Teens on the Greennexclusive

1:66P?” We can exclusively reveal that Teenage Fanclub are confirmed “Nerf? "9t 90mg ‘0 ' to headline the Radio 1 Evening Session Stage on Saturday be '"t'm'd'ated by 26 August at Glasgow Green the Festival in the City. This 59"“? kfds [POOk-That will be the band’s only live date this year Wizard 5 gomg to be The show Will be their first since their tour for their mean": (imentd f Songs From Northern Britain album released in 1997 on :hgiimYJef,“ 0 Creation Records. The new as yet untitled Fannies album is almost complete ' . , V' but they are still waiting to see if Sony, who have first option on all bands ['"1""‘""”’

Signed to Creation are to sign them up. The bill also includes Oasis, Primal Scream, BeCK, Stereophonics, and Paul Weller With more to be announced. Glasgow Green, Fri 25 81 Sat 26 Aug.

Tickets: weekend [55, day I 30, available from 0870 730 0247. 5 -Sit down, don't '

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i. ' g want to Circus goes head to head with theatremti' ~ V y . ~ 3:23:12. clubland this fortnight when Spellbound‘moves " ~ , , wanted to " into Archaos for two nights of extravagant ~ V. «i , .3 r have Ioads entertainment. Actors, aerialists and acrobats, from " v ' of sex,’ " Tam Dean Burn to ex-Circus Oz swingers, will ' - , t, pm“. in 0mm, I entertain Glasgow clubbers to a soundtrack of ' v i -' ' was, ( rm w

techno and torch songs. Spellbound, Archaos, Glasgow, Mon 22 & Tue 23 May.


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their follow-up to OK pair are on equal footing for as ’trans- people of Bant lioiy anti [.1 Woea ve' <i"(2 'lhe Home Computer With the 'head, once Both are at the whatdyaina- Kilinarnot k are thougl‘t to [Doesn't \.'.‘a"'. lo (not: Ui)’ that's the easy bit Out of the ’firiished the first chapter' inorplia- be first at line to hear the are a".1<>"<: the toiiit s to be Wily Now comes the stage of their bollot ks' Its new material live l‘nanx tosset: (i'()\.“(2 With the tortuous process of choosing next novels proVIsional 'lV (oniedy and you tliiitk o‘ apparent (lt"" se or '

the final line-up of tracks and Rankin has title hints at sittoin or game Sil()\.‘. but lrl.i‘i)aitil' F' “tie's iiiaioi the order in whi(h they a summer yet less‘ The (oining somewhere l‘ l)()l) "‘ii it 'es'. .a!, mo appear. No surprises then, if deadline Ape of Good between is Head On ii'o'note's :i'w iiiaioi, one 'ldIO Summer, early auturnn' for his Hope Those comedy (tll'PllIly fi‘ni l‘(} "(lt‘l)t“‘(lt*"'. a'e

turns into spring 2001 next r‘utting inedia- Glasgow are the (o'nit trio atteniiit "t; tt‘ (hug the gap You w0uldn't normally find unit- whores Belle lint? 30'. Ell/raw, .3 a :1 ~ anti " Angus: lots of big names 900d MUS" 10 Milk la” Shlftlrtq "heimsiizn are :"~“:iiejv with a loith ()ini'it; 'i(i\.(‘ bee" " outed, {HZ Hex, Rankin and Laura Hird in the Rebus- rumoured to be gigglefest \‘.hi( h sets out, i" t'xei. a1 f'aa'. do". I the» same sentence (asides from exercise going the l(“(‘\‘\/Il(i a debating (i‘ull‘li)(” ting (>'

6THE “ST 1 l 2") 7.‘iay 2000 Thom Yorke of Radiohead