Spit or swallow

It’s all a matter of taste: Chilean Reds.

Mm h has been written about the alleged health benefits o’ wrne, red in partkular Nature has been even more kind to some of the red Wines of Chile, imparting a still relat;vely unknown property on then;

Chile has almost the perfect (limate in whk h to grow grapes very little rainfall, toupled With the ability to irrigate (rops as little or as mu( h as the growers \‘vdllt using the melted snow (aps from the Andes They also enjoy Just the right amount of sunlight

And I: .s this sunlight that is so interesting It (ontarns a relatwely high proportion of ultra \.’l()|(‘I radiation, and to prote<t themselves, the grapes develop a substan<e ‘.‘."|IIllll the skin This suhstan< e survrves the Wine

Wines from Santa Rita, generally available

making process and gives rise to flavrnols, \VI11( h an as antroxrdants lit the body

This is the interesting hit. These antroxrdants allegedly help prevent (ertmn diseases su( h as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson's and (ertarn (an<ers Coupled With red \‘xrne's general (apa( rty to redu(e (holesterol levels when taken in moderation, it looks like the all-round perfe<t drink But then, I'm not a do<tor and this resear< h does no more than suggest su( h health benefits

This doesn’t, however, hold true \.‘\.'ith all Chilean xvines lhe \vrnes to go for are those made from thr( k-skrnneo grape varieties, espe( rally (‘ahernet Sauvrgnon and Meriot Thk ker skins, more t'lavinols lhe at tual produr ers aren't that Important, but If you (an, go for unfiltered Wines Your good health 1(5ordon Haggartyr


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Cuba Norte

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Bl(‘l‘.‘.’(’lll(I()S' Wekome to the authentk premier palador Dame, \‘(Illt‘ and

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26 Bell Street, hilemhant City 552 7737 lxlexuan horn o\.'.'ner of Pancho Villas Mayra Nune/ hopes to bring some of the real Memo to Srotland Buen prove< ho


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