Damon, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow. 139 mins. 'l‘om Ripley (Damon) befriends then adopts the life of rich kid Dickie Grecnleaf (Law). Ripley being an infamous literary murderer, it's no surprise how he goes about claiming Dickie's ex pat lifestyle. in late 505 Italy, but Mingliella's film and Ilighsmith's novel is so much more than a tale of murder; it's also about lust, love and the interchangeability of identities. Classy all the way. Kirkcaldy: Adam Smith. Stirling: MacRobert.

The Thomas Crown Affair (15) **** (John Mc'l‘iernan, US, 1999) Pierce Brosnan. Rene Russo, Denis Leary. 110 mins. Brosnan takes two steps left of his 007 persona to play millionaire playboy 'I'liomas Crown, who turns to art theft to amuse himself. When he lifts a £100 million Monet from a New York museum, he attracts the attention of Russo's insurance investigator. During the ensuing cat and mouse game of wits, emotions get the better of the worthy foes and romance soon threatens both their livelihoods. The film 's two heist scenes are expertly executed by Mc'Iiernan, while no less riveting is the interplay between the leads. Only the trite final scene blemishes what is otherwise a fine piece of commercial art. Kilmarnock: ()deon.

Three Kings (15) ***** (David 0. Russell, US, 2000) George Clooney, Mark Walilberg, Ice Cube. 114 mins. At the butt end of the Gulf War, four US soldiers who have seen no action whatsoever and don't even understand what the war is about, follow a treasure map to where Saddam Hussein has hidden stolen Kuvvati gold. A masterpiece of inlitirrianity. Russell‘s witty script and super sharp direction captures the futility of the situation. This film begs some of the most pertinent political questions ever asked in an American movie it's amazing it got passed congress. Edinburgh: Brunton 'l‘lieatre. Lumiere. Iialkirk: I’I‘II Cinema.

The Tigger Movie (U) **** (Jun I-‘alkenstein, US. 2000) 77 mins. Identical in many way s to 1977's The Many Adventures ()fll'i'miie The Pooh. this new yarn based on A.A. Milne's characters finds Pooh, Piglet, 'I‘igger et al still living a charmed life of tea parties and afternoon naps. Only this time, the wee stripy fella's decided being one of a kind isn't quite as cool as he'd first thought and so a literal quest for the Tigger Family 'l'ree ensues. A happy ending eventually makes its presence felt. because even 'I'iggcr is smart enough to recognise that with friends like Pooh, Piglet. Roo and lieyorc, who needs family"? General release.

To Walk With Lions (12) **** (Carl Schultz. (‘anada UK. Kenya, 2000) Richard Harris. Ian Bannen. Kerry I-‘ox. 105 mins. Bur/i l-‘rec brought George and Joy Adariison's work returning captive lions into the wild to a world-wide audience. I-‘oetising on an elderly Adamson (l Iarris), this film picks tip some time after Born Free left off. as pressure from herdsmcn. the government and warring bandits threaten the survival of his project. The moving narrative has a powerful impact. not least because it's based on fact. See review. Glasgow: ()deon At The ()uay. Paisley: Showcase.

Topsy-Turvy (12) *tit (Mike Leigh, L'K. 2000) Jim Broadbent, Allan (‘orduner. Martin Savage. 159 mins. At the film's core is the turbulent creative partnership between Victorian opera writer Gilbert (Broadbent) and playboy genius composer Sullivan (t‘orduncr). But preparations for their greatest show. The .lli/oirfo, involve a whole cast who giv c flaw less performances. This might be Leigh's first period drama, but it's another excellent ensemble piece engaging with his tisual preoccupation: people at work. rest and play. Iidiriburgh: Brtinton 'l‘heatre. Lumiere. (ialasliiels: Pavilion. Toy Story 2(12) *tttt (John I.as.seter. LS. 2000) Ion: llanks. 'I‘irii Allen. Joan (‘usack 95 mins. 'I‘he new film expands on the original settings and themes: When Woody is not taken to (‘ow boy (Tamp by his owner Andy. he begins to question the meaning of his ‘Iit'e'. When he's subsequently stolen by a collector who plans to sell him to a Japanese toy museum Buzz. and the gang travel across town to rescue their pal. ‘lilie emotive range of the

animated characters is extraordinary; they say that computer generated images will never replace the real thing, but Toy Story 2 makes you wonder. Glasgow: Showcase. Edinburgh: Dominion, Odeon. Galashicls: Pavilion. Kilmarnock: Odeon.

Trick (15) *** (Jim Fall, US, 2000) Christian Campbell, Jean Paul Pitoc, Tori Spelling. 89 mins. Gabriel (Campbell) has just pulled Mark (Pitoc) and is looking good for a night of action, except there’s nowhere they can go to fulfil their desire. So instead they wonder around town searching for a friend who can help them out, and in doing so create a bond far stronger than there initial carnal desire. Trick makes no issue out of the fact that the main characters are homosexual, moving away from stereotyping and issues which cling to gay movies. See preview and review. Edinburgh: liilmhouse.

Tumbleweeds (12) ***+ (Gavin O'Connor, US, 2000) Janet Mc'I‘eer, Kimberly J. Brown, Jay 0. Sanders. 102 mins. Mary Jo (the mesmerising McTeer) first got married when she was seventeen and she's been running from one no good husband to another ever since, but her teenage daughter, Ava (Brown), has had enough of their nomadic existence. Question is: will mom ever change? The story 's not particularly new, but where this kind of material has elsewhere been drowned in sentiment and cliche, 'Iimibleiveeds feel fresh, real, vital. Stirling: MacRobert.

U-571 (12) **** (Jonathan Mostow, US/UK, 2000) Matthew McConaughey, Bill Paxton, Ilarvey Keitel. 115 mins. Mostow plays fast and loose with WWII history; the first successful attempt to secure an Enigma coding device from a German U-Boat was achieved by the Royal (not US) Navy. But his aim isn‘t gritty realism. Instead, this is a rollicking, old fashioned adventure that's more in the style of The (:‘uns‘ ()er'uvurone than Dus Boot. McConaughey comes over like a movie hero from the mould that broke when Mitchum and McQueen hit the dirt. See review. General release.

The Virgin Suicides (15) **** (Sofia Coppola, US. 2000) Kirsten Dunst, Kathleen Turner, James Woods. 90 mins. American suburbia in the 1970s. When the five beautiful Lisbon sisters begin killing themselves one-by-one, there‘s nothing the local and adoring boys can do but watch, and afterwards carry into their adult lives regret, confusion and loss. Coppola's adaptation of Jeffrey Iiugenides' novel is shot through with a beautiful, melancholic nostalgia for lost youth. The central mystery is never resolved, and the film remains all the more powerful for it. Glasgow: (El-'1', Showcase. Iidinburgh: Cameo. EC].

The Whole Nine Yards (15) #ka (Jonathan Lynn. US, 2000) Matthew Perry, Bruce Willis. Rosanna Arquette. 98 mins. A screw ball crime comedy that teams fidgety Perry with laid-back Willis. Nicholas ()zeransky (Perry) is a lien-peeked Montreal dentist whose shrcwish FTCthlt-(‘itllittllztn wife (Arquette) has saddled him with her late father's debts. Jimmy "llie 'I‘ulip‘ 'I‘udeski (Willis) is the affable hit-man who has just moved in next door. Not hard to tell what happens next. but the pairing of Willis and Perry works surprisingly well. General release.

Yellow Submarine (L7) **** (George Dunning, UK, 1967) The voices and music of the Beatles. 9(1 mins. 'I‘lie I-‘ab Pour save I’epperland from the Blue Meanies. A real period piece these days. this exercise in garish psychedelic animation still remains a colourful (and safely non-addictive) trip for the kiddies. while everyone can sing along with the tunes. Iialkirk: I’I‘II Cinema.

Zulu (15) ((‘yril Iinfield. L‘K. 196-1) Stanley Baker, Jack Hawkins. Michael Came. 135 mins. Baker and Iintield co-produced this epic account of the British Army's suicidal attempt to hold Rorke's Drift against a '/.ulu war party twenty times its size back in 1879.'1‘here's little interest shown in the Zulu side of the story. instead it's stiff- upper-lipped action heroics all the way. If you can forgive all side back in awe of the superb cinematography (Stephen Dade) and a star-making performance from Caine. Glasgow: (if-'1‘.

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