . .

Flicks, pics and pecs

The final heat of Mr Gay UK, the national competition screened on Channel 5 last year, takes place in

Edinburgh at Queer Sunday at EZK on 30 April. For shops and subscribers M that's something ' more info on the night tantalisingly billed as being across Scotland. E '°"°°: remember very much full of 'sexy moments' check out the website: With many shops selling {mating l. i bringing to the role of out, readers who were “mg guide .,, Orson Welles;

Meanwhile, a selection of highlights

from the Lesbian And Gay Film Festival goes on tour with programme

unable to obtain a free copy of the new edition of the Eating & Drinking Gtiide Will have another chance when the

Cradle Will Rock star Angus Macfadyen on his work in the 805 at Edinburgh '5 Bed/am Theatre.




May and June at

FRIDAY 5 Cradle Will Rock After the horrors of Mission To Mars, Tim ROi)i)ll‘S is back in the director’s chair mt'n his story of Orson Welles’ staging of a soc ‘riilSi musical during a round of pre-lwicCarthy mtc h hunts in Depression-era New York See pres/rew, page 22 and review, page 26

SATURDAY 6 Tribal Funktion After eight years of nigh calibre house and twisted disco, the Tribal lot are hanging up their lechnics After this three-floor party, of course Don't forget your hanky The Venue, Edinburgh

SUNDAY 7 Bobby Hughes Experience After rocking the east coast at The

Glasgow's GFT and Edinburgh's Filmhouse. The Festival gets underway at the GFT on Sunday 7 May with the new Spanish film, Second Skin, starring Javier (Go/den Balls) Bardem and Pedro Almodovar regular Celia Roth. See Film Index.

Got a light mac?

l.|//dl'(i lounge the prevrous evening, this mad Norwegian brings his ‘experience to the next Sunday Social K'lOt‘S-lil) lax/y funk cum hip hop finery The Arches, Glasgoiv

MONDAY 8 Designing Our Lives Graven Images guru Janice Kirkpatrick fronts this six-part look at how design issues affect everyone all daylong Episode one concentrates on the body and those trying to stave off the ageing process and some Japanese attempting to look more Western

See prevrew, page 77 88(2 TUESDAY 9 The Delgados Rave revrews are al::>undrng for the (.hemikal Underground bosses' new album 'l’lie Great Eastern, and here is

specially bOund, stand- alone copies go on sale in early May (price £3.95).

'Labour are totally out of touch with drugs. I mean, Tony Blair probably only knows one drug addict and that's me, and now he doesn't talk to me.’

Alan McGee on his non- position in New Labow.

'You can‘t try to buy knitting needles for your granny on the internet without stumbling across an inventive sexual use for knitting needles. That's going to have a massive impact on people's behaviour in the future!

E wen Bremner surfs the net.

'There are shots where I was supposed to be cutting up dogfish, and I tried to do it, but it's pretty hard and in the end it's someone else's hands in the film, someone who could do it properly.’ Valerie Edmond on the perils of playing a Cornish fisherir/oman at the start of her career

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Starting on Sunday 7 May, the newest monthly happening at Glasgow's Arches will have you tucked up in bed by midnight. Running from 3—10.30pm, Sunday Social is a multi- media gallery cum pavement cafe cum chilled club, offering hot food,

good coffee and the Sunday

papers, as well as the finest

jazz, funk, hip hop and soul.

All in all, what Sunday’s

should be about.

a (finance to praise them in the flesh Liguid Room, Edinburgh WEDNESDAY 10 The Flaming Lips Last year's aci laimed psyc hecielic pop album, The Soft Bulletin, gets a radical live interpretation, expect fake blood, singing hand puppets, disturbing bac k proiec trons and a Virtual drummer Garage, G/asgo'i‘./

THURSDAY 11 Michael Ondaatje The author of 1992's Booker Joint \‘.‘lllll(‘l' The English Patient returns With a reading from Anil's Ghost Hs latest is an epic meditation on memory,

identity and bloody slaughter when a 3n Lankan/Ainerican forensic anthropologist discovers some crusty old skeletons Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow.

Wednesday 10 The Flaming Lips