O I saw you in Liverpool 28 April 2000. Met in Boogie Nights woke up in Moat House Hotel. You were here for Everton vs Arsenal. Disappointing performance? Not for me! Need you to show me round Glasgow. Reply before next season please! Box No U/388/1.

9 I saw you about four years ago at a Spice wine tasting. I knew you were special! I wanted to get your number. 123, you’re the one for me. Box No U/388/2.

V I saw you and your vision blew me away. Would you like to check out my momentum? See you at the Tron on Tuesday. Box No U/388/3.

O I saw you at Eurovision party. Loved your tragedy moves, wanna teach me and I’ll get you a new pair of glittery shoes! Happy birthday love Al. Box No U/388/4.

O I saw you Scott, at the Polo, 20/5/00. After you seeing me at the Groucho. I liked what I saw too. Get in touch soon. Martin. Box No U/388/5.

Q I saw you with those big baby blues two years ago and fell in love. Will you be my monkey girl forever? Love always Maggie. PS you so know what!! Box No U/388/6.

O I saw you Australian Pink Floyd on Ferry 24/5/00. You tallish blond, white T-shirt, denims. Me tall dark—haired female. You stood close. Yes! I was very interetsed. Get in touch. Box No U/388/7.

0 I saw you all superstar clubbers I met during my stay in Glasgow in Sub Club or the Arches . . . superb! Love and respect, Fabien the funky French. Box No U/388/8.

O I saw you sultry swish Swiss singer performing your French feature at Sleazy’s. Call me and we’ll do lunch. Box No U/388/9.

O I saw you cute guy, always wearing a cap. First at Kid Koala (Arches) then Sat 20, K&D sessions at Renfrew Ferry. You tall, hooded jumper then later with light blue T-shirt. Me close by, equally as cute with bright orange head scarf. Maybe next time I’ll smile and you’ll reply! Box No U/388/10.

U I saw you giving it flower power at Fruitfly (20/5/00) fancy letting me have a shot of that nipple? Box No U/388/11.

O I saw you ex-portrait patriot, sporting your bright smile, in the men’s changing rooms of your squash court through my spy hole. Box No U/388/ 12.

O I saw you (blonde/female/ 25ish) in my bank (BOS Shawlands). I dropped your change and you smiled. Let me apologise properly. Box No U/388/13.

O I saw you Newlands Safeway, 9.30 Sun morning, knight in red car with dry cleaning. Me pretty, golden curls, black top, smitten. Can I help you air your dirty laundry in public? WLTMU4 good clean fun. Box No U/388/14.

O I saw you in your hippy gear. Well now it’s been almost a year. So wear the ‘get-up’ from ‘Harem’! I’ll see you in Roma for ice cream. To Dimple, love Gonzo. Box No U/388/15. Q I saw you Phil, pumping up my air bed. Pump me up any day! I love you baby! Box No U/388/ 16.

v I saw you Laura at The Garage 27/5. See you again? Ifl could talk I’d tell you . . . French boy. Box No U/388/ 17.

O I saw you Normans, Shawlands, everyday. You male hairdresser, tall, slim, pierced eyebrow. Me male, 6ft, dark brown cropped hair, suit, driving Cherokee jeep, rugby type. I think you are ‘scrum-my’, let me show you my tackle. Box No U/388/18. O I saw you wearing www.5exybaby.co.uk lying there looking divine, deserving so much more pampering. You know where I am whenever you need me. xx Box No U/388/19.

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0 I saw you Western A&E, 5/5/00. You doctor, Stuart, with local anaesthetic and tweezers, me scarface. Your handiwork is good - now my eyebrows and dried scrambled eggs? Get in touch. Box No U/388/20.

O I saw you at Bennet’s. I’m the shy dancer that you tried to talk to. I’d like a second chance to see your radiant smile. Box No U/388/21.

v I saw you Bach, four years in Glasgow. Thank you baby. Dopey. x Box No U/388/22.

O I saw you sexy Spanish matador in Tinderbox in smoker’s haven. Can I cuddle into your big creamy jumper. Did your mum knit it? 26/5/00 at 11.18am. Box No U/388/23. O I saw you sexy Sam (London boy Dalrymple). Can I be your next in line? You know you want me! Box No U/388/24.

O I saw you in a beautiful red dress, dark blond hair, an elegant silver ring and Sparkling brown eyes. Je t’aime beaucoup. Box No U/388/25.

O I saw you heavily pregnant on a table in the Candy Bar with a bald heed. Box No U/388/26. O I saw you sexy, Norman, medic’s play 26/5. You look gorgeous in a dress (but better without no doubt!) Saucy psycho make my day! Box No U/388/27.

O I saw you spiky in my room last night. Sorry I was such a cow. You know I love you loads, especially your thighs! Love the one night stand that never went away. Box No U/388/28.

0 I saw you daydreaming behind the counter @ the Citz box office. You are lovely with your ginger hair. Box No U/388/29.

U I saw you 25/5/00, gorgeous long dark haired trainee lifesaver in the Stevie swimming pool. Our diving would have been better were we not drowning in your beauty. Rescue me. Box No U/388/30.

O I saw you at Glasgow Green on May Day. You cute dykc. You were working with sound equipment and had baggy jeans and a chain. Box No U/388/31. . I saw you in the Sky Bar doing somersaults. I want some of what you had that night you big blonde eejit. Box No U/388/32.

O I saw you sex bomb. Make the Wonka Burd explode. Box No U/388/33.

v I saw you in the Arches with your top off. I just had to lick your back, your freckles made me horny. Will you lick me? Box No U/388/34.

v I saw you Bar Brel. Absolutely gorgeous French man, we drank together and shared memories of Paris. I think your name began with L. 5/5/00. Box No U/388/35.

Q I saw you All Bar One. You on your way out (tall, dark, tartan trews). Me perky petite and passionate. Let’s meet and discuss the rugby!! Box No U/388/36.

V I saw you flaunting your tits in Brel. I have to know whether they are real. From an art lover (regular). Box No U/388/37.

O I saw you begging, pleading naked in my garden with a rose between your teeth. You are my soulmate. Box No U/388/38.

O I saw you gorgeous blonde burd on the stage in the Tunnel. Will you have my babies? Box No U/388/39.

O I saw you falling over splendidly on the wee ramp in Trash. Hula, hula hula, f‘”king hoop! Box No U/388/40.

O I saw you Theres in bed asleep. How lucky am I? Love you. Tee xxx Box No U/388/41. 9 I saw you Sat 20 May behind the bar in Rab Ha’s serving the caffeine addict in the comer. Coffee? Box No U/388/42.

O I saw you on the rooftops at the Grosvenor Palace. 1 think you’re very gridgey and would like to join your there sometime. Box No U/388/43.

Q I saw you Russell’s Bytes Road, Mon 22 May. You cool cinders behind bar. Me smouldering as you swept at closing. Me available to clear glasses with you whenever you want! Box No U/388/44.

O I saw you Brunswick Cellars behind the bar. You blond smiley, big big eyes. Me shy admirer, Make a regular customer a very happy boy. Get in touch now. Box No U/388/45. O I saw you Elisabeth (not Liz) Sat 28 May, law grad and the 1972 dancing goddess of Glasgow Uni. I (sort of) walked you home, but didn’t get your number!! Greg. Box No U/388/46.

Q I saw you gorgeous, dark- haired dancing love god, third row of the Steps concert. Was that a West Calder accent calling my name? Claire R. xx Box No U/388/47.

Q I saw you Preston (3.8.) in all the best places. Don’t want to wait in line. Dismiss these losers at your feet and make my life complete. Box No U/388/48.

O I saw you Jess, on my face, Rutherglen snooker club. You are one funky mother baby! Yours always, DJ A. Mc. xx Box No U/388/49.

O I saw you pour my cream for me in Tinderbox - you palomino you can bring me coffee in bed anytime. From your flame-haired customer.

Box No U/388/50.

O I saw you the witches of Hillhead (minus 1 Kiwi). Look forward to the infamous 16th and fun fun fun. Death to exams luv the strawberry girl. Box No U/388/51.


O I saw you curly haired temptress on floor 11. You took a chance but you’re the dangerous one. I’ve just got the shirt. Box No U/388/52.

O I saw you running up and down Cathedral Street. I’m glad you stopped and landed on me. Box No U/388/53.

O I saw you in Tinderbox. Your strawberry, ginger hair swept me off my seat. You had a white Nike top on. From the intellectual in the comer. Box No U/388/54.

O I saw you Thomas, for the second time. I’d like to take you to the moon, rocket man! I’ll be your girl from Mars. After all, there is magic in the milkyway! Box No U/388/55.

V I saw you Chris (aka Fran Healy/Jonny Lee Miller) in Curlers. We got talking then as fate would have it you had to leave! I’d like to catch you from Pokemon girl. Box No U/388/56.

O I saw you Mhairi, yourjust like an espresso, small, strong and full of flavour. Hope to see you at Tinderbox again. Box No U/388/57.

v I saw you Andy and your ‘oscar-winning performance’ at the Hive. I would have visited but naked Dave with the silver wig was too scary. A repeat would be nice. Box No U/388/58.

v I saw you in Tinderbox behind the counter serving me a mocha. You were so hot and cool. You are such a shag. Box No U/388/59.

. I saw you at the Hogshead. You were the sexy quiz master who took points from my total score. Give them back! Box No U/388/60.

O I saw you sexy shy guy in your animal T-shirt. You live in Hyndland and your mysterious ways turn me on. Box No U/388/61.

O I saw you Ian F, looking at Autechre Records in Fopp. I might not have any knowledge of music whatsoever, but I wish you’d give me a closer look sometime! See you at Hi-Karate, love your little friend Naomi R. Box No U/388/62.

‘0 I saw you guy of my dreams. I gazed into your eyes. You had spiky hair and amazing eyelashes. You were wearing a Mambo T-shirt. Please, please reply. Box No U/388/63.

O I saw you with sexy smooth lips just after sipping an Americano in Tinderbox. I drooled over you excitedly, then I threw myself at you. BANG! I smacked the lips on you. You looked at me strangely and ran off. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself! Box No U/388/64.

8—22 Jun 2000 THE lIST111