adventure mundane. A much better bet is the visually wondrous The Living Sea, an ‘edutaining' look at mankind's relationship with the sea (with voice-over from Meryl Streep). Edinburgh: UGC Cinemas. Fantasia 2000 (U) *** (Various, US, 2000) Voices of Steve Martin, Bette Midler, Quincy Jones. 75 mins. When Walt Disney first came up with the idea of turning classical music pops into an animated pot pourri, he originally envisioned that Fantasia would continue to be renewed by additional material. Sixty years on, his dream has at last came to fruition with this new collection of musical highlights. The star of the show is the one segment retained from the original, the Dukas ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice' set-piece with Mickey Mouse in a pointy wizard’s hat and lots of buckets of water. See review. Glasgow: Odcon At The Quay, Showcase, UCI. Edinburgh: UCI, UGC Cinemas. East Kilbride: UCI. Paisley: Showcase.

Festen (15) **** (Thomas Vintcrberg, Germany, 1998) 106 mins. Made under the banner of DOGME 95, a chief dictum of which filmic manifesto is that the inner lives of the characters must justify the workings of the plot, in this case the story of a country house party given to celebrate the 60th birthday of rich patriarch llelge Klingenfeldt. Tensions surface before long and a disturbing family secret is revealed. Glasgow: GFI'.

The Filth And The Fury (15) “no: (Julian Temple, UK, 2000) 107 mins. In his second attempt at defining the Sex Pistols story, Temple has adopted a revisionist stance with the intention of dispelling the notion that the group were the stooges of an art school movement masterminded by self- proclaimcd svengali Malcolm McLaren. Splicing TV ads and stock footage into interviews with the band and previously unseen live footage, Temple wants us to see the group as a genuine explosion of fury at the state of Britain towards the end of the 1970s. Ultimately, The Filth And The Fury is eye candy that tnanages to tacitly confirm the lvcharen/Westwood aesthetic vision. See feature and review. Glasgow: Gl’l‘; Edinburgh: Cameo.

Final Destination (15) *dvk (James Wong, US, 2000) Devon Sawa, Ali Larter, Kerr Smith. 98 mins. After a premonition Alex (Devon Sawa) manages to save a bunch of his classmates from a plane crash. As the survivors gruesomely pop their clogs one-by-one, it becomes apparent that death is playing catch-up. Disposable horror hokum, but the pace, irreverence and sick, black humour ensure the most entertaining teen slasher since the original Scream. General release.

Flubber (U) ** (Les Mayl'teld, US, 1997) Robin Williams, Marcia Gay llarden, Christopher McDonald. 93 mins. 'lhis remake of 1961 Disney favourite The Absent Minded Professor casts a subdued Williams as a scientist who invents a gravity defying goo, but may well lose his fiancee in the process. Combining many of the worst, most annoying attributes of films designed to have ‘family appeal', Flubber merely flops when it should fly. Glasgow: UCl. East Kilbride: UCl.

For A Few Dollars More (PG) **** (Sergio Leone, ltaly/Spain’Germany, 1965) Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Clecf, Gian Maria. 130 mins. Two bounty hunters (Eastwood and Van Cleel) join forces to hunt down a crazy bandit and his gang. The second of the Man With No Name series, with the usual stylish camerawork and Morricone score. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Galaxy Quest (PG) **** (Dean Paris‘ot, US, 2000) Sigourney Weaver, Tim Allen, Alan Rickman. 102 mins. In the film, Galaxy Quest is a Star Trek-style series which ran for a short time years ago and has subsequently developed cult status. To earn a crust the miserable cast make personal appearances at conventions and shopping mall openings. But a naive bunch of aliens mistake them for real heroes and enlist the cast's help in battling a real-life evil enemy. What follows is, on the surface, an entertaining display of straightforward, fish- out-of-water comedy, but underlying it is a gently scathing attack on fan culture, and America‘s pathological need for heroes. General release.

Get Carter (18) ***** (Mike Hodges, UK, 1971) Michael Caine, Britt Ekland, John Osborne. 112 mins. Get Carter stands out as a highlight in the artist formerly known as Micklewhite's career. His superbly controlled performance as the relentless avenger on a score-settling trip to the North East of England only makes you wish Caine had played more villains. llodges grimly effective direction proves that you don‘t need to be as worthy as Ken Loach to make a document of social history. Edinburgh: Filmhouse, UGC Cinemas. Ghost Dog: The Way Of the Samurai (15) it (Jim Jarmusch, US/Japan/lirance/ Germany, 2000) Forest Whitaker, John Tormey, Cliff Gorman. 116 mins. Jim Jarmusch’s latest foray into nowhere sees Whitaker's New York street urchin as a professional Mob assassin who lives by an ancient Eastern code of honour. But when a hit goes wrong, the mob are after Ghost Dog and gangster friend Louie ('I'ormey) is caught between loyalties. It's taken the radical auteur an awful long time to miss the particular boat of sending up the mob. Jarmusch should probably stick to making throwaway movies about ageing rockers. Ilelsinki cabbies and Japanese Elvis fans

instead of attempting the grand spiritual

narrative. Edinburgh: Cameo.

The Girl On The Bridge (15) think (Patrice Leconte, France, 2000) Daniel Auteuil, Vanessa Paradis. 90 mins. (iabor (Auteil), a middle-aged knife-thrower, rescues a suicidal young woman Adele (Paradis) from drowning and whisks her off to the South of France, where she proves a willing target in his stage act. At last, good fortune appears to be favouring the protagonists, but can their relationship remain on a purely business footing? An enjoyably playful modern fairytale, which coasts along on the strength of its two lead performances, some witty dialogue, and the verve of Leconte's direction. See review. Glasgow: Gl’l‘. Edinburgh: l’ilmhouse. Gladiator (15) *irir (Ridlcy Scott, US, 2000) Russell Crowe, Richard Harris, Joaquin Phoenix. 150 mitts. Just before dying Caesar Aurelius (l larris) charges General Maximus (Crowe) with cleaning up his beloved, but politically corrupt Rome. Aurelius‘ son, Commodus (Phoenix), doesn‘t take kindly to this and has his rival executed. But Maximus survives and, as a gladiator, works his way back to Rome intent on revenge. Parallels must be drawn with .S'partt'cus and Ben Hur; we‘ve not seen a Roman epic in a long time. Scott‘s is a handsome spectacle and exciting enough, but that's all it is. General release.

The Great Waldo Pepper (PG) *tti (George Roy llill, US, 1975) Robert Redford, Susan Sarandon, Margot Kidder. 107 mins. Hill and Redford, who also collaborated on Butch CassidyA/td The .S'undance Kid, bring the daredevil acrobat of the 20s to the screen. Death defying airborn sequences still thrill. Edinburgh: Lumiere.

Hanging Up (15) it (Diane Keaton, US, 2000) Meg Ryan, Lisa Kudrow, Walter Matthau, Diane Keaton. 94 mins. 'I'hree sisters are reunited by the failing health of their father (Matthau). llowevcr, tempers fray as middle sister, Eve (Ryan), resents having to care for him while younger sister, Maddy (Kudrow), and big sister, Georgia (Keaton), phone in for regular

1 updates while getting on with their

careers. It's difficult to find any sympathy for the women; the one saving grace is the ever-watchable lylatthau, who gets the only laughs with a running joke about the size of John Wayne's manhood. Glasgow: ()deon, Odeon At The Quay. Edinburgh: Dominion, UCl, UGC Cinctnas. Paisley: Showcase.

Happiness (IS) ***** ('l‘odd Solondz, US, 1998) Cynthia Stevenson, Lara l-‘lynn Boyle, Philip Seymour Hoffman. 139 mins. Three sisters. two small boys, one psychologist and a phone-harassment specialist. Out of these unlikely elements Todd Solondz has wrought pure cinematic gold, which veers frotn belly laughter one moment to stark pathos in another. Edinburgh: UGC Cinemas.

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