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shoppping and style

60 minutes and counting

We're told the internet holds the future of shopping. A new Edinburgh company aims to persuade the sceptics by guaranteeing delivery within 60 minutes. Words: Louisa Pearson

Couch potatoes rejoice. That dream you’ve alvvays harboured of never having to leave your home again has arrived. Well. just about. inb().com is a new internet service offering entertainment and essentials delivered to your door in a guaranteed ()0 minutes.

The brains behind the scheme are husband and wife team lan and Debbie MacCallum. the Edinburgh-based ovvners of the Box Office video chain. ‘We savv the concept when we were on holiday: a friend we stayed with in New York used a similar service and raved about it.‘ says lan MacCallum. ‘We just couldn‘t believe the service wasn't being offered in the L'K.~

Internet shopping has been gaining momentum. with big name stores jumping on the bandwagon. but the 60-minute delivery time is a unique feature which should give in()().com a head start. While the supermarkets might have problems guaranteeing stock availability. with food liable to go off. in()().com's range of books. videos. music and convenience food is easier to manage.

MacCallum believes that keeping the range within boundaries is a positive thing. but will add to it if the right item is suggested: as parents of tvvo young children. the MacCallums have put nappies at the top of that list.

The website itself is split into several sections;

the guy going, "yeah


Ian MacCallum

‘We’ve already had the jokes about 60 minutes,

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videos/DVDs. (‘l)s. games. books/mags (yes you can get your treasured List delivered). tuck shop and corner shop. The entertainment sections are colourful and easy to navigate. vvith constantly changing revievvs and a top ten based on what‘s been selling. The tuck shop stocks svveets. soft drinks. popcorn and ice cream (essential video—vvatching accompanimentsl while the corner shop has Useful items like toothpaste. painkillers and even condoms. .\lac(‘allum has already heard all the \visecracks about the last item. ‘\\'e’ve already had the jokes about ()0 minutes. the guy going: "yeah. you’re too late. keep the condoms".’

MacCallum himself hates shopping and doesn‘t think he’s alone. ’lt‘s aimed at anyone \\ ho \vould like the convenience of having items delivered. rather than going out shopping.’ The ethos of convenience carries through to returning rented videos and l)\'l)s. in(i().com vvill collect them for {I or you can return them to drop-off boxes located at various (’osta (‘offee outlets. bars and cafes.

The next obvious step would be to provide a round-the—clock service. something that is in the pipeline. ‘We‘ll go 24 hours as soon as we get settled.. he says. ‘If you‘ve got a ()U-lllllllllk‘ delivery promise you want to make sttre that you can cope with that before you offer it around the clock. becatise there are a lot of logistics that go with that.‘ .v\t present. the service is only available in lidinburgh

but. in about five \veeks. (ilasvvcgians vvill be

able tojoin in the fun.

If you find the vvhole idea of internet shopping too terrifying or you‘re not on—Iine. ill()().C0lll provides a phone service. '\\'e didn't want to exclude anyone.’ says .\lac('allum. 'I think that‘s one of the problems of the internet- based companies: they take on this attitude of "if you are not on—line then you simply cannot Use our service". I think that's \\ rong.’

Having tested the service. vye can report that some much needed painkillers arriycd in 48 minutes. (‘olleagues were disappointed that they don’t deliver pix/a. but as Ian .\lac(‘allum says. focusing on a select range could be the key to future success. ’\\'e will keep the range manageable. \\'e \von't be offering tvventy different types of canned peas.‘

www.in60.com or phone 0845 145 59 60.


Spend, spend, spend. . .

IF YOU‘RE THE energetic type, look out for Tiso’s newly opened store on Couper Street, billed ’Glasgow Outdoor Experience’. Taking the ‘try before you buy’ philosophy to new extremes, it lets you tackle Europe’s first indoor ice wall to check the grip on your ice boots, struggle to the summit of the 40ft climbing tower, test the effectiveness of the waterproofs in the Gore Tex Wet Zone (downpour available on demand) or even try out the mountain bikes on a 100ft rock path.

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LET’S NOT FORGET it's Fathers Day on Sunday 18 June, and if your dad’s the type of guy who can’t be convinced beyond the soap and water approach to beautycare, maybe you can soften him up with the Bodyshop's new range ’Skin and Body Mechanics For Men’. Packaged in suitably manly silver and navy plastic, items like the ‘Face Protector’ wouldn’t look out of place in his tool kit.

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