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PLAYSTATION Resident Evil: Survivor (£13005) £29.99 *2 at g

Ptaects ..p "ow Who has always \.'.ar‘ted to play Res/dent Evr/ as a frrst r3e'so" sl‘oote,r7 Well your prayers bee". answered Krnd of Res/dent Spry/so! 's spec rfrcally clesrgned to be p ated '.'.'th a lrght gun, wrth "owner". controlled by rngenrous .;sac;e of tr=gger and srde buttons Presented from. the player's pornt of r. '. .s -,ou" usual, run-of—the-mrll "c)r"-/c>rnl)res Res/dent Evr/ ‘are the "‘e':us are rdentrcal and the p...'.'7es are of the trnd key, unlock new .a' llowc-‘ver', play It Wrth the o": a"d r‘. feels all wrong \.".'w;=‘."‘e' r'. s the form of House Of lee {)ead, .'..“.:c h Res/dent Evrl Sun/Ivor {0.1:} learned so much from, or :8 an, whrch eprtomrses pure :: sic: per‘ec tron, sharpshootrng games St‘i)..’_ll1-i""<iSi, furrous and rewardrng so: ,' .:;r s too slow and too clumsy to "‘:)(-'.<‘- Pay fwrth the ,roypad aecl the game garns so much las, 1:: co"'.r'ol and very creepy, the w; drag :s 'r‘. the constant wast as and close Had Quake // not mmed or: he PlayStatron thrs .'.::..7:r rte t'ie King of the frrst person =a2" Davrdson

Colony Wars: Red Sun (Psygr‘os5s‘) £34.99 '2' ‘t'

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' es ll (1' usual style on the ‘) a.S°.a‘. c:" I-"t ts the draw drstance, '. "fl " peaut fully cletarlecl ':,"r*e"ts and a hon/on at sprttrng a"d the lack of a ;r-:'l‘e"sr.'e, ‘uily-fleshed plotlrne Sar‘ goes a ’ong way towards rang t' e atte' whrle :gnorrng the ‘txr'ne' Scenery and vehrcles strll artr:ea' '.""o..(:h the ms! at a surc rdal :>'o,- n "‘akrng combat a process of e' ()1'7'.’ radar-t'aratchrng followed by a ‘7 Hugh ght However, Wllll no srnail

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Resident Evil: The king of the first person shooter

124 THE lIST 7" 2‘5 '.‘ay 2000



PC Thief 2 (Eidos) £34.99 r.» ,2.—

Since the release of iD's Doom way back in Roman times, little has changed in the world of first- person shooters. Any steps forward have consisted of the ability to look up and down and, well, that's it. And this is what makes the Thief series such a breath of fresh air.

Using proprietary technology known as Dark Engine, no longer can all characters, whether player or computer controlled, see all things at all times. This works by altering how visible figures are, depending on the lighting state of their surroundings. Stand in the dazzling glow of an electric light and you stand out like a sore

thumb. Crouch in a dark corner however, and enemies can pass within touching distance without discovering you. Which is a handy skill to have in this felonious line

of work.

As in the first game, you assume the role of Garrett, a professional pilferer as he struggles to make ends meet. However, Garrett's job is becoming increasingly difficult due to a burgeoning cult of hammer-wielding technophiles and a seriously dodgy Mayor. Something big is going down and it would appear that our light- fingered friend is creeping and skulking his way right

into the centre of it.

Make no mistake about this, Thief2 is difficult. Very, very difficult. Combat is so lethal that being spotted by

Light—fingered role play as a thief in the night a guard or cult member sends you sprinting to a

defensible position and essentially ruining the level. However, to balance this, thwacking arrows into

enemies from dark corners is outrageously good fun.

pocket is picked.

Each level has a set goal that can be completed quite quickly. However, the real joy of ThiefZ lies in its freedom to wander and half-inch everything that is not nailed down. Levels are played again and again to ensure that every gold nugget is nabbed and every

Though slightly bugged and offering little more than

its predecessor, Thief2 is still one of the most

(lain Davidson)

imaginative, and different, games experiences available.

nod to the c lassrc I.//te, Red Sun has opened up the garnep'ray no end You begrn the game as a strugglrng mercenary ‘.".’lll‘. a poor shrp and a drrvrng arnbrtron Branched missions, some 'n‘rporfan‘. to the story, others off'e'ec: purely to til you' coffers, grve a ‘.'.e|corne tr‘eeuo'r‘. to the campaign Anc: balance makes a g'eat deal of sense Upgrades, from rnrnor‘ weaponry to brand net'x shrps, subtly keep you rnterested and are essentral rf later rnrssrons are to be tackled successfully.

e-Jng the bank

0 anti. 3

Though flawed, Colony Wars: Red Sun rs less flawed than rt's predecessors (Iarn Davrdsorn


Se a Bass Fishin

(Segzgr) £39.99 9 9- 9: ,«r a 9

Sega Bass l-rsh/ng should absolutely not work i‘rshrng rs a sport for people who are erther old or very old and rs as exc rtrng as a wet Sunday afternoon whrc h, cornc‘rdentally, rs exactly when most people go frshrng For the marorrty of anglers rt rs a slow, gentle and armless pastrrne, regurrrng no greater skrll than the abrlrty to sleep on a stool wrthout fallrng off There rs no way thrs should transfer to an engagrng computer game Yet rt does Sega Bass fishing rs thumb-achrngly good fun and elrcrts responses rangrng wrldly from krc k-the-TV annoyance to mount-the-c offee table elatron It works because rt rs srrnple Choose your lure, cast, draw rn the Irne and catch the frsh However, rt rs the detarls such as weather, trrne of day and depth of water that complrcate Sega Bass Fish/rig and glues the controller to your palms. There are a few varratrons rn the game mode, rnc ludrng a full champronshrp, but rt rs the brutal srrnplrc rty of you versus the bass, mammal versus frsh, that keeps you comrng back Get yourself the vrr‘tual rod and Sega Basis Hshrng scores srx out of frve. rlarn Davrdsonl


Need For Speed Porsche 2000 (Electronic Arts) £29.99

The Need For Speed serres rs constantly horstecl by rts ow‘. petarcl lt promrses the grrn-\‘~.rrdenrng Joy of super-fast cars howlrng (low: open publrc roads, sc rearnrng through unassumrng rural conrmunrtres and blurrrng c.ountrysrde, and that :s exactly what rt delrvers Unfort..nate:y, thrs means that the (ll'r\.’!l‘,(} Oxl)("'l(‘.".((? becomes a case of rersurely srglttseezng than door handle to door handle, combatrve rac rng Porsc he 2000, though rncreasrng the cornpe -t ve aspect, strll lacks that Inturtlve punch of other track racrng trtles Offering the entrr‘e stable of Porsche 'noto's from the 1950 356 Coupe to the brand spankrng ne\.‘.' 91 l lurbo, the"e rs no shortage of cars to race A woe selec ton of game rnodes alloe. gazc k test drrves to lengthy car'tpargns to be enroyecl, wrth the Porsc "-e Fac tory Drrver, where you must prove yourself a worthy company test drrt'er, the orc k of the bunc h The clrzvrr‘g s fa", ~.*.:th the car's realrst:ca|ly nobo'r‘g, bouncrng andslrd:r1garc;.nu t"e country "oads, ar c: the scenery s as detailed as you \\()ul(l expect from NFS. If srrnulatron rs rnore rmportant to you than actron then Porsche 2000 won’t farl to please llarn Davidson