Three Point Landing Until Fri 26 May. (Atrium Gallery). Recent work by three visiting metal workers Judit Bartel (Germany), i‘s'atascha (iuignard (Switzerland) and 'I‘iffany Parbs (Australia) who are all currently undertaking residencies at Glasgow School of Art.

Interim MFA Lintil Fri 2 Jun.

' (Mackintosh ck lsewbery' (rallery). With a

growing. international reputation, the annual exhibition of work by post graduate students in Fine Art. Guided tours of the exhibition are on Sat 27 May, starting at noon in the Mackintosh Gallery.


3 Park (‘ircusy 332 2555. Mort-Thu loam—7pm: l-‘ri—Sat lllam--lpnt. Marlene Dietrich: Photographs Of A Legend lintil Hi 23 Jun. On loan from the iiilmmuscum BCTiill.‘i\iiil’iCliC Dietrich (.‘ollection. a stunning selection of 3‘) photographs of the legendary lilmstar, Marlene Dietrich. Ranging from her childhood to her famous images on film arid stage. the exhibition features the work of photographers llorst P. Horst, Cecil Beaton and (ieorge Hurrell. HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY University of Glasgow, 82 llillhead Street. 330 5431. Mon-Sat 9.3(lam—5pm. Free.

Artists At Harleys Until Sat 3 Jun. in the late l‘l5lls. commercial printers in Edinburgh. llarley‘ Brothers. encouraged young artists to produce and editiort colour lithographs. in this exhibition, the work of .Michael Ay rton. iilizabeth Blackaddcr. Robin l’hilipson arid John Piper goes on display.

Glasgow Tea Rooms: Mackintosh And Miss Cranston t'ntil Tue 1‘) Sep. An exhibition looking at the city‘s famous ‘Miss ('ranston' tea rooms and the designs Mackintosh created for them. INTERMEDIA GALLERY

18 King Street. 552 3540. ‘l‘uc—l’ri lilam-opm; Sat lll;irn—-2prn.

In Glass Loopholes L'ntil Sat 27 May. Recent work by four Glasgow-based painters \‘icroiia Morton. Samantha Murray. Jenny ()‘ Boy lc and Julie Parker.


ll Mitchell lane. 22t (>363. Mitt], \Vcd, l-‘ri is Sat llt,_‘sti_im-bpm: 'l‘uc llam-bpm; 'l‘hu ill..‘silarn~.\‘ptn; Suit noott- .‘prn.

Kidsize: The Material World Of Childhood L'ntil Sun ~l Jun. £3.50 (£2); free for children tirtdcr if). This exhibition organised by the \'itra Design Museum looks at the changing relationships between cltildrcn artd adults. expressed through children‘s everyday material cny ironrncnts in societies. An interactiye education programme accompanies the show with workshops. specially constructed 3]) interactive experiences and actiy ities for children.

Droog Design tintil Sun ();\ll‘i.1.'iiilk' internationally acclaimed. iiuro design agency. Droog Design has its first major exhibition in the LR. The exhibition consists of objects front nine designers that ltaye worked with Droog. iiach of these objects are placed irt (ilasgow' homes. and each householder records a yidco diary of the usage of the object. Sec rcy iew.

T-House For The City t'ntil Sun 18 Jurt. A full-scale reconstruction of a tea house. Show Your Hand Dundee Waterfront l'ntil Sun ll Jun. An exhibition of drawing arid architectural models illustrating fifteen proposals to dc\clop the waterfront at Dundee.


Station Road. Milngayie. 578 8847.

Tue l-‘ri lllam lpm. 5pm; Sat is Sun 3-5pm.

Young People's Art t'ntil t-‘ri 2t) May. Drawings. prints and ceramics by yourtg people who attended art classes at the gallery oyer lltc last year.

Worship And Praise l'ntil l-‘ri 3r, May.

The best exhibitions this fortnight

Andrew McDermid Stirring photographs of sadhus, India's Hindu holy men, by Glasgow photographer, McDermid. Glasgow; Street Level until Sat 70 Jun.

The Sea, The Sea Edward Wadsworth, Christopher Wood and Alfred Wallis along with Ian Hamilton Finlay and others show work relating to all things nautical. Edinburgh: lngleby Gallery until Sat 77 Jun. Droog Design Glasgow families show Video recordings of their time spent with objects designed by the Euro agency, Droog Design. A case of design having to work. See review. Glasgow the Lighthouse until Sun 6 Aug.

Sam Bell Startling photographs of the urban underbelly. See review. Glasgow: The Loft Gallery until Sat 3 Jun. Pictured above.

Without Day Artists Nathan Coley, Chad McCail and others offer up :maginary proposals for events, artworks and cultural happenings to take place at the new Scottish Parliament A Vigorous alternative: take note ye politicians. See review. Edinburgh; City Art Centre until Sat 3 Jun.

In Glass Loopholes Four Glasgow artists Victoria Morton, Samantha Murray, Jenny 0’80er and Julie Parker show that abstract art is alive and kicking. Glasgow. lntermedia Gallery until Sat 2 7 May. The British Art Show 5 With over 50 artists at eight Edinburgh venues, The British Art Show is a mixed bag. Is British art in crisis or did the British Art Show selectors loose their way? Best to catch Martin Creed’s balloon- filled room at lnverleith House, Richard Wright's wall painting and Sarah Lucas’s self-portraits at the Ta!bot Rice, Edinburgh: City Art Centre, Collective Gallery,- irurtmarket Gallery; lnver/eith House, Dean Gallery; National Gallery Of Modern Art; Stills Gallery; Talbot Rice Gallery until Sun 4 Jun.

The gallery ‘s recent purchase The Stall-(ms ()f The (Truss by Adrian Wis/.nicwski is shown alongside scenes of (‘hristian worship by a selection of Scottish artists.

Milngavie Art Club Annual Exhibition Sat .‘s—Srit 2-1 Jun. Oil and watercolour paintings and ceramics by members of the Milngavie Art (‘lub.

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3 soundwalk



I '

sixteen people worldwide at any one time compose one soundscape through half a mile of tunnel - sounds travel at three different speeds through sixtyfour speakers

a globally controlled soundwork broadcaSt live to participate go to


' for info tel : 0141 576 7956

29 may - 18 june

BIVIIB pedestrian and circle tunnel

l .

i entrance - north balshagray crescent !

i entrance - SOUih govan road


in partnership with

an ‘. funded by j fimhtw E Glasgow \

25 May—8 Jun 2000 THE usr 87