The List, which is part of the group behind Beat 106, brings you the latest information on Scotland's newest radio station. Tune in on 106.1fm (west coast) or 105.7fm (east coast).


7 6am-10am . 6am-lOam 6am-lOam 6am- 10am 6am- lOam Ewan MacLeod Ewan MacLeod 7 6am-10am 6am-lOam

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1pm Graham Stewart Graham Stewart Graham Stewart Graham Stewart Graham Stewart Graham Stewart

1pm lpm-dpm lpm-4pm lpm-Apm lpm-Apm lpm-z‘ipm ipm-dpm

3 anthems. . . non-stop 3 2 m-Sm

5 Tunes 60 Menthol In with Richard Wilkinson 5 lbizaS m-6')l‘-‘. 4 m-7 m

7 The Beat 106 Mix The Beat 106 Mix The Beat 106 Mix The Beat 106 Mix Trevor Reilly The Jengaheads 7 7m--7.30m 7m—-7.30m 7 m—-7.30 m 70m—--7.30 m 7 m-lO m 7 m-9')m

9 7.30pm-10pm 7.30pm-lOpm 7.30pm-10pm 7.30pm-10pm Craig Burger Queen The Rock Show 9 9pm-midni 'ht With Martin Bate

11 Orde Meikle Drum 'n’ Bass WlIh 11 l0 ,m-midnii‘ht DJ K.d & Tania SWift

1am with Paul Mendez With Colin Tevendale Night Beat 1am midnight-3am midnight-3am lam-6am

3 ' The Lock-In The Lock-In 3

With Stephen Lee & with Lisa Littlei'.'ood & k

K " On the drum & bass on front, Die's 'Jittabug’ is


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Beat 106’s drum & bass expert Tania Swift passes a minimal track Wlth ' r

judgement on this issue’s dance releases, plenty 0‘ FOHage by 'l ( ‘. I ’)

including a few d&b tracks that make her grade. what COUld be

Firstly, The Vengaboys have done it again with 'Uncle COHSIdered 006’ 0f Yorki OoT-Bo/ReaChers 0‘ John From Jamaica’, managing to make yet another BFIStOI'S best (FUN Cycle Civilisation (Manifesto)

track with as little substance as possible (Posniva *). ****>- 'Can'1 PUNISh Angelic: It's My Turn (Serious)

’Dance Tonight' by Lucy Pearl (Virgin it) and ’Ghetto Me’ by Dom And Romance' by Damage (Cooltempo it) are both insipid Roland is good old and boring, while Freestyler’s 'Bomfunk MCs’ is serious rough and tumble drum

Darude: Sandstorm (Neo) Frankie Goes To Hollywood:

cheese, which I guess proves that breakbeat isn’t always & baSS that could've The 90"“ 0‘ L0“ (Zn) a good thing (Dancepool i). done Without the vocals, while the flip side ’Sky Spirits’ Matt Darey's MaSh Up feat. Moving onto Bob Marley with MC Lyte ’Jammin'. is the better of the two With its deep, slow, grinding Marcella Woods: Beautiful Now sampling is an amazmg tool: however, sampling a bassline and funked-up break (Movmg Shadow (Incentive) whole track and adding a dance beat is a total cop out ****). Jonah: Ssssst . . . [listen] and usually ruins the original track, nuff said (Tuff Gong Ryme Tyme’s 'TeknOId' has SO much energy eVery (VC Recordings) i). 'Saturday' by Joey Negro feat,Taka Boom IS one aspect of the track pulls together brilliantly provmg hlS S b _ E b n for the house heads, its disco feel will make for a bi time in the studio With Optical in the past has paid off “n Urst'. y? a 9 . . , . . bulaNir In) Summer tune (Incent've **)- (NO U TUm ****). Konflicts The Mummy is dirty, (N? 9 . Slowing down a bit, Santessa's track ’Nowhere’ is all taking so many turns you won't know what hit you, Chlcaf‘a "0 o'd'mry soft vocals and strings, and the Wamdue Diestra radio While ’Bleed’ on the flip is hard! hard! hard! The first "WWW/flaky” edit is a bonus for ye lovers of house (Disco Volante release from Konflict's own imprint is drum & bass at its (XtraVaganza) ***). While ’Dawning' by 23 Skido is definitely one finest (Negative *****). Mauro Picotto: Iguana to chill out to on a Sunday afternoon With 113 glowed up I Tania Swift and sparring partner DJ Kid spin their (Nukleuz) Qeats and dreamy sax (Vlfgln***). drum & bass on Beat 706, Sunday, 1 7pm—- 7am. J to Moby; Porcelain (Mute)

120 THE “81’ 8—22 Jun 2000