Up the garden path?

Re: Is this Scotland's greatest artist: Angus Farquhar? (issue 386)

I am prompted by y0ur cover story to ask whether I can claim to have heard the first cuckoo of spring?

It is surely the sign of a ciVilised sooety that we can use public money to subsidise indiViduals to live in a remote beauty spot, but we normally call such people farmers. I only hope the subsidy being spent in this instance is paying proper salaries to all involved. Unfortunately, my experience is that people who proclaim their own brand of socialism most loudly do not always employ other people on decent terms and conditions.

How many people Will go and see it? And is it art? Or is it the result of a funding system that has lost Sight of the wood for the trees and clings on to innovation for the sake of it. It certainly makes good copy and is unusual.

Last night I read a story to my daughter, it was called The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Lorne Boswell

Scott/sh Secretary, Equity 7 74 Union Street Glasgow

Shameless plug

Band sees marketing opportunity Lonely band seeks audience for nights out at gigs. Must have good sense of music and preferably own teeth. Wig-wearers and smokers considered, but ex-prisoners and circus acts need not apply. Sorry, no pets (or goths). Looking for good times and possible life-long adoration. Interested?

Reply no later than Tuesday 30 May to Odeon Beatclub, c/o The

Write to:

Thirteenth Note Pub, King Street, Glasgow. This could be the start of something minimal.

Paul Tierney

via e-mail

Stop the gay bashing Re: Section 28 arts repression The importance of the arts in a ciVil society is well recognised. Arts companies celebrate human Vitality and variety. The removal of financial support from any company because it celebrates the range of human experience is an affront to art and to democracy. The suspension of grants to such organisations as MCT and Glasgay are such an affront and should be reversed in any ciVilised society. Prof Ian Brown Haddlngton Place Edinburgh

Sore sole music

Re: Scotland Sold Short (feature 386)

As a regular clubber in Edinburgh, I have to agree With your verdict that we don't miss out on having big names play our clubs. I started frequenting Pillbox when it first opened at Studio 24 and found there were two things which have made me go back and back. Firstly, the captivating way the DJ sets were put together. The DJs are complete unknowns, mostly aged below nineteen. Watching the floor fill up for one guys’ set, gOing mental for the whole hour and then quietly dispersing showed what a gem we had found. Secondly, the people who attend the club. A more laid-back, friendly and broad-horizoned crowd you couldn’t hope to encounter.

The space at Studio 24 would happily hold a big name DJ, but as the article mentions, the set would

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most likely be very dull. Last year we went to Creamfields in Liverpool, and heard big name DJs such as Carl Cox and Sasha. I couldn't be bothered to dance, such was the tedium of their chOices of music. Havmg been to Cream, Ministry and a few of the local 'big name’ nights, I think DJs who believe punters come to see them really shouldn't bother turning on the decks.

The mu5ic, the music, the music, the way it makes us dance until we are bleeding from the sores on our feet. That is the essence of a dance club. If you are the one making the table turn, put each tune beside each other tune so we Just can’t stop. Then you may find success.

Fuzzy via e-mall

Spooky comadence Re: Hex And Chopping (feature 386) We at City Of The Dead Tours (the ones who take Visitors into Greyfriar’s cemetery) totally agree With James Robertson’s comments about ghost tours. It’s all too easy to bend the facts to entertain. His example is the Mackenzie poltergeist in Greyfriar’s. Its infamy obscures the fact that George Mackenzie, when he wasn’t executing peOple for their religious beliefs, had a nice side too.

Sure. Only the Mackenzie poltergeist isn't named after George Mackenzie. We named it afte.r his tomb because the first reported attacks by the poltergeist took place close by. We know our Edinburgh history.

You didn't come on our t0ur before you wrote the article, did you James?

Jan-Andrew Henderson City Of The Dead Tours via email

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