The good, the bad and the minty

Those shandy swilling reprobates at Glasgow’s Mint Records have decided to make their pains, our pains. Mint Records: The Horror Years 7997—7999, is a five-track nightmare which showcases the very worst of all demos ever " submitted to the label. The unnamed trac suggest an unhealthy fascination with dentistry and vagrancy. Be afraid, be very afraid.


Mint Records: The Horror Years 7997—7999 is out

now. Any profits from sales will go to charity

Rebel Inc framed

After a three-year absence, underground publishers Rebel Inc are returning to the Edinburgh club scene With a new-style series of monthly events. Entitled

Rebel Inc Framed, it mixes spoken word

performances With animated film, music and visual

art. The Bongo Club sees writers Hugh Collins, Emer Martin and Jason Flores-Williams alternating their fiction in the main space With animated films, and a set by DJ Joseph Ivlalik. In the white room Visual artist Angeline Ferguson Will

grit 'Wfiy



orchestrate Video installations alongside _ , , the sounds of Sun Ra, Can, Coltrane et al. E: (g Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Mon 22 May, "it 8pm-- lam, [4/8. .2 ““s #.

Lefty on the shelf

0n the cover of her latest book, she looks like she’s stepped off the set of Sex And The City. Don't let that fool you. Shere Hite is one of the toughest cookies in contemporary thought having altered the way we think about sex and stuff and, as such, is

Edinburgh International Radical Book Fair, organised by the city’s

off on Thursday 11 May while other top names over the

Tommy Sheridan and Ali Smith. See Book Events.

DAY 20 the

. “~ SOfIci Coppola's directorial debut is a beautiful, melancholic meditation on lost youth With a dreamy soundtrack from French electro-fops, Air See feature, page i /


page 18

the ideal choice to open the fourth

weekend include Janice Galloway,

Word Power shop. She kicks things

SUNDAY 21 Ewan McGregor The man McGregor says hello at this charity screening of Nora, in which he portrays the artist James Joyce, as a yOung man in love If you can't make it along, he Will be at Edinburgh’s Filmhouse the followmg evening. See reView, page 32 GFT, Glasgow. MONDAY 22 Belle And Sebast'an Glasgow’s most wondrous limp- wristed, duffel-coated, twee twangers are at it again With their single Legal Man, perversely not on their new album stroppily titled Fold Your Arms Chi/cl, You Walk Like A Peasant out in June. See feature,

TUESDAY 23 British .3th Show If you

Sunday 21 Ewan McGregor

Swords iand sandak return

But don’t say that to Gladiator director Ridley Scott, nor star warrior Russell Crowe, or you're likely to find yourself looking down the wrong end of a shortsword. Yet Gladiator is a return to the epic style of filmmaking that produced Ben Mar and Spartacus, to which films Scott's is specifically indebted. There are no attempts at genre revision or parody (as the Scream series has done with horror films), and this is no bad thing: viewed for its sheer spectacle, Gladiator is blockbuster entertainment the way crowds used to enjoy it in Rome's Colosseum. General release, Fri 72 May.

haven't popped in

to one of the eight venues participating in the fifth BAS beanfeast, do it soon before you regret not haying gazed upon the work i of Chad McCail, Sarah luc‘as and DaVIcl

With his autobiography Experience and he Will be , taking your questions on the delicate Slll)](‘(l at this Borders event. Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow.


.' i - After their pop

trance tussle With Paul Van Dyk on ’The Ricldle', the uber-pop trio return pi‘eiiiieiing

Hockney tiac ks from their Various venues, forthcoming album Edinburgh. Sound Of Water WEDNES TueSday 23 Glasgow School 0/

D Y 24 ,A British Art Show

-. Art. Kingsley's boy bites back at his dad