O I saw you sexy gay neighbour every night at 10.30pm. Your routine never changes, I know you saw me, fancy meeting up for coffee, or you can borrow a cup of sugar anytime. Box No U/386/2.

O I saw you Mayday! Mayday! in the Big Blue, looking fresh a la peche eating pizza, reading book wish I’d had a better look. You’re just too good to be true can’t take my black eye off you. Box No U/386/5.

v I saw you fair Lynn in my mind’s eye every day and every night. I’d give you the world, but I fear it would not be enough. Love always, Danger. Box No U/386/10.

O I saw you baby, walk along the beach, under a Pescara sky, like I’d imagined, ‘wake up’ with Vodka-orange but not your fault, foot in plaster, though better to crash than never have flown. Box No U/386/11.

O I saw you scanner girl walking down Hill Street? You (long, soft dark hair, carrying large box) smiled at me. I extremely shy so was lost for words and an expression but found dumfounded (or something equally unattractive as it hurt my face). Reply so you can see me smile! Box No U/386/18.

O I saw you in the Basement, Broughton St (Edin), Sat 15th. You James, red jumper, spiky hair; me Katherine damsel in distress from Glasgow. Do you still have a girlfriend? Box No U/386/19.

9 I saw you in Border’s cafe you wanted iced tea without ice and had a dodgy beard. Cool! Box No U/386/20.

O I saw you Joey, asleep in your happy place, dribbling like there was no tomorrow. You are my fax machine. Box No U/386/21.

O I saw you sports science student from Glasgow Uni at Planet Peach one Friday. Me —- brunette violinist. I said I liked your pierced eyebrow. Would like to go clubbing with you sometime. Box No U/386/22.

on 013l 557 8500

The List I Saw You

14 High Street Edinburgh or EH1 ITE

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By post box: Fill in the free postcards available from the following venues', blue, Bar Sirius, City Cafe, Ehl, Filmhouse, Iguana, Traverse, The Venue, Stills Gallery (Edinburgh), or The Garage, Blackfriars, Brel, Cul de Sac, GFT, Borders Cafe, Tinderbox, The Tron (Glasgow).

By phone: Call 0131 558 1191 from 10am - 5pm By e-mail: You can reach us at Please supply a postal address when using e-mail, but do

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The List I Saw You

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No payment is required as I SAW YOU lineage adverts are a free service to readers. Deadline for the next issue is 12 noon on THURSDAY 18 May 2000.

Only one I Saw You per person per issue will be published.

103 THE usr 11—25 May 2000

O I saw you all my cafe Gringos in Borders Batcafe Goodbye, farewell, this is Captain Cafe saying . . . Adios Amigos! Box No U/386/23.

O I saw you in Kirkwall and Glasgow, 26/4/00. You looked interesting; I was interested. Write and tell me who you are! Box No U/386/24.

9 I saw you with my eyes at the Tron Theatre on Wednesday. I was in a red dress and you wanted to be. Box No U/386/25.

O I saw you in your black jeans and cute no arms T—shirt on Saturday at the Tron. Ah’d dae yew anytime. Box No U/386/26.

v I saw you flying off to pastures new. Be careful nothing falls off your trolley, dolly! Loads of luck in the new job Terry. Just don’t get too tanned you bastard! Baz. XXX. Box No U/386/27.

O I saw you at Fury Murry’s, Fri 28 April. You were picking up my choker and not giving it back! It’s mine, I miss it, I will find you and it, and then you’ll be sorry . . . Box No U/386/28. Q I saw you blue, spikey trade chick, shakin’ dat ass, shakin’ dat ass. I’m sure we’ll do breakfast somtime. L8er, C+A. Box No U/386/29.

V I saw you handsome man, Bacardi Spice look-alike. You’re welcome as always. Ollie. XX. Box No U/386/30.

O I saw you Neil at Christmas (near end of term) at cop Archaos. You had bleached, spikey hair. I had sheriffs top and kinky boots, do you still have a girlfriend? Box No U/386/31.

O I saw you Matthew @ backpackers. You are gorgeous. Why are U leaving? Box No U/386/32.

O I saw you Brel man (who does Level 1 Theatre) - you can pull our pints ne day of the week, even Bank Holidays! Box No U/386/33.

v I saw you James with the piercings who works in Russells, throwing shower gel around Safeways, ocean fresh eh? (and in Fopp over Easter). Box No U/386/34.

O I saw you you do psychology & philosophy, I’d like to read your mind so we can philosophise sometime. Love the red hair. Box No U/386/35.

Q I saw you Alistair, looking flustered and sexy after the gym. Come and get your doorsign back and we’ll shower together! Box No U/386/36.

O I saw you Andy R, from Stirling. I saw you in Armani trying on some ridiculously expensive gear. It’s got to be. You and me. Box No U/386/37. Q I saw you my Canadian baby I stole your plants over Easter come get them and we can talk philosophy some more. Box No U/386/38.

O I saw you Alma with the devine Rhonda, let’s get it on slowhand. Box No U/386/39. O I saw you Robin, in Deep 6, whilst behind the bar. If] didn’t have a boyfriend I’d have you! Box No U/386/40.

O I saw you and now I won’t but what an amazing 3 years (nearby) . . . I haven’t finished to count your freckles . . . P. Box No U/386/41.

O I saw you you big, sexy legal eagle. You used to wear white clogs, no? Fancy getting together to discuss Notre Dame days. Box No U/386/42.

. I saw you Jake the Snake. Call me for a workout sometime. My place for pizza. Box No U/386/43.

O I saw you after seeing the ad on telly. I saved over 5 thousand pound. Thanks claims direct. Box No U/386/44.

Q I saw you in your birthday suit on my birthday! I chose you G-achoo! Love, B-achoo. Box No U/386/45.

O I saw you in your hive green top! You are so sexy. You are a GUU sex god. . . with your dulcet Dundonian tones! Box No U/386/46.

v I saw you drooling over Abi, but I know you want me. Why don’t you haul your dressed-to- impress butt over here and talk to me in that dodgy LA-London accent? Box No U/386/47.

Q I saw you gorgeous brown haired boy at Optimo, 9 April. You were hiding behind the curtain with your blond friend while we collected our jackets. You made me smile! Box No U/386/48.

O I saw you at Curlers, last Wednesday Soozie you Floozie. I split up with my fiancee for you. So you be my Zippy and I’ll be your Bungle. Box No U/386/49.

O I saw you not Phd guy, but I had your mail. It all started out as a little joke but I’m sure your green eyes are gorgeous! Star 2000. Box No U/386/50.

O I saw you with your long, blond hair and Norwegian fetish. It’s stopped raining now, so will you make me a cup of Maltissimo in that cosy boudoir of yours? Box No U/386/51.

v I saw you 4vids @ Tinderbox. I was miming cutlery: A knife to say you’ve cut into my heart; A fork to say have I pronged yours? A spoon to say scoop me up! Box No U/386/52.

O I saw you sexy Dr Andrew in Brel, 20/4/00. You curly brown hair, me short dark hair. You offered to cook me dinner in your new orange kitchen. Call me soon, I’m hungry. Box No U/386/53.

Q I saw you at the Tron for 7:84. You were alone, so was I. We live in the same street want to get together next time? Love, curly girly. Box No U/386/54.

O I saw you Nina Norwegian and Elva Finnish walking clown Queen Margeret Drive. You looked sweet. Box No U/386/55. v I saw you in the Attic, dark- haired good-looking man. I laughed as you spoke about your classic antics. We’d done it before, drunk, happy. Let’s do it again sometime soon. Box No U/386/56.

C I saw you English student: on the 12:00 train from Glasgow Central to Peterborough on Friday 18 March. You sat opposite an old couple, I was to your left reading paper. Please reply. Box No U/386/57.

O I saw you four stripey horses whinneying and skipping. Good effort. Nice fodder. Where/what next? Box No U/386/58.

O I saw you Sevé, you were leaving on a jet plane. Please come back to me. I think I love you. Am I still your special assassin. J. XX. Box No U/386/59.

O I saw you well, you saw me in Yang, 30/9/99, staggering in my Slingbacks. Re-united at last, I had to make you mine. My scrawled number, a stolen kiss, this time you called. Box No U/386/60.

O I saw you Studgie, yo look like a Fight Club Brad Pitt. I’m glad you gave up Uni. You’re too good looking. Drop by mine drop out. Sacha. Box No U/386/6I.

O I saw you in the toilets at the Soundhaus, 29 April - quite a few times too! Come back again, John, and don’t go back to Edinburgh this time from an English girl. Box No U/386/62. O I saw you Di Maggio’s Pronto, sexy waiter, dark hair and glasses, 6/5/00. Me, brunette at window eating ice cream. Can I have one hot waiter to go? Box No U/386/63.