camping and fixing things with string and that. We were amazed at the colour-in maps and the giant dice. Then we found you were free to buy as many badges as you like. We spent ages choosing amazingest ones and realised there was nothing to stop us becoming the most decorated scouts of the modern era.

Ross can dig and find it all hilarious and he can love it at the same time. Mockery is simply not needed. Honest curiosity is sufficient a fuel.

The best thing of all about Ross. the magic man. is his ability to affect and create a new reality that affects others. In February. he got a few people to call a radio station and announce a crocodile sighting in Newcastle. He had others corroborating it with calls from London saying a delivery went wrong. Then his dad called in to say it was all a hoax and it was a stuffed one. It was in five national newspapers and they closed the park. They did routines about it on The ll ()‘C'lm-k Show.

Most comics talk about things in the media. half—written for them and established in the mind. Ross does a joke which becomes a reality that others then find funny to talk about. He is a wizard and he is a summer’s day alchemy'stic. You have to go now. yeh‘.’

Ross Noble plays Jesters Comedy Club, Glasgow, Sat 17 Jun. He will return to play The Stand, Glasgow and Edinburgh in July and will star at the Gilded Balloon in the Edinburgh Fringe.

house and techno room stages featuring country.

downstairs features Daniel lbbotson. live house act Kovac. I.HK and Silicone Soul. See page 76.

I Opening Parade and Street Party Sun 1 l Jun. By'res Road. 3-H 0844. free. 75‘} of Byres Road is going to he closed off to traffic so that everyone can enjoy the street party. Starting at the Botanic (iardens. the opening parade has a theme of ‘Scottish (‘haracters'z the result of artists' work with school groups to create giant figures representing the likes of Robert the Bruce. William Wallace and Billy (‘onnollyz ('afes will have outdoor seating and there will be nuisic

jazz. ('eltic. salsa and

steel bands.

I Gabrielle Mon 12 Tue l3 Jun. 8pm. (‘ottier Theatre. ‘)3«.‘)5 lly ndland Street. 357 3868. £15. Both dates are sold out for one of the biggest names at this year's festi- val. but if you're a fan fear not. she'll be back in (ilasgow at the Sli(‘(‘ in November.

I Titus Andronicus Wed l-l-Sat 34 Jun. 9.30pm. Botanic (iardens. Queen Margaret Drive. 9.5 (£2.50) in adyance from John Smiths. Byres Road. 33-1 376‘). After its suc- cess with Law's Lulmurs [.031 last year. l‘lexihle Deadlock returns with one of Shakespeare's

bloodiest tragedies.

I Burn Gigantic Sat 17 Jun. ll)..‘~()pm. Kely ingrove l’ark. Kelvin Way/Sauchiehall Street entrance. 3-H 08-1-1. free. ()ne of the big spec- tacles 0f the lcstiy'al where artist Alex Rigg and his team set light to the giant figure they 'ye created.

I The Fred MacAulay Show Live l’hu 22 Jun. 8.30pm. The Stand. 333 Woodlands Road. ()870 ()(ll) (i055. £7. Yntlwe heard him on the radio and seen him on TV. but go along and see if l‘red .\lac.-\u|ay 's still got what it takes to cut it in a stand-up performance.

I Opera On A

Shoestring Wed 2| .lun. 7.30pm. ('ottier 'l‘lieatre. 93-95 llyudland Street. 357 3868. 9; ll) ([3). (‘i\ iliscd draw ing-room entertain- ment as the award win- ning company explores the l‘)th century operas based upon the work of Si!" \Vttllc‘l' Scott.

For more West End Festival listings see Glasgow Life, page 96. See also West End guide, page 118.

Ross Nobl Super reality actual spe