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Name Occupation

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We“ here at The Tmmline, we're opening our new season'witk an experimental Marci-media piece, COMbiVXiWQ the themes of an abrcure 60: :exploa'cao‘on 8'mow‘e and a rarely performed Gertrude Stem

play which is, m u'tseifia reworking of the Faust legend-

lc wiH be totally challenging ‘or our QUdleV‘Ce on every level.

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At The Controverse , we‘re devising an all-female Synthesis 0‘ adh'pu: Rex and The Wizard of Oz, set M an East: T/morese torture Cell with design rderences to I970: Brazilian porn videos.

The production wdi be en promenade,takmg the audience out of our auditorium on a six-hour Journey throogh the Edinburgh sewer network--

...On The Edge Touring rheacre will be producing seventeen unpublished monologues bgfdel _Beckeot': unknown second- cautin,tmns|a¢€d mto Icelandic,to be performed sing/cantow/ by five actors Standing upside-dam in a

Glasgow pub toilet whilst the audience

sit; in an internet cafe’ in Wick , interacting “nth events cry-(Me The piece takes ten days to perform and comins cannibah'sm, necrophilia and rc'éual disenbowelmenc.’

128 THELIST 23 May-8 Jun 2000

Well...er. at Troon Rep, we‘re going to be doing Arthur Milier’s Deathof 6!. Salesman, peerofMC‘d M English and jet in |ate I9405 Amenca, With the actors on the sage and the audience m the auditorium.

Blood ’3 Hell.’ That’s totdly radical!

Revolutionary I]

A dan'ng new Concept in modern theatre!