Summer‘Cycle Special

Cannondale Super V Raven 10005L. £2,390

For hardcore downhillers.

Giro Stelvio, £34.95.

Lightweight and well ventilated.

Marin Larkspur, £315.

One of the new ’hybnds' -

than mountains,

they‘ll absorb a lot of power and generally make ltle pretty miserahle.

@e .1 rs 'I‘he numher

vou have is

irrelevant. what matters is the width of their range. The ways of calculating these require a maths degree to understand. What is most important is to try a hike though all its gears on a range of hills. The quality of the gears is

intended for roads rather

also a significant eletnent of the cost of a hike. (‘omhined brake and gear levers appeared on mountain hikes soon after they appeared on the market and this technology has more recently been developed on road hikes. allowing the rider to operate gears and hrakes without taking their hands till the handlehars.

Azonic body armour, £169.95. Does exactly what rt says on the ill],

Timbuk 2 Pee Wee £39.95 Even non-hikers can use one.

Topeak Alien cycle multitool £32.95 A complete cycle toolbOx in yOur pocket.

H elmets [)ehate u-Jr

‘ages about their necessity - motorists are more likely to injure their heads on their steering wheels than cyclists are to crack theirs on the ground ~ httt you are still hetter sale than sorry. The (iiro Riviera from Bike Trax. Lochrin Place. lidinhurgh at £24.99 gives all the protection you need. More money gets you more

Cat Eye Cordless 2, £29.95. Gives max, average and current speed, distame, et(

Bianchi Mega Pro L (Dura-Ace) £1,499.95

hike to something secure like a lamp post. :\ “i dream machine worth several thousands will always walk. how ev er well shackled. For a good hike yott don't want to ltisc‘ L‘lltmsc‘ lllL‘ Kryptonite .\'ew York ('hain at

holes for hetter ventilation.

EdictSwho w ant o steal your hike are around every corner. The more expensive your

hike. the hetter should he your lock . . . and make sure when you do lock up. you lock your

Italian racer for that near professional look

Specialized Hardrock A1 Comp £299.95 A perfect |llll'()(lll(l|()l‘. to mountain biking

mumodmmemmmdocwp" 1?.

Eli-1.95 (\ic‘lo l'ic‘osse. Bruntst‘ield l’lace. lidinhttrgh l. To keep a less eypensiv e hike where you want it. sav e money with a standard Kry tonite £39.95 (\ic‘ln l'.c‘0ssc‘l. ()I‘ if you have a short daily journey and always have to leave your hike somewhere you lear is unsal'e consider huy ing a cheap hack hike that no one would want to nick.

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