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You've removed your stabilisers. you've mastered your bike clips. now you're ready to race. 30 where do you head? Words: Richard Moore

The organising body for all forms of cycle racing in Scotland is the Scottish Cyclists' Union. The first step if you’re interested in Joining the ranks of the 1,500 or so people who race in Scotland is to contact one of the 100 cycling clubs, around 30 of which are based in Glasgow and Edinburgh. The SCU can advise on clubs in any area, and they can provide information about the types of cycling activity particular clubs are involved in.

got full mudguards, pannier rack, lights; the full commuter mountain bike.

Where and when do you like to ride?

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I Mountain biking Mountain biking is the fastest growmg form of the sport throughout the world, and Scotland has

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Graeme Obree became lrm very busy Wlth some of the best terrain for off-road raCing anywhere. There

Cycimgls equwaiem to various things. I like are several clubs which cater exclusively for mountain bikers,

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famously included parts 00 you havea Avalanche Cup, a round of the European Downhill Series,

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nowhere to become a I'm not dorng regular I Road racing Thanks to the Tour de France, road racing Scotland isgfeattor world Champ'on and tralttlng runs. But | IIke remains the most recognisable form of cycle racing, and there’s m°""ta'" b'kes

record ho'der '” the m'd' mOSt 0‘ Scotland: 0“ a healthy scene in Scotland. Fields can number up to 120, while the distances

agsbllL‘eangSZLfGSrgfr :32: fit: than 0” typically range from 50 to 100 miles. Individual time trials, meanwhile, are good ' qu'et roads for beginners, and there are hundreds held in Scotland, from and unfairly, overlooked My favourite part of the . l I b .Fh h f fact was that the gem country IS the North uno icia cu events to Scottis c ampions ips rom ten mi es confessed eccentric West, particutany up to twelve noun _ possessed an Incredmie round the Isles. Actually, The oldest road race on the British calendar is Glasgow- ability to ride a bike. i'm Just back from a 4- Dunoon, which has recently been awarded Premier Calendar Fast. day tourmg nonday to status, making it one of the most prestigious one day events on Away from Mull. We couldn’t really the British calendar. This year the lOZ-mile race will take place competition Obree was be bothered dOIng much on Sunday 13 August. always a blg fan 0f cycling once we were “d'ng h's b'ke S'mp'y for there; we d'd about 50 I Track racing The principal racing track is Meadowbank ffin'AHlaV'ngéfit'red after “mesa day! W'th the ill” velodrome, mm for the 1970 Commonwealth Games and 2529;502:188 (315:2; camping 'gear . used when the Games returned to town again sixteen years Road races c1aor5coyier abortlve comebackS R 3:23;: 32:35::2 later. It still plays host to some of the biggest meetings on the m' 9‘ Obree has settled m when you're “at British track calendar. _ _ Ayrshire, Where he st.“ On the Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June, the East of Scotland GP Will include

touring i’m writing my autobiography, that's

the International Sprint, pitting the continentals against the best of British, possibly including Scottish Olympic medal prospects Craig MacLean and Chris

ENJOYS riding his bike as often as he can.

What bike are you takmg most of my “me Hoy. It's excning stuff and well worth a look.

riding at the moment? But it's going pretty

A standard Siowiy. At the rate i'm I BMX Remember BMX? It’s actually enjoying a resurgence in Scotland. no-frills H . going as gOIng to The first club to be started in Scotland in the past six years is


end up being the Bathgate BMX Club, and an organising body, Scottish BMX, blke. lt'S

published is being set up. One of their first aims is to get the Bathgate posthumously. track up to international standard, and they'll be holding a national race there in mid-August.

Watch out for Scotland’s first indoor BMX dirt Jumping competition at the SECC in February 2001

Contacts Scottish Cyclists' Union, Tel 0131 652 0187; BMX:;

BMX is gig in Bathgate

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8-22 June 2000 THE lIST 19