Burmy. who created the production off-shoot from Desi Bomb Squad. the four-man crew who have DJed around Glasgow over the past few years. Their release ‘The Rising‘. has held the number one spot in numerous bhangra charts since its release in April. ‘At the time when people like Talvin Singh were breaking through to the mainstream in the late 90s. we were beginning to DJ,’ says Pops. ‘We did weddings and parties just to make some money but this wasn't really our focus; we were more interested in producing our own material incorporating a broad spectrum of music. We wanted everything in there from R&B. drum & bass, hip hop and two-step garage. as well as the Asian classical music that Talvin Singh is influenced by. Because we‘re from North lndia. in the Punjab. we use a lot of folk

The influence of artists like Nitin Sawhney and Black Star Liner (above) can be heard in much of new

Asian underground music

music from there.‘

Although the Burmy brothers are not alone in their work in Scotland. their DIY ethic was borne more out of necessity than for political reasons. ‘lt‘s taken a long time for us to obtain the means to get our ideas down.‘ explains Pops. ‘I have a lot of relations in the Midlands and I would go down there and hear music at parties that wasn‘t making it up to Glasgow. So we had to go out and do it ourselves. bringing the contemporary Asian sound to Scotland.‘

They may not be pushing Sasha and Carl Cox out of the superclubs. but their midweek bhangra happenings at The Temple club in Glasgow play host to between 300- 4()() revellers every time; a considerable crowd for typically quiet clubbing nights.


Asian Dub Foundation are musical and political pioneers

Tiger. Style are bringing Asian sound to Scotland

()ne of the most vital outlets for the likes of Tiger Style is Radio Scotland's The Mix. As the station‘s black and Asian music magazine show. it has documented the changing states of Asian music on both a city and national level. lts contribution to this unintentional weekend is a one-off live show from big beat producer Indian Ropeman. whose set will be broadcast live on the show.

Hermeet (‘hadha. music correspondent for The Mix. is positive about the l‘uture. 'Scotland is changing‘ he says. ‘Second and third generation immigrants are starting to relinquish some cultural ties and get more involved. Tiger Style are the perfect example ofthis.‘

The AsianCelt Sound System play The Temple, Glasgow, Thu 25 May; Asian Dub Foundation play the Garage, Glasgow, Thu 25 May; Indian Ropeman play King Tut's, Glasgow, Sun 28 May; Talvin Singh and Tiger Style play the Arches, Glasgow, Mon 29 May.

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