O I saw you Grassroots cafe Friday 1955,00. You three look like pop stars. are you in a rock ‘n’ roll band? I want to be in your mosh pit. Box No U/387/IA.

O I saw you hey, my little Boheme. for love attd laughs always, Mochic. Box No U/387/1 .

O I saw you early mayday, Arthur seeking red-clad blonde ex-soviet; asking directions from a chicken headed black clad skinltead. Banco-syndicalists unite! Box No U,’387/3.

O I saw you stage manager, Davey on 0,500 at the Polo Lourtge and somewhere shady at dawn. Can’t believe I lost out to Aviemore. Would be nice to see you sober? RSVP. Box No U387; b‘.

O I saw you Rhona froin Busby, 2!) 400, Saturday. Babaza. you and me. it was amazin’, sorry I walked away. Please hear me ottt. Can’t breathe without you. Box No U.’38 7/ 9.

v I saw you tall ships, Greenock last year. You, guy with camera and huge lens, me, sunburnt girl with rolled up trousers and large cow on my shoulders with friend with tweetie pic on her shoulders. Would love to get copy of the photo you took! Box No U/387/14.

O I saw you neighbour, watching my 10.30pm routine (which never changes, as you know). Forget the coffee and sugar. Let’s do the ‘Bennetts Boogie’. Box No U/387/15.

O I saw you at the Reds on Saturday night, l3th. You were wearing a black T—shirt, you evil dancer! I was part of the lien night but I am not the one getting married. . . Was the girl with you your sister? Box No U/387/16.

Q I saw you drive by on this gorgeous bike, it had about 1000 cm and one of these comfy back seats where you don’t have to be afraid to slide off when you’re going 130. If you are in your 30s and looking for female company on one of your next trips on Scotland’s beautiful country roads contact me. Box No U,’387/l7.

O I saw you aitd your vision blew me away, would you like to check out my momentum? See you at the Tron on Tues, 30 May pm. Box No L7/387/20.

on 0131 557 8500

The List I Saw You 14 High Street Edinburgh


How To Place an



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By phone: Call 0131 5581191 from 10am - 5pm By e-mail: You can reach us at Please supply a postal address when using e-mail, but do

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The List I Saw You

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Ito payment is requued as I SAW YOU lineage adverts are a free SOP/ICC to readers. Deadline for the next issue is 12 noon on THURSDAY 1 June 2000.

0:75; one | Saw You per person per issue ‘NIII be published.

Q I saw you Museum of Modern Art on Good Friday and again outside Queens Park, 8/5/00. Let’s hope we get together if there’s a next time. Box No U/387/21.

O I saw you Fonzie, running as fast as you can from Borders Caff. We‘ll miss you gringo. Respeck! By the way was your lunch that good? (Heeeeyy!) Box No U/387/23.

O I saw you bubbly buxom blonde in Borders Cafe. You served me a filtered coffee. Me smiling at you, you smiling at the trolley. Get in touch. Box No U/387/24.

v I saw you Stef, trying to teach cafe kissies Italian. I still think Lorenzo is better! Box No U/387/25.

Q I saw you mein engel Speiltmit mir. You know who I am. Come and get me! Luv U honey. Box NO U/387/26.

Q I saw you :Lorenzo, the cafertess monster. Sheer lunacy I know btit I was bored. PS. Jarno + Flavio miss you. Box No

U.’387,"27. O I saw you Ursula, (hands

closer to chest than Emily). Why not use your selfish tongue on me. you are the devils bunny.

l Marry my mate for me. Box No

U, 387/28. . I saw you \'ikachu. You mad. mad girl. Keep on

. laughing. We miss you. Box No

L’ 38729. G I saw you Cornerhill station,

3 8 5.00. You were a gorgeous guy

with a cat in a basket ad a Marvel comics T—shirt. We sat in

7 front of you a blonde and ; redhead. How's your cat? Box No U387'30.

v I saw you outside RSAMD, one sunny day, tanning that tall manly body, red curl glistening in the sun. Ready for some anal

magic darling! Box No L’ 38731.

O I saw you Annmarie in the Iron your going to see Libby in Australia. Love you both. Sorry for not phoning. Box No U,’387,“32.

O I saw you shaking that thang. Iiaster Sunday, the

Apartment. in a sassy black

number, me at the bar. You’re a sex bomb. Get in touch. You

3 know who you are. baby! Box

No U, 387,33.

0 I saw you Friday night, Paul Weller. Superb. You tall lovely bloke. Drink??'.’ Box No US$7.34

O I saw you puppet head at the Improbable show. You looked so sexy in cardboard. I was plain blown away. Box No U/387/35. Q I saw you Raymond, at the birthplace of Scottish Stand Up the Comic Club (it Blackfriars, 7/5/00 I like your style big boy-!! Box No


O I saw you Anna banana in Borders Cafe. You were shankin those two wee butttons! at me? Brrrr! Love the Captain. Box No U/387/37.

O I saw you Damon look-alike in Rubaiyat. You pimpin fur jacket, downing Guinness. Me, spikcy blonde hair, tight black shirt. We can make sandwiches - you can be the burger girl. Box No U/387/38.

v I saw you Richard at The Mission, 13/5/00. Looking good in black slipknot T-shirt. Remember Louise from Glasgow? I gave you my number but didn’t get yours. Call me and rock my world! Box No U/387/39.

v I saw you 16/5/00, standing alone, browsing through the magazines earing white trousers in Borders. Box No U/387/40. 9 I saw you Wavy Davy l7 - You wear those new cargo pants so well. Miss you honey, big snogs, Celia. Box No U/387/41. O I saw you (a) The Garage. We didn’t dance, because you work in the cloakroom. You: dark, reddish hair in a bob, freckles, beautiful smile; me: not unnecessarily vulpine. Call me? Box No U/387/42.

v I saw you J.P. shakin’ that ass in a cage at Archaos. Izzy Wizzy let’s get naked. You bring the mangoes. Luv and kisses, The Sheil. Box No U/387/43. V I saw you Bonnie Qt, Fury’s having a moment. The New York city boys love you, and so does Black Beauty. Please write. Box No U/387/44.

O I saw you spikey blonde Pete in ‘Lost Sock Diner’, 1 think U saw me. Maybe we could do lunclt? Box No U.'387/45.

v I saw you you in Buff Club, a big, gentle Ben with a dash of Tom Jones. grey u-neck, me, girl with hair-based project. Give us a wee tinkle. Box No U/387/46. . I saw you (a The Comic Club, Blackfriars, Sun 7 May, Stu who? Funniest mart I‘ve ever seen! Laugh away. Box No U/387/47.

v I saw you Thursday night, 18 May, in Bennetts. We exchanged names, occupations and wondering smiles. Me friendly slagged you about being a ‘banker’ but you took it in good fun. Would like to meet you again and find out more . . . about everything! Write me! Box No U/387/71.

O I saw you sexy, spiky-haired bird working in Borders. I wanna fiddle with your chain. How about smudging my lippy sometime? Box No U/387/72. O I saw you sexy gay neighbour every night at 10.30pm. Your routine never changes. I know you saw me, fancy meeting up for coffee, or you can borrow a cup of sugar anytime. Box No U/386/2.


Have you met anyone special through

an I saw you?

Please call Donna on

0141 242 3134

O I saw you Mayday! Mayday! in the Big Blue, looking fresh a la peche eating pizza, reading book wish I’d had a better look. You’re just too good to be true can’t take my black eye off you. Box No U/386/5.

O I saw you fair Lynn in my mind’s eye every day and every night. I’d give you the world, but I fear it would not be enough. Love always, Danger. Box No U/386/10.

0 I saw you baby, walk along the beach, under a Pescara sky, like I’d imagined, ‘wake up’ with Vodka-orange but not your fault, foot in plaster, though better to crash than never have flown. Box No U/386/l I.

9 I saw you scanner girl walking down Hill Street? You (long, soft dark hair, carrying large box) smiled at me. I extremely shy so was lost for words and an expression but found dumfounded (or something equally unattractive as it hurt my face). Reply so you can see me smile! Box No U/386/18.

v I saw you in the Basement, Broughton St (Edin), Sat 15th. You James. red jumper, spiky hair; me Katherine damsel in distress from Glasgow. Do you still have a girlfriend? Box No U/386/l9.

O I saw you in Border’s cafe you wanted iced tea without ice and had a dodgy beard. Cool! Box No U/386/20.

O I saw you Joey. asleep in your happy place, dribbling like there was no tomorrow. You are my fax machine. Box No U/386/21.

O I saw you sports science student from Glasgow Uni at Planet Peach one Friday. Me brunette violinist. I said I liked your pierced eyebrow. Would like to go clubbing with you sometime. Box No U/386/22. O I saw you all my cafe Gringos in Borders Batcafe Goodbye. farewell. this is Captain Cafe’ saying. . .Adios Amigos! Box No U/386/23.

0 I saw you in Kirkwall and Glasgow, 26/4/00. You looked interesting; I was interested. Write and tell me who you are! Box No U/386/24.

ZS May—8 Jun 2000 THE lIST 107