new audience or further enlighten Shakespeare fans. Iidinburgh: Lumiere. Love The One You're With (15) *** (Robbie Moffat, UK, 2000) Paul Cunningham, llazel Ann Crawford. 92 mins. Filmed in Glasgow with largely local actors, Love The One You 're Wit/t highlights the realities of homelessness in Glasgow. London property dealer Charlie Grant (Cunningham) finds himself stranded in Glasgow without cash, credit card or car after an impounding and a mugging. Befriended by the local homeless he spends the long weekend on the streets and in the soup kitchens. A worthy glimpse into Glasgow's underworld and homelessness problem. Here, the medium really is the message. See review. Selected release. Man On The Moon (15) ***** (Milos Forman, Us, 2000) Jim Carrey, Danny DeVito, Courtney Love. l 19 mins. Carrey was unfairly snubbed at the ()scars: as comedian Andy Kaufman (Iaitka in You), Carrey gives a career best performance. That Kaufman was best known in the UK as Latka and little known for his astonishing, often sadistic practical jokes works in the film's favour. l-‘orman and his screenwriters from Larry I’lym, Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, have crafted a film that plays as many tricks with its audience as Kaufman did with the American public. And that‘s the highest honour the film could have paid Kaufman. Glasgow: ()deori At The Quay. lidinburgh: UGC Cinemas. Dunfcrrnline: Robins Cinema. Kilrnarnock: ()deon.

The Mask Of Zorro (PG) *~k** (Martin Campbell. L'S, 1998) Antonio, Catherine Zeta Jones. Anthony Hopkins. 137 mins. As a piece ofold-school matinee hokurn. The Mask ()qurro flashes its blade with the best of them. but it's also clever enough to draw in a new audience by plundering every manifestation of the action-adventure formula. With the dark Latin looks of a romantic hero and a physical ability to pull off the film‘s acrobatic stunts and comedy. Bander'as is perfectly cast an lirrol 1in tin for the 90s. Swordfights haven't looked this good since Basil Rathbone last headed for the staircase. lidinburgh: St Bride's.

A Matter Of Life And Death (PU) *‘kiii (Michael Powell litnctic I’ressburger. I'K, 19-10) David Niven, Kim Hunter. Roger l.ivesy. Raymond .‘ylassey. 10-1 mins. Wonderful film that rises above its beginnings as a piece of wartime propaganda about goodwill between Britain and the L'SA. .\'iv en is an RAI’ pilot who finds himself before a heavenly tribunal when he bales out of his burning plane. A witty and stylish fantasy with a fair share of on-target satire. lzdinburgh: l.umiere. Maybe Baby ( 15) *** (Bert litron, t.‘K. 2000) Hugh Laurie. Joer Richardson. Joanna l.uriiley. 90 mins. Sam (l.;ittttc) and Lucy (Richardson) are happy in love and successful at work (he's a BBC commissioning editor and she‘s a theatrical

agent). The only blot on this idyllic loiidon landscape is that the couple desperately want a baby to lulfil their blissful lives. Written and directed by lilton, it's no surprise that there are sortie very funny lines in a film that's destined to be heralded as the new [Our lli'o’o’r/rgv. See rev icw. Selected release.

The Miracle Maker (t) 1H: (Stanistav- Sokolov. Derek llayes'. I'K. 2000) Ralph l'iienncs. Julie Christie. Richard I- (ilalll. 91 mins. .‘yliracles may riev er cease. undoubtedly the reasoning behind prey ioiis attempts to render the liaster Story palatable. The latest gimmick is to add puppets, which. although oddly dated. iltiptcsscs on its own low tech lc‘.el. Despite deltly tugging .rt the lieartstririgs. the puppetry can't disguise the fact that this is a Sunday school reading in a millennial medium. \\ ishaw : Arrow Multiples.

My Life SO Far t 12) ii tllugh lludsori. PK. 2000) Robert Norman. Rosemary Ilarris. Malcolm .\1cl)owell. ( oliii l‘rrth. 9s” mins. layerytlirng rri llugh lludsori's llllll is about to change. l rasei l’ettigrew (Norman) is about to go trorri childhood innocence to SL’XIIlliISCtl atloicscct‘icc ll lie Sctilllsli cslalc of the elderly lll.llll.ll\.l1(idlllllldllldllhlls about to be passed onto a new generation. either her go-ahead capit dist son (.\1cl)o‘.vellio: in: '

nephew lidward (Firth). Genteel affluence is about to give way to wartime hardship. Loosely based on the memoirs of Sir Denis Forman, My Life So Far would love to be a play by Chekhov. Instead it’s a mushy piece of nostalgic whimsy. Edinburgh: Dominion. Grecnock: Waterfront.

Mystery Men (PG) *** (Kirika Usher, US, 1999) Ben Stiller, William H. Macy, Janeane Garofalo. 122 mins. Although it's a spoof, .llystwy Men is more knowing about the conventions of American comic book superheroes than other comic adaptations that's largely down to .llystery Men's origins in Bob Burden’s Dark Horse Comic, Flu/rung Carrol. Caped crimefighter Captain Amazing has been kidnapped by super villain Casanova Frankenstein and it's up to underachiever heroes: the Mystery Men to save the day. Largs: Vikingar Cinema.

The Ninth Gate (15) ** Johnny Depp, l-‘rank Langella, Lena ()lin. 133 mins. Depp's ‘book detective' Dean Corso is hired by collector Boris Balkan (Langella) to locate copies of a text that may well have been illustrated by Satan himself. When the people Corso meets die in odd set-piece scenes that bring those pictures to life, he knows he's dealing with forces much more powerful than any of human origin. 'l‘hough l’olanski's film nods to the likes of lidgar Allen Poe, the dominant literary influence would appear to he Dennis Wheatley. 'l'here's only a minimal amount of tangible suspense or scares, and the dialogue elunks so loudly it brings an clephantinc subtlencss to mumbo jumbo. See review. General release.

Nora (18) *** (Pat Murphy, L’k. 2000) Susan Lynch, Iiwan McGregor. 10(i mins. A period drama recounting the early struggles of modernist and post-modernist literary genius. James Joyce, Nora is more interesting as a study of Nora Barnacle. a free-spirited and highly courageous young woman. Murphy's film. adapted from Brenda .‘yladdox's acclaimed book about their lifelong love affair. follows the early years of their teriipestuous relationship, made so by Joyce's unrelenting jealousy and Nora's submissive dotagc. lixcellerit performances frorri the leads riiake this worth watching. Glasgow: (il’l‘. lidinburgii: liilmhouse.

Open Your Eyes (15) *t (Alejandro Ariien'bar, Spain. 2000) liduardo Noriega. Penelope Cruz. ('hete l.era. 117 mins. Smooth looking. three car owning. inheritance spending Clisar (Noriega) has the sort of Madrid life many would dream of. He even gets the best looking girl. the stunning Sofia (Cruz). How ever. vi‘/ran’eri/i'arnle demands a turn for the worst. and sure enough, there it is literally round the corner. .\riieri-bar's second feature seems caught between the light comic touch o1 Almodovar and the pensive subtleties of .\1edcrn. lialkirk: l’l'll ('iriema. Kirkcaldy: Adam Smith.

The Palm Beach Story (l'i **** (l’reston Sturges, IS. 1942) ('laudette ('olbert. Joel Mctha, Rudy \allee. \S ttlitts. Sturges has been given renewed recognition for his llollywood parody Sufi/raer 'lrirn'lv by the (‘oeri brothers in their latest lilrti () [flirt/tel; Hike/121M Iliuuj’. But I’d/m lit-m It is what Sturges is best known for; a screwball comedy about .' woman \ylio scls till for l'ilotida to calcli a

riiillioriarre despite already being married. l'drribiirgh: l'llllllltitlsc.

Peter Mullan Shorts (no cerl) *ttt (Various. I'K. I‘M-l "\i l’ctcr Mullan. 94 mins approx. .\1i\ ol acting and directing work tracing the origins ot one of Scotland's truest lilrrizriakeis. l’rogramrrie includes: ( I'im’. In“ A. lire Ira/gr. (fowl liiri for [lie liar/(1m v and [Moral/reef l'drnburgh: l'lllllltrtttsc.

Pink Floyd The Wall (15) *‘ki’ (Alan l’atlvct, I'K. l()\:) Bob (icltlttl, (liltislittc llargrcav es. Bob lloskiris. 95 mins. .'\n ambitious attempt by Parker and the l-loyd' Roger \\aters to turn the band's album l'lie Hit/l into a v isual. almost dialogue-less

story. in which a schoolboy named l’ink grows up to be an isolated rock star llie result did not match the ambition (ilasgow: (irosvenor.

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