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Photography in the frame

As of next issue, The List is teaming up with Beck's to highlight the work of Scotland's hottest young photographers. Every month, we'll give a page to a current photography student or recent graduate such as Dominic Ibbotson, a graduate of Napier University, whose work is pictured here. The project will culminate in an exhibition at the Nexus Galleries, Edinburgh in May 2001. To arrange a time for The List to see your portfolio call Pippa Wright on 0131 558 1191.

WEDNESDAY 17 ion Reed Piayrng at x'rhat rs sand to he hrs favourrte Furopean venue, Reed enjoys a renarssan<e of sorts \yrth hrs new platter entitled [jestagr Play/rouse, Edrnhurgn THURSDAY 18 Ridicha Aged 22, Brdrsha has been wrrtrng professaonally for seven years and the stunnrng Too Fast To Live rs her serond novel In whrt'h the legend of Krng Arthur rs dropped Into a drug and vroien<e-addled London See pr'evrew, page 1 10 FRIDAY 19 mm 'East meets West and heads North on a sprnted journey' In [he Pat/r, nva's latest Innovatrve rnastemorl. See feature, page it) (i/en [yo/r, Per‘tnsh/r‘e > Saturday 20 The Virgin Suicides