O I saw you gorgeous babe walking along Salisbury Place, 18/5/00 around 3.20pm. You had a guitar and had your umbrella up as it was raining. l was in a blue Rover. Can we share the umbrella and more? Please get in touch! Box No U/388/65.

v We saw you Bob Dylan lookalike at Lou Reed concert. You’re as fine as anything’s fine, the way you walk and the way you talk, sure plays on our minds. Box No U/388/66.

Q I saw you 305 Concert Hall bar, Tosca, in stunning blue dress. You said that you’d like to see me in it. When and where? Box No U/388/67.

v I saw you at Divine Divas birthday party. What an amazing night see you at the next one ‘Poptastic’. You beautiful smiley woman. How about another flirt and dance? Box No U/388/68. O I saw you Mr Terracotta plant pot purchaser, John Lewis, Sat 20 May. You: unassuming shopping with mother. Me: loitering with insufficient intent dressed in black waiting on two dithering friends. Fancy a spot of planting? Box No U/388/69.

O I saw you I pulled you (somehow) @ Dichotomy but later on you didn’t feel 100% right. Evidently that’s because 1 was a scary drunk but I like to think you’d suddenly noticed the butt plug on the kitchen table and got nervous. I can’t remember what you look like but I’m told you were gorgeous. Box No U/388/70.

O I saw you skating in Bristo Square a lot. I sometimes see you where you work (shop on the bridges). Have seen you at Manga (Reprazent), Sublime (Bukem the second time) and with camera at DJ Rap. Me, usually shy. Do I sometimes catch your eye?! Are you willing to take the chance?!! Box No U/388/71.

. I saw you Lizzie, Thu 18 May on Dundas Street. Your friend Jen’s flat and in the park. How about a coffee, a chat and another play on the swings sometime? Gordon x Box No U/388/72.

v I saw you horrible hobbit with a hideous habit. Can we fish again? Love Oraeb. Box No U/388/73.

on 0131 557 8500

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112 TIIE lIST 8—22 Jun 2000

O I saw you Julia and you looked so dull baby! Was it the journey or the destination? Next month you should ditch the dowdy for something flattering. Personal Shopper. Box No U/388/74.

O I saw you Saul and can’t forget you. Come to T in the Park with me. Box No U/388/75.

O I saw you Steph, yo! Birthday boy, hope you have a good one. Miss you loads, your wee pal. xxx Box No U/388/76. O I saw you in Baracoa and Biddy Mulligans 21/5/00. You were not the typical Swede. I was the usual meatball. Sandwiches are not the only food. Box No U/388/77.

Q I saw you at Fiesta Latina, Teviot 20/5. I followed you . . . you followed me (into the wrong toilet!) I followed you . . . then you left! Who are you?? Box No U/388/78.

Q I saw you Kenny, Fluffy and Kane in amongst the excitement at the Soup Dragon pub quiz. Who is Keith? And where was Cat? Did anyone else find that weird? Box No U/388/79.

O I saw you Fancy at Tackno. You are amazing - blonde or red. You are always smiling, the acts are great, you make the club come alive. I am sure I am not your only admirer. Box No U/388/80.

O I saw you Geordie Pete at The Mission, Sat 27 May. I kissed you but I wouldn’t give you my phone number. Wish I had now. Love Gemma xxx Box No U/388/81.

O I saw you everyone in EH1 being idiots with Ruben no surprises there. Love Alcoholics Anon. Box No U/388/82.

0 I saw you looking dazzling and intellectual after James Joyce Nora. Just glint your spectacles in my direction! A fair maiden who glanced your way. Box No U/388/83.

V I saw you Swiss, with your mallard or was it a pheasant? Stick it to the weevils I think they’re more pleasant. Box No U/388/84.

Q I saw you blue-eyed redhead in the late morning of 12 May, but instead of starting a chat I want to the upper deck. When shall we meet again? Box No U/388/85.

O I saw you in fill] you the Swedish porn star. Me the middle-aged gent with the horn. I admired your blond fringe. Box No U/388/86.

O I saw you baldie - looking sexy in your jeans in the Filmhouse bar. Is it too late to have some fun? Spikey girl who’s got the horn. Box No U/388/87.

O I saw you in the Filmhouse. Sexy stubble boy. I think they call you Rusty. C’mon and feel my busty. Box No U/388/88.

O I saw you west coast girl. Makin’ some big moves for a little body. What do you wear under that green leatherjacket? (Negociants Sat 29 Apr). Box No U/388/89.

9 I saw you Paul, with your kippers, or was it venison? Stick to the pasta and keep reading Tennyson. Box No U/388/90. . I saw you Ped-leg with your crutches. I wish I could get you in my clutches, but you run so fast. Box No U/388/91.

O I saw you Charlie J, or should I say, ‘cos you were out, I saw nowt, worth seeing. Box No U//388/92.

Q I saw you Joolz, you come round here with your anchovy essence. Give me a ride in your blue Mark III XR3i . . . Box No U/388/93.

O I saw you Snook shaking hands with the duke up at the bar of The Venue. get ‘em oot! Box No U/388/94.

O I saw you Ben and Clarke a Collective calling me with chat

in the gallery on artless Sunday

; 20th. Exhibit my naked talents.

g Box No U/388/95.

? O I saw you laughing and your

eyes sparkling. You look like the kind of man who would make jam on toast in the morning. I’ll make the tea. Box No U/388/96. O I saw you Helso looking drunk and fetching in EH1 with the monster and Ruben. Box No U/388/97.

O I saw you blonde girl in Filmhouse Bar, 23 May. You pushed my button. Do you wanna try that again. Coffee? Box No U/388/98.

O I saw you Carrie shakin’ those large melons of love at Taste. Let me get lost in those milky white orbs. Next time let’s do it on the stage not at the bar ar Motherfunk! Box No U/388/99.

Q I saw you pierced,

Morningside Safeways boy trashing my till slip and

fumbling my change. Fumble

with me and I’ll change into your wee white-trash boy! Box No U/388/100.

v I saw you the libbster looking better for wear in EH1. Box No U/388/101.

O I saw you downing cocktails in the Southsider, West Richmond Street. My haven’t you changed! Smart, sexy, gorgeous! Get in touch soon. C.

Box No U/387/2.

9 I saw you looking enticing in the paper last week. I am 22 a 2:1 creative, innovative and ready for a challenge. Box No U/387/4.

. I saw you lady with the lovely sympathetic face and take-away coffee from Lucanos. Your bus was 23, mine 41. I’d like very much to meet you again. Box No U/387/10.

O I saw you all throughout third year and on that Queer Sunday. You, beautiful courtly love woman, me embarrassed, questing knight. Hey, gorgeous, where have you been all my life? Box No U/387/18.

O I saw you fantastic American(?) woman making the best sandwiches in the Henderson Row Globe. You are beautiful. Let me free you form the Pastrami and Pesto. Box No U/387/19.

O I saw you you mad Australian woman, you spilt my pint over me in Badass. There, now your wish has come true, so let’s do lunch again. Love, you- know who. Box No U/387/22. 0 I saw you pent lookin pink and perky. Stay that way. Keep your tentacles out of trouble. Love as ever, M. Box No U/387/48.

O I saw you Spiderman, don’t lure anyone else into your web or I will bite your. . . off, sweetie! I hope it’s a big one. P.S. Is your phone working? Box No U/387/49.

O I saw you at Blue, ravishing redhead, you can order my meat any time! Box No U/387/50

O I saw you baby, shacking yer ass, shacking yer ass. Tall, lean and mean 0 boy you kept me keen. Let me ride my dream machine. Love U, Craig. XX. Box No U/387/51.

O I saw you with your lovely green apron on in the outdoor shop. You were talking to a co- worker. I was hanging out in the rucksack area. Hope you notice me next time. Box No U/387/52. O I saw you @ Filmhouse, sexy actor boy, I think your name is John. I gave you a free ticket. Next time It’s sit in the back row. Box No U/387/53.

O I saw you eating your spicey bean nacho’s in the Filmhouse cafe on Wed 10 May . . I’d let you spice up my life anytime, baby! Box No U/387/56.

v I saw you Ming the merciless behind the Traverse bar. Our worlds collided when you showed me your map of Mars. Box N0‘U/387/57.

v I saw you at Blue, sexy redheaded guy, you big Italian stallion, you work the floor like no-one else. Box No U/387/58. O I saw you TJR playing hard to get and chatting to our barman. What’s a boy to do? Box No U/387/58.

v I saw you Reuben, oh my beating heart throbs, touch me before I die, you know your Empress. Box No U/387/61.