The constraints imposed by a ballet company of such standing proved too much for Cooper's burgeoning talent. and when the freelance life came calling he made sure he was at home. With more strings to his bow than a mint Stradivarius. Cooper could easily choose from dancing. acting. singing or conducting to pay the mortgage. But the life-span of a dancer is short and despite a few minor roles in TV dramas he was the tall. blond one in the BBC‘s Madame Bovary his current priorities stay with dance.

‘At the moment I'm concentrating on dancing and choreographing because it's the easiest thing for me to do.’ says Cooper. ‘People know me as a dancer so I might as well make the most of it while I can.’

'I was nominated as an actor in a musical, when I was a dancer in a dance production.’ Adam Cooper on Swan Lake

A dancer he may well be. but that didn't stop him being nominated for a Tony award in New York last year. ‘It was very bizarre. because you can't receive a Tony nomination for a dance production. so Swan Lake was billed as the musical event of the season.‘ he explains. ‘I mean it‘s bad enough calling me an actor even though I was quite proud of the fact and it probably did my career a lot of good but I was nominated as an actor in a musical. when I was a dancer in a dance production.‘

He didn‘t win. although he has decorated his mantelpiece with an 1996 Evening Standard Dance Award and a 1997 Time Out Award. securing him back-to-back work ever since. The in~demand status isn‘t hurt. of course. by his ability to ooze sex appeal both on stage and on camera something which publicists have been quick to exploit. ‘1 find it funny,‘ he says. 'I‘ve done everything: lying on a pool table. in a swimming pool. dressed in a kilt. some of the most ridiculous things. I actually enjoy it because I treat it like another acting exercise. but it’s all about this image that I’m supposed to project. People always say. “How do you feel about being called a sex symbol‘.’". it's such a stupid question. it’s like, how do you think I feel‘.’ You can tell by the way I dress. I‘m so sexy.‘ he laughs ironically. Admittedly. Cooper may check in some of his animal magnetism at the stage door. but this tall. blond swan can still ruffle a few feathers on stage. And if the hot and steamy publicity shots of him and fiancee Sarah Wildor (herself a rising star at the Royal Ballet) are anything to go by. his sexual charisma is not in short supply.

Scottish audiences got a chance to see Cooper flex his choreographic. rather than pectoral. muscles last year when he created Just Seratehin' The Stuj/aee for Scottish Ballet. A process made easier by his previous association with the company when he joined them as associate artist for Tales Of Hoffman. ‘l was nervous because Scottish Ballet was the first company l‘d guested with since I left the Royal. so I was kind of worried they were expecting me to be Nureyev or something.‘ he laughs. ‘But I‘m not that kind of dancer. I’m not a technical wizard. my specialities lie in other areas. like acting and versatility of style.‘

Cooper obviously didn‘t disappoint. because he’s back again. this time in the ultimate romantic lead. ‘I love Romeo And Juliet. the story is fantastic to dance. and the music isjust incredible.‘ he enthuses. ‘I did the Macmillan version for years. but Robert North‘s one is very nice and lyrical. you feel like you can kind of get lost in it. The hard thing for me is making Romeo a strong character because he’s the weakest of all the men really. he thinks he knows what love is at the beginning. but then he finds Juliet and it's something that he’s never experienced before.‘

Making a romantic hero out of a love-struck fool? Sounds like a job for Cooperman.

Romeo And Juliet. Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Thu 1-Sat 10 Jun. Cooper himself will dance on Thu 1, Sat 3 mat., Wed 7. Fri 9 8: Sat 10.



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