Can't be beat Re: Beat 106 news (issue 387)

It was With great pleasure I read about Beat 106 haVing ’a 13% share of the market’. Here’s why:

In my teenage years, I dismissed all pOp music as kids' stuff. Radio just didn’t do it for me any more. As I got older, I started buying mUSIC I was reading about in magazines like NME and O. Then, one night a few months ago, something strange happened. I'd read ab0ut Beat 106 and deCided to tune in. Out came a strange sound. When it finished, a voice told me it was James Lavelle's remix of The Verve’s ’Bittersweet Syrnphony’.

Suddenly, I was in a place of joy I had not Visited since I was eleven years old. And I've been gOing there ever since. I can be whisked away each night for an hour or two from all my work worries, into a world of new and familiar SOtJndS. I can hear stuff I might never have heard otherwrse. For instance, I would never have listened to Soundbuggy or Death In Vegas. Scotland needs its own pop station,

The great thing about Beat 106 is it plays With people, not at them, so they have fun and make new discoveries.

Jonathan Muirhead

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Clause for


Re: Stop The Gay Bashing (letters 387)

I thank The List for givmg the opportunity to those Without the independent wealth of Brian S0uter and of Mrs Strain and her backers, to express their opinion as

Write to:

to whether a minority, in this case the gay and lesbian community, should be allowed to have their experience represented and celebrated.

It IS profoundly depressing for me that in the first year of devolved government the repressive forces in our nation have seen fit to attack the very principles of freedom of expression and tolerance of others that, in my liVing memory, we have so prided ourselves. Perhaps we remain an infant and infantile people that have allowed all the serious debate of the 20th century to pass us by in the name of the rule of Westminster.

What has happened to mct Theatre Company and Glasgay, in the City of Glasgow of all places, is a perniCious act of censorship, and one that confirms the iniquity of Clause 28/2a, making clear how repressive legislation can be warped and manipulated by reactionary forces to their own end; and so grew Na2i Germany and closer to our own time Mugabe and the tragic events in contemporary Zimbabwe.

Hamish Glen Chair, Federation of Scottish Theatre

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In raise of di erence

Autism laughed at

As an Asperger’s Syndrome sufferer, until recently unaware of how offensive I could be, with difficulties understanding what people require of me, I am only too aware of how much pain my parents have gone through in trying to protect, understand and educate me in the ways of society.

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At school, at college, just walking along the street, because I look (I'm 6ft Ilins) and behave a little differently to the norm, I'm fair game for a slagging. I've lost count of the number of times I’ve been called a 'fucking mongol’ or 'a spastic'. Society is not prepared

' to tolerate those of us who differ

from the norm. Brian Souter’s bankrolling of the Keep The Clause campaign is an example of the intolerance of which I speak, difference in society being condemned, rather than praised, or positively criticised.

Autism sufferers need a system which recognises their difficulties, does not ridicule them or hold them up as something to be ashamed of.

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Sentimental journey

Re: Is this Scotland's greatest artist? (issue 386)

Surely the critical acclaim of Angus Farquhar has reached blind adulation? The Path was little more than a son et lumiere which masqueraded as an East meets West spirited journey. From groaning rocks, lone pipers to piles of stones strewn with antlers, it was an excessive line in sentimentality. The 'Himalayan’ elements, amounted to theme- park-style spiritual exoticism.

In short it was Monarch Of The Glen updated to the let century and transported to Glen Lyon. Farquhar, on this occasion, has provided light entertainment but has far from shown himself to be a great artist.

Anna Hill

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