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Richard Farnsworth plays the ultimate lawnmower man in David Lynch's latest

classic The Straight Story (U) 107 mins

The phrases 'David Lynch movie' and ‘U certificate' are as extricably linked as they come. The intense violence, creepy sex and base weirdness of the X- men and women in the likes of Eraserhead, Blue Velvet and Lost Highway all add up to what fans recognise as ‘Lynchian'. How could he be risking this hard—earned identity just for the sake of gaining a few billion extra admirers? The fans needn't have worried; The Straight Story has all the key elements of archetypal Lynch.

The 73-year-old Alvin Straight (Richard Farnsworth) lives a lonely existence with his troubled daughter (Sissy Spacek), haunted by the tragic accident he caused during World War II and miffed at losing the emotional tie with his brother Lyle, whom he hasn't spoken to for a decade. When Alvin learns that his sibling has suffered a stroke, it becomes his mission to kiss and make up. The only difficulty is that Lyle lives hundreds of miles away and Alvin's sole mode of transport is a lawnmower. Plus, there is the problem of his dodgy hips. Cue a series of on-the-road strange encounters which the director's fans will recognise instantly.

If you can get past the all-American homily that if you ain’t got family, you ain’t got nuthin’, and the nagging feeling at the beginning that it's OK to laugh at the misfortunes of the old, you will find David Lynch’s film a most enduring and endearing tale of spirit and generosity. (Brian Donaldson)

lab/e now on video rental and DVD retail at £79.99.

New York Ii‘esty‘e holds no warmth or connt'ort, she returns to the small


Electlon Scott sh Borders town of Berwck-upon- ‘2 42 "it‘s Tin-reed to rekindle ner childhooo r m n n ndtim witn In. t'ather ,. SOMCOMGW o a cea dspe e i t 9

she adores. Her pragmatic approach- to ner impeno ng death makes fOr an emotiona 3y fraught time, not least because her childhood sweetheart is a'reaoy married Despite being a somewhat styi sec and Cl ched nterpretatio." 0" gr et’, this is nonetheess a moving and hur‘nOrOuS ‘irn 'Metrodomei 'Catherne Bromleyi

Something More (IS) 94 mins :i r: -.-.

" “3‘0 e“o"ts o‘ sanctimon Ous nigh schoo o.e'ac"ie‘.'er, Tracy F. c< Ithe em . tic-"C. Reese \."i.i"t"ersooon., to UHUIHC ciass {}"(‘Si(}(?"°., and the ' 'r: I. "‘r)..r;"t attempts 0‘ up: 9'“. Cir/x Ster I/Iattnex'. to undermine "er campaign 5K emitter Payne and l '7“ '0" Perrota's satirica, ' about US D'es det‘tia /r:"i}rl'_1}"(;, Eecton s as ac d C '.' (- ate, .;"eat 8 ly W ider Vote "on: Paramount,

an” (Michael Goonian; .s desperate fOr w r 'H" a woman and so are his mates from the one More Kiss basketball team. When he eventually . _ inds tne woman ne wants, his best / 98 ".‘E'ZS f'r end honnes n and snatches her frOrh » w ,i i-r (' i’:"‘()"(l .s (:y"lg 0‘ under 'n s nose for a one night stand i u "t; that "er s..ccess‘ul C8\JS'."g the friends to ‘al out. During

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this time the rest of his trends go through their own amusing traumas and troubles, but in the end everyone gets the woman they want and a happy ending is had by ail. 'Nuf‘ said. lAliiance Atlantis) l’Jane Hamilton.)

Carrie 2: The Rage

(18) 107 mins t *

26 years after Brian De Palrra’s adaptation of Stephen King's debut novel abOut a telekinetic adolescent giri, B-mowe director Katt Shea helms this belated segue!_ This time round the telekinetic terror is teen Goth Rache. lBr-tish actor Emily BE’in_ When the local IOCkS start shagging there way through the schoolgirls, Rachel brings her awesome powers to bear. Not a much on the origna , though the c'imax is spectacolar, and watch out for American Beauty’s Mena Swan in an early role. “Warner; (MIPS Fielder,


Wild Strawberries

(IS) 87 mins it w a 'A’ ii

A mserabie old academic i’V ctor Siostrorn Superb, sets 0“ on a road trip across Sweden to pick up a Unix/ersin award. Accompaned by his estranged daughter-in-iaw and various beatn'ks along the way, he 'ellVQS nis past by way 0‘ d'eams, memOnes and enc0unters with others. What can you say about Ingmar Bergman's warmest and nnost dearly loved rnov-e7 Part Dickens, part Freud and whoiy charming A generous Open-hearted meditation 0" r‘ature, youth and lost love. Brill ant. iTartan £15.99, 'Paul Dale

The Corruptor

(I8) 110 mins 34»: it -.~: if

Chow Yon-Fat, o‘tcaf King 0‘ Hong Kong rnowes, teams .ip with. Mark Wahiberg in this brutal tale ot police corruption in New York's Chnatown, Chow plays a top-ran-<:ng detect ve with close ties to the Triads, Wanéperg is a naive nechnner to the Chinatown ‘orce who has some tough lessons to learn about the way things are run there. SI-cxiy produced and VlSLuBIy arresting, with both leads On top torn“, thus s a stunner o” a movie. IEnterta'nnnent £14 99; 'K rsty Knaggs,


mins “5? it 1i ‘3: Indo-Canadian. director Deeoa lviehta has received death threats for her iatest i’ilm, Water, Currently shoot'ng :n India. Fire is the first film n Mehta's trilogy which also includes the stOry of India/Pakistan's partitioning, Earth a love story between two wonnen sici< 0‘ their no-good husbands. Yoo can see why Mehta’s tines engender controversy. The outcome 0‘ Fire’s rOmance is a little hard to swallow, but Mehta's ma<ing a bold boltical 00 nt ab0ut women and Indian soc-ety. iFOx £15.99i «Miles Fielder;

The Debt Collector (I8) 105 mins n i it

This low budget psychological thriller set in Edinburgh is an interesting directorial debut from Anthony

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Deep Blue Sea Inspector Gadget

The Artist - Rave un2 the year 2000

Finding North Mystery Men

The Big Blue

Radiohead - Meeting People Is Easy

Led Zeppelin - Song Remains The Same

Neilson, \.‘.'."-Cll shows some oro'“ se, but ultimater s-<~n*‘s over the (2am, disturbing terr'tory tcox'ers 8'31, Connolly plays a I'O;()""‘€‘(l pan. s'u‘i'x turned successi‘i.’ scuEDIO", 0 KO" Stott p ays the cop 'wl‘o 0'": e: " 'i‘ forget h 8 past The plot 's nos 1 Shakespearean iI‘. its tragedy i)..’. t"e gritty dialogue and =.':oIe"(e some-non: don't affect i ice they sho..‘d, (test) te some reasonable l)(“";O"'i‘(i"((‘S throughout the cast ‘inn‘l’o.." z’ l.199i ‘DOUQ Johnstone‘

STAR RATINGS Unnwssauw Very good \‘.’0i‘t" a shot Belov. average V<>..".'e nee“ unwed