The World Is Not Enough (12) 127 mins

Plenty of spectacle, little excitement

Bond is back . . . for the nineteenth time, and you have to wonder if there’s any room left for originality? Of course not, the British spy action series has worked from a formula since making its debut with Dr No in 1962. The real question is, how good are the usual components: girls, villains, gadgets, stunts and the opening sequence?

The Bond girls get top marks. Denise Richards’ busty nuclear physicist, Dr Christmas Jones, lays to rest the fear that PC attitudes dominate the Pierce Brosnan (good as ever) films, although Judi Dench is back as M in a more involved role. Sophie Marceau’s oil baroness, Elektra King, is as feline as they come, and has a few surprises up her ballgown. Unfortunately, Robert Carlyle’s international terrorist who can feel no pain because another 00 agent lodged a bullet in his brain is woefully underused; his climactic fight with 007 aboard a sinking submarine floats free of suspense. Q (the late Desmond Llewelyn) bows out as gadget expert, introducing John Cleese as his replacement, and one of his favourite gadgets a power boat-cum- submersible is hijacked by Bond for the opening sequence’s high-speed chase along the river Thames, terminating atop the Millennium Dome.

Opening aside, The World Is Not Enough lacks excitement. There's plenty of spectacle, but little care for pacing and suspense. Director Michael Apted handles the drama better - and the characters are more fully developed than normal but that's not really the point of a Bond film, is it?

(Miles Fielder) Avar/ab/e on vrcleo rental and DVD retail at £19.99 from Mon 22 May.


Happy, Texas (12) 98 mins

Ex-cons Jeremy Northam av‘cr Steve /.ahn "ol rnto the srnall-to‘xxr) of Happy orsgmsed as a coupse of pre-teer‘. beauty pageant drrec tors who are gay ( o.enty of a\.'.rk‘.'.'ardrress and sexuairty/ge'rder-reiated Jokes lt's not at all as homophobic as rt sounds,

(fhanrpron Crty's, er, charrrpron, Captarn Ama/rng (Greg Krnnearr, a bunch of crap heroes led by Mr Furrous Ben Strllerr whose power rs to get really angry and that's rt must save the day Stooprd, but rn a good \'.'ay (Universal: (Mrles Frelderr

Guest House Paradiso (15) 86 mins lor long-standrng defenders of the hornrc Ida? herorc s and lavatorral lunacy of Rrk Mayall and Adrran lzdnrondson, rt ‘.'.'rll hurt to dul) Guest House )ar‘acl/so a drsaster Otrr‘ pukrng parr‘ have sonrehox'.‘ bec orne propr‘retors of ’Jr'rtarn's \.*.rorst hotel whrc h happens to be srtuated next to a leaky nuclear power plant and \.‘.'(‘ll, you can frll rn the rest Wrth one rnsprred frlrn spoof moment and erght chuckles to rts nanre, Guest House Paradrso sees Rrk 'r‘.’ Ade leavrng Bottom behrnd and puttrng the anal rnto banal (Unrversalr irran Donaldson)

nstead rt's a rather sauteet, af tanze, corr‘edy that's nrce to rust about all the cl‘ar'acters And V/rll'arn H lulacy's

c oset-case sherrff, ( r‘appy, rs part- roy Buena Vrsta) l.lrles l-relde"

Mystery Men

(15) 86 mins

)‘xltl‘otrgl‘ Elns Arnerrc an srrperht‘oro cor'rrc book spoof operates at the loss ’e‘.rel of Mel Brooks, 's more k'rox'xrng about its source rnater‘al than any of the dark Bat/nan frl'ns \f/l‘en super

asarroxa l ra'rkensterr‘r ’()("()lll(“y

Rush escapes from nrrsor‘. and ;-.rdnaps

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Recommended releases Alien - Box Set

Ride With The Devil (15) 135 mins 4: a,

Ang Lee certalnly knOVVS how to dO '15" ;,;;f-:; ;j 51533; 'H 3; ' ' "* Myth; {33:49:} lush, but yOu have to wonder . whether hrs work deserves adjectrves -.;~ '.-.:v.:;r . - as. Irke 'rnterestrng’ or ’c:ompe|lrng’ or 50-“, 'half—decient'. Followrng Sense And ;~,_; :,. 51/ Sensrbr/r'ty and The Ice Storm rs thrs " w :, :-. -- '- F _2' : . '- Amerrc‘an Crvrl War tale. There's some " " H nrce scenery and flat battle scenes " " rent»: ~: up" w: v :

and then It ends. Tobey Magurre Vie-r“:

contrnues to prove hrmself as the The Texas Chainsaw Massacre most over-rated actor of hrs _: :‘a'x 1. :-t> ; ' :a::'-::s: "1": , ,2: generatIOn and even a meaSered ' s:-:;-:;:. 1' .2”. :r .23.. debut from hrp folkre Jewel can't save ' I " ' thrs torpch tosh. (Entertarnment) " (Brran Donaldson)


Manic Street Preachers - Leaving The 20th Century

.> .v "r " Tats: Eii‘irL.‘ , (18) 100 mins t In a Rush Hour-rnsprred move, Drive " "‘ "' "i‘ ' "

focuses on the comedrc rnterplay Dr - The Bond Collection between a bronrc Hong Kong assassm 3’." ‘='-i: 'tf-ii'fi‘s' ;,= ~‘= ' '»' r? 5“?“ «3

on the run (Mark Dacascos) and hrs " "9X7

“03mch (Kadeem Hardrson). All the :,:\';-: r. '.' 4 :’..:~::;:‘, 2 " '5: {.1 g I,

classrc components of Hong Kong- rnsprred Hollywood frlms are here; slapstrck comedy, extremely quotable dralogue, ultra-vrolence, and of course, maxrmum rnartral arts. The storylrne rs absolutely preposterous, but the overall entertarnment factor of the movre rs so hrgh who cares? Just turn off your rnrnd, Ire back and enjoy the rrde. (Hong Kong Legends £12.99; drrec’tor's cut £13.99; DVD £19.99)

(Krrsty Knaggs)

Happiness (18) 134 mins The characters rn thrs black comedy are an rll-fated bunch. Ambrtrous songwrrter Joy wants to be loved, but encounters losers and users; her Srster, Helen, a successful wrrter, pursues an obscene phone caller to put personal know-how rnto her work; and there's Trrsh, lrvrng rn seemrngly perfect domestrc blrss, unaware that her husband rs a paedophrle. Todd Solondx's follow-up to Welcome To The Dollhouse parnts a pretty bleak prcture of achrevrng happrness, but the wrtty one-Irners and satrre ensures hrs portrayal rs both sensrtrve and sympathetrc. (Entertarnment £1499) (Helen Monaghan)


(15) 94 mins 4

Another Northern workrng-class comedy rs gorng to have to be somethrng speCral to aVOrd comparrsons wrth Brassecl Off and The Full Monty, Swmg rs the upbeat story of an ex-con (Hugo Speer) who learns saxophone whrle rnsrde and dec rdes formrng a band wrll be hrs trc‘ket to success Roll on a selectron of oddball characters: the srngrng ex- grrlfr‘rencl (Lrsa Stansfreld), her vrolent husband, and a mean-lookrng brass sec tron led by Alexer Sayle. There's

The Straight Story


‘5 5131 "I"


She's All That (12) 91 mins *

It’s all John Hughes fault. He stole all the good teenage st0ry|rnes back rn the 805, leavrng Hollywood Wrth the half-baked dregs that passes for She’s All That. Hrgh school heart-throb Zack (Freddre Prrnze Jnr) makes a bet that he can turn any grrl rn the school rnto prom queen materral, no matter how geeky. Unfortunately, the grrl rn questron (Rachael Lergh Cook) rs no ugly ducklrng, and all the other characters are so thrnly sketched you don’t grve a damn about any of them. (VCl/Frlm FOur £1499)

(Kelly Apter)


* a t 1|r rt Unmrssable somc tnroyable musrc., romance and t i * Very good laughs but thrs feels lrke made-for-TV ,, J, , Worth a Shot materral. (Entertarnment £14.99) )1 rt Below average

1* You’ve been warned

(loursa Pearson)

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