V I saw you Nick the Mars Bar man. Friday 21 April, Finnegans Wake. Been thinking about you since. Makes my tummy tumble. Get in touch. I’d like to see you again, soon. Box No U/386/1. O I saw you downstairs, 44 bus from Shandwick Place to Ratho around 8pm, Saturday 15 April with your beautiful smiling face. I take photographs, can you model, let’s make money! Box No U/386/3.

v I saw you Salsa Jim at Cuba Norté, Fri 28. You had to go to get last train to Falkirk and I never said goodbye properly. Let’s go mountaineering together theatre girl, Jenny. Box No U/386/4.

Q I saw you Chris from Aberdeen in the Townhouse, Easter Sunday lost you afterwards, would love to see you when you’re next in Edinburgh, Graham. Box No U/386/6.

Q I saw you JJ, do you get it now? I love you, I want to marry you and want to have your babies. Don’t let anyone else sniff your bum but me. Axxx. Box No U/386/7.

O I saw you gorgeous guy, working in Topshop cafe, with cool shoes & tonguestud, me blonde, with tonguestud too, giving you my sweetest smile, I was too shy to talk so u call me! Amieé. Box No U/386/8.

O I saw you Hannah, you are truer beautiful. You work in John Lewis, but l haven’t seen you for a while. I gaze at you from afar. You looked once. I’m smitten. Box No U/386/9.

V I saw you Dave at E2k, 30/4, coming third in the Mr Gay UK heat - as if powered by duracell batteries and vodka/red bull. We talked and danced but you left unexpectedly. I’d love to return the glass slipper you left behind in your haste. Prince Charming. Box No U/386/12.

0 I saw you NORMANS, Shawlands, everyday. You male hairdresser, tall, slim, pierced eyebrow. Me male, 6ft, dark brown cropped hair, suit, driving Cherokee jeep, rugby type. I think you are ‘scrum’-my, let me show you my tackle. Box No U/386/l3.

0 I saw you at Roots & Fruits, smiling woman with dripping umbrella and snazzy trainers. . . but without enough cash for dates. I stood sympathetically behind you in the queue, and later wished I’d asked for a date together with you. Box No U/386/14.

Q I saw you furniture designer from Hillhead. You in Glencoe painting, 29 April to escape pal from london/debauchery. Me ‘unemployed sax-player’ hitching in Crianlarich. Can’t stop thinking about you. Let’s meet. Sarah. Box No U/386/15. O I saw you beautiful blonde (suave and sexy too!) in The Meadows at sunset. My wish is your command. Box No U/386/16.

O I saw you big Fu on campus, hanging out the window smoking black deaths and sipping the Italian Job. Nobody defrosts a leek like you bay-bee! Continue string vest action from the couch section. You rock the Casbah u crazy kat, love Steph. Box No U/386/17.

O I saw you Henderson’s, Hanover Street, Monday lunchtime recently. Still look so interesting and beautiful in your fur thing. Where you bin? The clothes store is not nearly so interesting without you. You once said I looked well-dressed. Feeling's entirely mutual, girl. Box No U/386/64.

0 I saw you John, friend actor Vince @ City Cafe, Sun 30/4. We went to La Belle Angele and then to Aileens. Would love to see you again/talk. Melissa (I quite fancy you). Box No U/386/65.

V I saw you tall strawberry blond ADONIS. Remember the tall, leggy blonde you smiled at in Gaia on 20th. With my netball and your football skills, we should get together and practice our ball control game on! Box No U/386/66.

9 I saw you in a blue vest top shakin you things in the Outhouse. Knock yourself out baby! Did you? Box No U/3865/67.

O I saw you Taste. Stop rolling around on the floor. Play some records winky man! Box No U/386/68.

9 I saw you Outhouse, Sun afternoon/evening/morning. Socks & shorts?? Never mind, you house rocks!!! Box No U/386/69.

O I saw you Sarah, snogging your staff in the toilets of The Venue on let Mar 2000. Box No U/386/70.

O I saw you overdressed techno lover in Taste 1.5.00. Dress for the occasion not for David Holmes. Box No U/386/71.

O I saw you taking off your breeks in Wilkie House. See you are not middle aged yet! Box No U/386/72.

O I saw you DJ (dex technician) you big wasp, buzzing like a mother on that time of the mumph. Box No U/386/73.

Q I saw you Sadie, you big sheriff from the baron land of starfisholio! Box No U/386/74. Q I saw you in the City Cafe with a face like fizz. Can you smile? Prove us wrong! Box No U/386/75.

O I saw you in your pop socks and nearly died. Not in my house darlin! Box No U/386/76. O I saw you you smelt of chip fat. They said you work downstairs @ City Cafe. Those glasses hide your smouldering fire. Get a bath though, before we meet. Box No U/386/77.

O I saw you with your acetates. Missing you already. See you soon xxx Box No U/386/78.

O I saw you head ‘n’ shoulders, Subliminal, large for mad it. Box No U/386/79.

O I saw you table bound on a Sun afternoon, Outhouse. Best Sun in years. Keep it real. Lurve boy xxx Box No U/386/80.

O I saw you going down the steps of Cactus Jacks and West End. You blonde and buxom. Me blonde and spotty. We caught each others’ eye. Box No U/386/81.

v I saw you in the Filmhouse. You life me up and set me free like nothing else can. I’m on a mission, ‘watch out foxy lady’. Box No U/386/82.

O I saw you J. snaking your way on my lap. Fancy another beer? Meet you across the pad. Box No U/386/83.

v I saw you in Paris dancing with a rapper, who gave you his email number. Box No U/386/84.

O I saw you wheezing for your life my asthmatic honey. Your crutches got stuck down a drain, a policeman helped you. Box No U/386/85.

O I saw you being carried out the City Cafe. You were 21 and drunk, I was not, hope you had a good night. Box No U/386/86. O I saw you in the Traverse Bar. You had a ginger beard, brown hair and a big cheesy smile. You cheesy smooch. Box No U/386/87.

O I saw you fat hairy builder on Leith Walk. What a tantalising glimpse of your sweaty crack, mmm. Let me play with your helmet. xxx Box No U/386/88.

O I saw you from the land of sorry, playing with elephants and hippos. That’s where I’ll stay till you see me in Athens, moppet. Clangers at your local? Box No U/386/89.

O I saw you slinking you sultry slender ness over a pool table. Go on, salsa queen forever K x. Box No U/386/90.

Q I saw you Miss Japan in Iguana, looking like an angel. From Mr Spin x Box No U/386/91.

O I saw you Geoff at Apex, I’ll be your pussy willow if you be my lurve walrus. Hubba hubba. The Phantom Menace. Box No U/386/92.

O I saw you staring, dancing, wanting to say more. Me returning the gaze but too shy the red head in black all smiles, no words. Po Na Na. Box No U/386/93.

V I saw you ching ching baby! You’re my ideal bruncle. We made eye to eye contact. I was haw haw hawing your mullet moustache. Will you cosy on with me? Box No U/386/94.

U I saw you dancing on the table @ City Cafe 2. It was Thursday night, I was drunk, please forgive me. Box No U/386/95.

O I saw you Sara with that French maids outfit and huge smile behind the bar at the Liquid Room. Box No U/386/96.

. I saw you Ich liebe dich, my liebling. once started soon to finish please!!! Box No U/386/97.

O I saw you blond, name checking ‘masters at work’ oh baby. Box No U/386/98.

O I saw you you and your falsers with a big sweaty back. You move my world, son! Box No U/386/99.

O I saw you wild sheep-man of Fife. You looked so woolly and I thought ‘mm! Mint sauce!’ Just a hint of sheepdip on your birthday. love Seb & Mitzi. Box No U/386/ 100.

V I saw you gorgeous, blonde babe guitarist down Cockbum Street, Friday 7/4/00. You were with a friend. I was the leather jacketed metaller! Get in touch I think you’re too secy to forget! Box No U/385/1.


Q I saw you outside the Strathclyde Union smoking elegant Gauloises. Conspicuously German with beautiful eyes of cloudless skies. You were chatting in you native dialect, and me, Ich binso breit. You must call me. The date would consist of me with the cookies and cream Haagen- Dazs, and Dionysus with the nectar. No translations needed. Box No U/385/2.

O I saw you Lizzy Hobbs, traitor! Who gave you the fuzzy felts? From a former friend (you owe me 25p). Box No U/3832. O I saw you working in the National Gallery shop . . . or was it the Portrait Gallery shop . . . or the Dean, no the modern Art Gallery - Och! it was one of them, anyway . . . Box No U/383/3.

O I saw you and now I don’t. You, beautiful pizza chef at Mama’s and mouse jockey. Me, hardly Petrarch but besotted. Roll on July. I’m holding my breath. Box No 383/6.

0 I saw you Hamish at the cafe, 27/6/99. I am deeply, desperately, calamitously in love with you! I will carry a torch for you forever dying for you! You are the only one who drives me crazy. You are forgetful, but don’t forget me. Please get in touch! Box No U/383/13.

O I saw you balding chinny man, drinking Guinness. You are sex on legs. Box No U/383/50. O I saw you Rocket neck, slavering out of the corner of your big mouth. You look lovely, come back to mine for Weetabix (bowl optional). Box No U/383/52.

O I saw you Kirsty, a while ago, Saturday, at Henry’s Cellar Bar. Me playing. We talked, you came back and asked me out. Wish I’d said yes. Box No U/383/59.

v I saw you early bird at the Commonwealth Pool. You, tall (6ft 6ins), lean, beardie weardie. Me, short, petite brunette, Adidas bikini, pink cap. I want to lick whipped cream off your taut muscles, soon. Box No U/383/60.

11—25 May 2000 rm: usr 109