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ART LISTINGS continued


Inverlcith House, 552 7171. Wed-Sun 10am-5pm. British Art Show Information line 529 3795.

British Art Show 5 Until Sun 4 Jun. Free. (Inverleith House). Artists on show at Inverleith House are; Martin Creed who has filled one of the rooms of the gallery with hundreds of balloons; Mike Nelson creates a site-specific installation; Lucy Gunning shows new sculptural work; Martin Boyce paints directly onto the gallery walls; Anna Hunt exhibits tapestry work inspired by 20th century architecture; Kenny MacLeod presents his video piece Robbie Fraser; Paul Graham shows photographs from his End Of A gel/ted ljye series; Art and Language exhibit sculptural works; Liam Gillick constructs a multi-coloured ceiling installation; Rachel Lowe shows new video work and Graham Gussin projects text pieces onto the gallery walls.

Robert Coia Until Mon 31 Jul. Sited beside the Gardens’ 35ft fossilised Craigleith Tree, Scottish sculptor Robert Coia has created a 2.5 metre high wooden sculpture for the environmental campaign Trees ()f lime And Place. The campaign aims to encourage everyone to grow at least one tree from seed during their lifetime. Botanics In Focus! Until Fri 23 Jun. (Caledonian Hall). An exhibition of photographs documenting the diverse work of the Royal Botanic Garden.


Landings (iallery, 100 Princes Street, 225 1501. Daily Ilium—6pm.

FourSight Llntil Wed 31 May. A selling exhibition of work by four past ROSL Annual lixhibition exhibitors Anne Desmet, Susanne Kiely. Liam Spencer and Rob White.


The Mound, 225 6671. Mon—Sat 10am~5pmz Sun 2—5. m.

RSA’s 174th Annua Exhibition Until Sun

9 Jul. £2 (£1). An exhibition of work by Academy members, invited guests and selected works by non-members featuring painting. sculpture, printmaking and architecture. See review.


29b Dundas Street, 467 3937. Mon-Fri 11am—7pm.

Julie Brook: The Land's Edge Also Until Sat 3 Jun. Julie Brook’s residency on the uninhabited island of Mingulay in the Outer Hebrides, is the inspiration for this multifaceted exhibition. The touring show comprises paintings, photographs of sculptures, drawings created from sand. ash, earth and seafoam and a short filtn shot and produced by the artist.


16 Dundas Street, 558 1200. Mon-Fri 10am—6pm; Sat 10am—4pm.

Ed Teasdale Until Wed 31 May. Furniture. Stephen Bottomley Until Wed 31 May. Jewellery.

Duncan Shanks Until Wed 31 May. New paintings.


58 Ratcliffe Terrace, 667 1966. Mon 9am—5pm; Tue—Fri 9am—6pm; Sat 10am—5pm.

Contemporary Screenprints And Etchings Until Mon 15 May. A large collection of contemporary screenprints and etchings including works by Hoyland. Hamilton Fraser, Konig, Frost, Irvin and mee


23 Cockburn Street, 622 6200. Tue—Sat 10am—5pm. British Art Show Information line 529 3795.

British Art Show 5 Until Sat 3 Jun. lice. Artists on show at Stills include David Hockney ’s portrait of Damien Ilirst; collaborative duo John Wood and Paul Harrison show two video installations; Kathy Prendergast exhibits Lost .llap: Emma Kay shows text work and at


Bursary for

tt'elisite iiTi'TiZ.S'c1C.()I‘((/.ul€ The Scottish Arts Council 12 Manor Place Edinburgh


Trainee Education Officer

new )ursarv aware o i ) us ‘ainin r \ l l l£10,000,]l U E) allowance, is offered to an arts organisation with a proven track record in education/outreach, which

feels able to take on a trainee for a period of one vcar. Closing date: Friday, 2 june 2000 l'or‘fiirtlier details, please write to the address below or

telephone Ann Phillips on 013/ 240 2433. All Scottish Arts Qiuncil's‘fimds are also detailed on our

Our aim: to play Our part in creating a dynamic ans environment which values the artist and enhances the quality of life for the people of Scotland.

92 THE an 11—25 May 2000

photographic print by Donald Rodney who died of sickle cell anaemia in 1998, shows Rodney holding in his palm a tiny model house made from fragments of his skin removed during an operation.


University of Edinburgh, South Bridge, 650 221 l. Tue-Sat Illam—Spm. British Art Show Information line 5293795.

British Art Show 5 Until Sat 3 Jun. Free.

. On show at Talbot Rice are Paula Rego who

exhibits her Triptych; (‘had McCail shows a series of gouaches; David Musgrave has taken the cartoon character Snoopy and shown him in cross-section; Billy Childish exhibits angst-touched poems; Sarah Lucas shows a series of self-portraits and Richard Wright draws directly onto the gallery


TORRANCE GALLERY 36 Dundas Street, 556 6366. Mon—Fri Ham—6pm; Sat 10.30am—4pm. Elizabeth Sharp and Allan Macdougall L‘ntil Sat 13 May. Artists Elizabeth Sharp and Allan Macdougall show recent paintings.

Ken Ferguson Sat 20 May—Sat 3 Jun.


Recent paintings.

lot a detailed itinerary call 0131 529 3930. Opening times vary.

; On Land Scotland‘s only mobile art gallery

goes on tour with a new exhibition which

looks at how contemporary visual artists . explore the traditional theme of landscape.

The show features painting. sculpture, photography, installation work, video and sound by artists Margaret Barron, Sam

Bell. Anne Bevan, David Michael Clarke,

Andrew Mackenzie, Donald Urquhart,

Robert Maclaurin and Bryndis Snacbjornsdottir. The gallery tours Skye and Loehalsh (2—12 May). North Ayrshire

(15—19 May) and Edinburgh (23—27 May). TRAVERSE BAR CAFE 'l‘ravcrse 'l lieatre. 111(‘ambridge Street, 228 53S3. Mon-\‘v'ed It1.30am—midnight;

Thu-Sat 10.30am lam: Sun

4pm midnight.

'? Fast Forward 2000 Until Sat 10 Jun.

Photographs by Art and Design students at 'l'elt'iird ('ollcge.

i 24 ROYAL cmcus

:4 Royal ('ircus, 320 270‘). Sat & Sun

Ilam~5pm or by appointment.

; Crossing Out The Boundaries Until Sun

21 May. lllc gallery's third exhibition sliov‘.‘casing the work of international artists, featuring paintings and etchings by Marcelle

llanselaar and jewellery by Syann van

Niftrik who creates crafted bracelets and

necklaces, reminiscent of organic forms.


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This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions.

42 Iliin Street, 529 4142. Mon—Sat ltlam—5pm. I‘rec.

Happy Birthday Dan Dare Until Mon 29 May. This documentary exhibition celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Eagle's Dan Dare. ‘legendary pilot of the future'.

i Newhavcn llarbour. 551 4165. Daily

noon n5pm. Free.

I Saw A Ship A Sailing t‘ntil Mon 20 Nov. 5 Artworks on a maritime theme produced by children of the (‘reative Kids Club.


53 Iliin Street, 331 5545. Mon, Thu, Fri & Sat Illam—lpm & 2.15—5pm; Sun

noon— 5pm. I’rcc.

Mermaids, Fish And Boats Until further notice. Mosaics and ceramics on a maritime tlietne. created specially for Queensferry Museum by members of the Museums and

(ialleries Services“ (‘reative Kids Club.

ROYAL MUSEUM 2 (‘hambers Street. 247 4219. Mon~Sat ltlam~5pm (The Spin); Sun noon—5pm. £3

(£1.50); under 185 free. A 19th century museum housing international collections of natural history, geology, science, technology and the decorative arts, plus two permanent exhibitions: Art & Industry and The Ivy Wu Galle .

Millennium Cloc A chance to view Russian mechanical sculptor Eduard Bersudsky’s millennium clock for the museum, a kinetic sculpture, measuring nine metres hi h.

Eartth Para ise - The Mountain In Chinese Decorative Art Until Thu 1 Jun. An exhibition exploring the use of mountains in Chinese decorative art, featuring works in lacquer, wood, jade, ceramics and print.

Chinese Paintings From The Shanghai Museum Collection Until Sun 21 May. Over 50 artworks drawn from the Shanghai Museum Collection go on display for the first time in the UK. Featuring 19th century and 20th century paintings, scrolls and album leaves by artists working in Shanghai at the time, the works illustrate the beauty and subtlety of Chinese painting at a time of social and cultural change.

The Finest Scottish Sapphires Until Sun 3 Sep. This temporary display brings together for the first time the finest crystals and the largest cut stone from the sapphire locality on the Isle of Lewis.

Fragments - Pages Stolen From A Book Of Time Until Sun 11 Jun. Jewel-works by Kevin Coates consisting of wearable jewellery which incorporates fragments of historical material set in the context ofa lar er mixed-media composition.

British Gas Wildlife Photography Until Thu 25 May. Annual wildlife photography competition attracting entries from photographers worldwide. This year’s winner is Jamie Thom, a ranger from South Africa, with his photograph of a leopard resting at dusk.

Enter The Dragon Sat I3—Thu 25 May . An award-winning display of children’s paintings on the theme of the Chinese Dragon.

Passages: Forms And Baskets By Maggie Henton Sat 13 May—Sun 25 Jun. An exhibition of baskets, plus recent works in wood, copper wire, acrylic paints and cotton by Maggie Ilenton, inspired by her recent trip to the Australian desert.


Lady Stair’s House, Lady Stair’s Close, 529 4901. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Free.

Eric Linklater 1899-1974: An Old Peasant With A Pen Until Sat 22 Jul. An exhibition on the life and work of Eric Linklater, an important figure in 20th century Scottish literature, who wrote a host of humorous books, short stories, plays, histories, biographies and autobiographies.

DUNCAN OF JORDANSTONE COLLEGE University of Dundee, 13 Perth Road, 01382 345330. Mon—Fri 9.30am—8.30pm; Sat 9.30am—4.30pm.

Georgina Follet Inaugural Exhibition Until Sat 20 May. Marking the appointment of Georgina Follet to the Chair of Design at Dundee University, this exhibition will include ‘Plique-a jour’, a selection of enamelled jewellery from 1973—99.


152 Nethergate, 01382 432000. Tue—Wed, Sat 8; Sun 10.30am-5.30pm; Thu 61' Fri 10.30am—8pm.

Moment Until Sat 20 May. A group show featuring the work of Emese Benczur, Graham Gussin, Peter Fischli and David Weiss, Igor and Svetlana Kopystiansky, Beat Streuli and Marijke van Warmerdam. The artworks encourage the viewer to linger, observe and enjoy the sensation of time passing.

Arts Alive! Sat 20—Sun 28 May. An exhibition of work made by participants of the Atlantic Telecom Community Education Programme.


Albert Square, 01382 432020. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 12.30—4pm; Thu 10am—7pm.