Glasgow West End AREA GUIDE

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Gardens, 339 9784), whtle McChuills Way Out West (14 From top left Kelvrnhaugh Street, 221 5569) has a good SClOCIlOl) of (ottiers, blues, rock and folk If you prefer mellow Jd/X then (l1(‘(k inside out Brel (39-43 Ashton Lane, 342 4966) on Saturday Ke'Vingrove afternoons. Cleopatras (508 Great Western Road, 334 . Ga"er ._ - 0560) delrvers (hart sounds to an enthusrastrt (rowd all finde'POX' 4 -r «A t f the River week Kelvin The Cottier Theatre (93-95 Hyndland Street, 357 3868), Grosveno; housed In the (‘onverted Dowaan Churth, has a Cinema, reputation for some of the lrvelrest theatre, dance, (omedy Ubiquitous and musrc 11) Glasgow, and rs one of the marn venues for Chip. the West End Festrval. It IS also home to a popular bar and Stravagin. restaurant, wrth a large beer garden, Ideal for summer F“5i°" SUCH evenrngs. Revamped and relaunt hed thrs year, 83' and GilmorehillG12 (9 Unrversrty Avenue, 330 5522) houses CIeoPatras the James Arnott Theatre as well as a (inema, (ale and conference spaces, Tutked away rn Ashton Lane, the Grosvenor Cinema (Ashton Lane, 339 4298) rnlxes the bug new releases wrth an art-house selectron, late nrght screenmgs and famrly matrnees. For stand-up (omedy try Jesters (Mansron's Cafe Bar, 63 St George's Road, 333 1418), where lo<al talent rubs shoulders wrth hug names, or The Stand Comedy Club I333 Woodlands Road, 600 6055), whrth features brg names su( h as Fred MatAulay, Bruce Morton and Johnny Vegas along wrth new talent 358 byres road glasgow 0141 357 0774 N9 S IXTE E N Open for dinner Monday - Saturday 5.30 - 10.00pm Open for lunch Saturday 12 noon - 2.30pm 16 Byres Road, Glasgow G11 SJY m'mm'"k Tel: 0141 339 2544

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