RE-VAlVlPED VENUE The 13th Note Club Glasgow: 260 Clyde Street.

The 13th Note Club has existed for some time now as something of a curiosity: part club, part after hours boozing den for the 13th Note Cafe crowd. This perception of the venue as a not-quite-club looks set to change, however, with a re-launch of the existing resident clubs and the addition of a few brand new concepts.

Perhaps the most striking change comes in the form of Deathlehem, the brainchild of DJs Demonic, Dumptruck and Craig. The night, which deserves praise for the peculiar moniker alone, is set to provide a unique haven for anyone tired with the oppressive hegemony of dance music and the kind of indie most closely associated with the ’Note. This is because Deathlehem deals solely in metal and heavy rock, from the classic end of the spectrum with Black Sabbath and AC/DC, right up

to today’s scary ultra-metal bands like Slipknot and


Next up is a club dealing in less off-kilter sounds, but with a new clubbing concept. Loose Joints resident DJs (eyebee) and (deecee) have decided to distance themselves from standard DJ practice by eschewing the crossfader, and homing in on the records themselves. This means that each of the tracks played will be heard in its entirety, and none will be selected on the grounds that they are well suited to a particular turntablist technique, an idea lifted from New York's legendary Loft nightclub and intended as an attempt to focus on music, pure and simple. ’The idea for Loose Joints stems

Gavin Hardkiss brings his dance fusion to Boogie Mo Dynamo, The Bongo Club, Sat 27 May.

74 THELIST B gzr

Tuning in: The 13th Note Club is set to become the focal point for alternative

clubbing in Glasgow

back to 1985 when I stumbled into Bobby Gillespie's

club A Splash One Happening', explains (eyebee).


Gavin Hardkiss & The Baroness (Sunburn Recordings)

Edinburgh: Boogie Mo Dynamo, The Bongo Club, Sat 27 May.

Home to a plethora of DJs, producers and live acts, San Francisco’s Sunburn Recordings are about to launch an extensive UK tour. The label boss, Niven Bonar, being a native Scot, insisted that the tow include a Scottish date and after extensive research, the club he came up with was none other than Edinburgh’s funky breakdown, Boogie Mo Dynamo.

Residents Smack and Believe were, of course, more than happy to accommodate the label’s premiere artists, Gavin Hardkiss, aka Hawke and Charlotte Kaufman, aka The Baroness: ’lt's nice to hear that we’ve got such a good reputation.’ Excited, to say the least, about their imminent guests ~ 'The people that we’ve spoken to who have seen them are Just in awe’ the Boogie Mo boys are confident that Suriburn’s eclecticisrn will fit right in. As Believe says: 'We’ve never stuck to one style of music because that's like

'Among the rock and punk of The Velvet Underground and The Stooges would be Kraftwerk and Sly And The Family Stone. There were no constraints on the playlist and it completely opened my ears to new sounds. We will be striving to do the same.’

With two nights that can reasonably claim unique status in Glasgow clubland alongside the more established residencies Big Daddy and Freeform, then, it shouldn't be too long before The 13th Note Club is firmly established as an alternative clubbing venue first and foremost. (Jack Mottram)

dictating to people what they should

be listening to.’ Speaking from San Francisco, Gavin

Hardkiss explains why the Sunburn , g 25 May; Ministry Of Sound’s DJ Heaven

artists are unique among their American contemporaries: 'There's a real deep house sensibility over here and we try to be a bit more eclectic.’ Incorporating deep funky house, but branching out into percussive beats, electro and tech-breaks, the most recent Sunburn compilation, Electric Manor Volume 2, showcases a diversity of styles and tempos. Mixed by The Baroness, she says of her DJing: ’I started as a funk, soul and hip hop

DJ but I like house too, so I enjoy

showing the connections.’

Founded in 1997, Sunburn have

continued to build their impressive

reputation with their regular ’Sticky i

Trumpets’ party nights in San

Francisco, but what pray tell, are 'sticky }

Club news

E Whispers on the dancefloor

THOSE OF YOU who haven’t got

your tickets for Homelands better

a 1 get a shift on. The line-up includes

musical pioneers Leftfield and

. Reprazent, alongside such

luminaries as Moby, Public Enemy, B.T., Layo and Buchwacka and David

Holmes. With five arenas,

programmed for fifteen hours of clubbing entertainment each, it's worth making the effort. If you're a

bit worried about finding Straid Farm (near Dalleagles, near New

Cumnock, near Cumnock, in

Ayrshire) then you'll be relieved to hear that there will be a shuttle bus S service running from Glasgow's

Buchanan Street bus station. See feature, page 17, for full details.


musical collective, are making waves

outside their home city. After their latest gig, in which they shared a billing with Groove Armada under the Ouch Education Department banner, vocalist Kathleen Sheridan has been invited by the Groovers to perform on their forthcoming album. The List also hears that the band are in top level discussions with both Polydor and Virgin about a recording deal.

LEITH GETS ITS first proper, regular club night in the form of Spectrum

at Club Java. Brought to you by

Edinburgh's almost legendary Joseph Malik, it will feature his trademark selection of beats, taking in everything from reggae and R&B to house and hip hop. The first date is Saturday 17 June.

A ROUND-UP or the Bank Holiday

plans of the G1 group is as follows: DJ

, Stukee, one of the country’s premiere

hip hop and R&B DJs, will be making his Scottish debut at Life on Thursday

with be at Archaos on Friday 26 May as part of the Grouse Rush Club Tour;

Liquid Cool will be seeing double on

Sunday 28 May, in the form of an

; extension to 0'5 pre-club until 3am, effectively creating two venues and

keeping the DJs on their toes running between them. And finally, although not strictly part of the Bank Holiday

; goings-on, Aitch B of Soul II Soul will be performing at Life on Thursday 8

trumpets’? 'Use your imagination’, says

Hardkiss. OK, so what can we expect ; .

from the set then? ’I carry so many different sounds with me —— party ? sounds, Latin, percussive, trance, house 1 and breakbeat. It will be warm but a

little quirky, a taste of San Francisco i

brought to Scotland.’ (Catherine Bromley)


r _. " ' r.“ r Driving force: liv breaks collective Engine are on the way up

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