The List, which is part of the group behind Beat 106, brings you the latest information on Scotland's newest radio station. Tune in on 106.1fm (west coast) or 105.7fm (east coast).


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6am-10m ' 6am-10am'

Ewan MacLeod Ewar‘ h'iacLeod 7 6am-10am 6am-lOam

6am-lOam 6am-10am

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Graham Stewart ; Graham Stewart Graham Stewart 4m M ‘7 I lm-4m ' : 1-4

Graham Stewart Graham Stewart m-4m l m-«lm


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with Richard Wilkinson 4 -7m

Tunes Go Menthol In Ibiza 5-6 m a


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m-7.30m 7m—-7.30m 7m-lOm 7 m-9 m


9 7.30pm-10pm A 7.30pm-10pm ; 7.30pm-10pm 7.30pm-10pm Craig Burger Queen The Rock Show 9 , 9m-midniht with Martin Bate

. .,= 3 vi '. w 1., 4., in i V ,;':L u Will‘fllfl‘i E 11 . Old? M9lk|€ Drum 'n' Bass wrth 11 1Om-midniht DJ M & Tania Swift

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1am with Paul Mendez with Colin Tevendale Night Beat 1am midniht-3am , midniht-3am lam-6am

3 The Lock-In The Lock-In 3 ' | ~ g g I _ V k with Stephen Lee& with Lisa L:II|€\\'OOC&

, .. ~_ x, $-_ . i. 1.7 ’t ,l _ i J_ I) . r.“ .. n -V

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’New Perfume’ (Independiente *ttt) swaggers U 6 U 0 Indie singles round-up with guest reviewer Beat about noisily with its heart on its sleeve. And Swedes J 106’s Martin Bate. Fungus finally come good with 'Real Me’ (Food L. .1 Are there always this Hutu); witty. intelligent pop-punk with a : Infectious (Hook) , . many distorted guitars blistering, sad-eyed chorus that gives Blink 182 a run Bene And Sebastian, legal Man in the sing|es pile or is for their money. Erstwhile grunge-latecomers Bush, (Jeepsten it just because I'm pictured, continue to improve mightily with ’Letting ' here? Starting at the The Cables Sleep’ (Polydor ****), a down- QWW the Ne“ "me bottom, glam-rockers trodden, understated sigh. (Lunardiscs) Rachel Stamp release It's de rigeur to use the phrase ’Icelandic mad The White Room Musk '3 "1 ’Hey Hey Michael’ women that sound like the Sugarcubes’ in reviews Head (demo) (Cruisin t), in-a bid to of Bellatrix, but if they will employ a Bjork-like wail David Holmes. Zen “lemme wun over the tiaras over soaring indie-pop, as on ’Sweet Surrender’ 60 Beat) and glitter mob. (Fierce Panda *ti), then it's going to happen. . , Recorded live on their (Chemikal Underground ****) may not have F0": ”' take My Chances mate’s dictaphone, it's lo- found their commercial saviours in Suckle, but ex- “3th Hour) fi to the point of useless. Only slightly better is Vaseline Frances McKee and her sister do manage to Helicopter Girl: Subliminal Clearlake's 'Don't LEI The Cold '0' (Dusty Company unsettle with the folk-whimsy of the almost Punk (Instant Karma) *t),_a rough and tumble wrestle with their singer’s medieval ’To Be King’. Buy Ian Brown’s. awesome Mam“ feawmg 5km: Came“ Morrisey obsessrons. ’Golden Gaze’ (Polydor *****) not JUSt for its queasy (XL) Dum Dums attempt their best hollow-eyed stares on warped Spanish guitar, maracas, and 805 night- _ _ . the cover of 'I Can’t Get You Out Of My Thoughts' stalker beats but for the surreal B-side reading of, “we Chr'5"a"- "and 0‘ (Good Behaviour ti‘k) but the accomplished, jaunty believe it or not, Michael Jackson’s ’Thriller’. “we (F'm‘y Mom“) pop of this manufactured boy-band with guitars I Mart/n Bate’s Rock Show is on every Sunday from - Crashland: New Perfume Qes the game away. In contrast, Crashland appear 9—7 7pm on Beat 706. (Independiente)

25 May—8 Jun 2000 me usr 117