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As part of L’Oreal’s Talking Colourj the made~to~measure colour 'consultation service; Medusa is providing a free consultation which analyses your skin tones, eye colour; personality and lifestyle and than chooses a hair colour that is exactly right for you. You can use it to enhance your existing image and style or go for a total revampj but no matter which choice you make you will emerge from the salon a new and revitalised you;

As if this wasn't enough, Medusa will also give you £11.99 worth of personalised L’Oreal makeup which compliments your image and your new hair colour.

T ese consultations can be booked any one of Medusa’s three dinburgh salons in Bread Street, Teviot Place and Commercial Street. The Teviot Place salon now have an entire floor dedicated to their colour clinic where you can have everything done from your 'consultation and colour to extensions.

Whichever salon you go to or whatever you decide to have done, you will be consulted, cut and coloured by a fully qualified and experienced member of staff.

Sogoon-tbOOk up, ChECk in mm glam OUt - why? - because you’re worth it!


:read Street-0131 622 7277 Teviot place-0131 225 6627 The Shore, Commercial Street-0131 554 9499 or book online