The List, which is part of the group behind Beat 106, brings you the latest information on Scotland's newest radio station. Tune in on 106.1fm (west coast) or 105.7fm (east coast).


7 6am-lOam 6am-10am 6am-lOam - 6am-10am 6am-10am Ewan MacLeod Ewan MacLeod 7 6am-10am 6am-lOam

1pm Graham Stewart Graham Stewart Graham Stewart Graham Stewart Graham Stewart Graham Stewart lm-Am lpm-dm lm-4m lm-Apm lm-4m

3 : anthems. . . non-stop 3 2m-Sm l': Til" g"

5 I . Tunes Go Menthol In With Richard Wilkinson 5 Ibiza 5m-6m 4m-7pm

7 The Beat 106 Mix The Beat 106 Mix The Beat 106 Mix The Beat 106 Mix Trevor Reilly The Jengaheads H i 7 7m—-7.30 m 7m—-7.30m 7m—-7.30m 7 m--7.30m 7m-lOm 7m-9m

7.30pm- 10pm

The Rock Show With Martin Bate

9 7.30pm-lOpm 7.30pm-10pm 7.30pm-10pm Craig Burger Queen

9 m-midniht

11 Orde Meikle Drum 'n’ Bass itzth 11 lOm-midniht DJ Kid & Tania Swn’t

1am with Paul Mendez with Colin Tevendale Night Beat 1am midnight-3am midnight-3am lam-6am

3 The Lock-In The Lock-In 3 with Stephen Lee & with Lisa Littlewood &

/ ' ...and to wake up to in the On Air

morning? ’Everybody Loves The

Originally from Kirkcaldy, Craig Burger Queen Sunshine' by ROY Ayers] 959908“)!

made his name (quite literally) at the eponymous nOW “'5 Sunny

Edinburgh club night before moving on to the What song would you refuse to

international DJing circuit. play no matter how much they (Incentive)

Who's your all-time favourite DJ? Eric Morillo from paid you? None, living in London is Sunshine EX fess. rm 0" Subliminal Records. He plays lots of druggy-sounding an expenswe busmess, I'd take the Fire (Orangscwnty) disco cut-ups but with uplifting vocals to balance it all out. money and play whatever! Goodfenas, Soul Heaven What's the first song you remember hearing on the Who would you like to have in live session on your (Azuli) '

radio? ’l'm In The Mood For Dancing’ by The Nolan Sisters show? Chic jamming With Masters At Work would take Awe Band. flmba

on Radio Forth. Funny thing is, that was twenty years ago some beating. (Defected).

Yet When I tuned '” ‘0 Forth the Other Week by aCC'de'“: What unliker combination of two artists would result Moca. Hi her (Alum th‘é‘WG 51'“ playmg 'i- in an 'awesome remix'? I’d love to see a 70s era Nile ' , 9

What's your favourite track of the moment? ‘Battle' by Rodgers and Bernard Edwards from Chic tWiddling the RUSSQH‘ F°°| Fo' Love


Wookie. He’s a really talented UK Garage guy who's gomg knobs on Kelis.

‘0 be huge th's Yea“ ‘Last night a DJ saved my life' - how? DJs usually nearly What's your favourite up-and-coming track? The remix cause me to lose my life especially that bloody Anne

of 'Cada Vez’ by Negrocan. It’s a really summery Latin Savage and her drinking games

record which Will rock Ibiza this year.

Gabrielle: When A Woman Bini & Martini remix ((30 Beat)

Jazzy M: Jazzin' The Way

Which artist or group would you like to see as Britain's (perfecto)

.I-tang the DJ' - Which one and why? The guy who Eurovision entry? If talent was the reCipe for Winning l'd Ne r0 Can. Cada Vez started the ’Disco Sucks' movement at the end of the 70s say Wookie. Sadly it isn't and the Craggy Island Allstars (Blgnco N'e r0) He effectively killed off the music I love (for a while singing ’My Lovely HOrse’ stand more chance. - y g . anyway). Angels Of Liv; .Orze What's your favourite song to fall asleep to at night? 03/9 Burger Queen plays OUT the funky “"795 55" Egg't'atnlaoyeem/x (:iEOienny End Love Story' by Kid Loco. 9pm—mi'dni'ght on Bear 706. j

o ii—2s May 2000 THE lIST 117