Doug's day

We remember him when he was fooling around at Stirling University, performing spoof versions of Don't Forget Your Toothbrush. But these days Douglas Maxwell is the toast of the Tron, Glasgow, where he's making his professional writing debut with Our Bad Magnet. Pictured is actor Alasdair Macrae as Giggles.

Our Bad Magnet, Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Thu 1-Sat 17 Jun. See theatre preview, page 65.

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unmissable stuff. THURSDAY 25 Martin Amis Krngsley's wee boy has caused somethrng of a storm Wrth the lrterary brtchrng between the covers of hrs autobrography, Experrence. Former chums, Julran Barnes and Chrrstopher Hrtchens are among those who erI be cryrng rnto therr prllows at nrght. See prevrew, page 109 FRIDAY 26 The Long Good Friday EnJOy the talent of Bob Hoskrns before rt became wasted on phone ads and bunny rabbrts rn thrs relaunched classrc London gangster movre Thrs precursor to the massrvely rnferror lrkes of Loek, Sto<k and Love, Honour And Obey was drrected by a Scot, John Mackenzre See

prevrew, page 26 and revrew, page 29.

SATURDAY 27 Chemrml Generation Boy George rs your post on a tr'rp ((ltllit‘ lrtet'ally' through the hrstor'y of dante rrrusrt, (luh'prng and drugs, SrnCe the atrd house explosron of 1988 The mar‘. the hat speaks to a motley (rev. ot' toppers, <lut)l)ers <i".(l caners See prearexx, page 1 16 Channel 4

SUNDAY 28 Stephen ‘rl/rynl’a Hes

pa nsta< " ; (or: et: :ro-x." t"e gra‘“ nrte-xaast‘reo fine .'.a‘ s, '..".("‘ "med to the nterne’. to ("eate an "term e SOu'rostape e We C. yde petrest" a" tunnel See p'e‘.'e‘.'., page 8-1 Clyde Tunnel Glasgow

MONDAY 29 Talvrrr smqrr Thrs Vrr'tuoso musrt ran and proneer'rng produter hrhgs hrs unrgae hlerrtr‘ of modern dame (‘lt‘t tronrt s and tradrtronai Asrart r‘rtrsrt for a one—o“ show Ask rrrteiy arid he rrr:ght let you tout‘h hrs l\/l(‘l'( ur‘y l\.rlusr( Pr'r/e See feature, page 2‘1 Art/res, Glasgow

TUESDAY 30 Johnny Vegas The man who has sexed up (erarnrt‘s «honestt has (hosen some of the frnest pottery rn the land under the (ollettrve trtle of Pot Val/ant, a euphemrsm for drunk and (lrsorderly Among the \‘.orks on shox'. 'l‘.( lude (harrr-smt)i\’:r‘.g (hr(kerrs, a ()ill-SOdkOd Pa: Butt‘ner and a board game tahrt h lll( rtes OAPs to shoplrt’t Cr'at‘rtreg DMK Inst/tote, Kr/mar‘noc‘k WEDNESDAY 31 Big Country They sang of F/e/(ls Of Frr‘e uhrie playrng gurtar-hagprpe (or‘tv‘aptrons whrt h appeared to he made from grr'ders They're pat lung then: (may for good, so thrs 's your last thante to harl these awesome Frt'ers .3()/‘I‘()'.'.//()I)d, Gr’asgor'x

THURSDAY 1 Romeo And luliet Pl()'\()llt‘\., Shakespeare and Robert North ll(i\.'(‘ tollat)orated, sort of, to hunt; t.s Stottrsh Ballet's tr'agr< taie of t'or‘l) (lden low and fatal lrgurd See feature, page H Theatre Royal, (i/asgoa‘x

FRIDAY 2 Scottish International Children’s Festival The (Ountry's largest per'for‘mrng arts bash for nrppers sees theatre troupes from Denmark, Germany and the UK puttrng Jemrma Puddle-Dutk, Hansel & Gretel and a foetus on (aprtal stages See l)l(‘\l(‘\‘., page 92

l/arrous venues, Ed/nburgn

Tuesday 30 May Johnny Vegas